If you’ve been following TopSpeed the past few months, then you already know the 2014 Paris Motor Show is mostly about concept cars and cool sports cars. The Toyota C-HR concept, the Infiniti Q80 Inspiration, the Ferrari 458 Speciale Spider, the Mercedes AMG GT and the new-generation Mazda Miata are all set to make their global debut on French soil. But Paris is also about regular cars, and, more importantly, about vehicles that we’re not likely to get here in North America. One of them is the updated version of the Euro-spec Honda Civic, which the old continent gets in both hatchback and wagon styles. What’s more, the folks across the pond are also receiving a brand-new trim with their Civic hatch, namely the Civic Sport.

Don’t worry though, Honda isn’t launching a souped-up version of the Civic just yet. That honor is still reserved for the Type R moniker. The Sport model is just the Japanese company’s way of saying "here, have sportier looking Civic until we come up with a brand-new Type R." Nevertheless, we’d still like for Honda to start selling the Civic hatch in the U.S. as well. But until that happens, let’s have a closer look at the newly introduced Sport version.

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Honda Civic Sport in detail

2015 Honda Civic Sport High Resolution Exterior
- image 569837
2015 Honda Civic Sport High Resolution Exterior
- image 569832
2015 Honda Civic Sport High Resolution Exterior Wallpaper quality
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The Civic Sport isn’t a big deal as far as aesthetics go, but it’s still a nice model to have if you’re looking for something a bit more aggressive without having to pay the premium coming with such cars. Aside from the new bumpers, redesigned headlamps with integrated DRLs, and side skirts that come with the updated Civic, the Sport also gets a body-colored rear spoiler and exclusive, 17-inch alloy wheels. That might not seem like much, but Honda added two more bits to help the Sport stand out in a crowd. The new front bumper gets a more aggressive design and lower grille mesh, while the roof benefits from black lining.

2015 Honda Civic Sport Interior
- image 569833
2015 Honda Civic Sport High Resolution Interior
- image 569834
2015 Honda Civic Sport Exterior
- image 569831

Inside, updates are limited to the ones operated across the entire Euro-spec Civic lineup. These include new fabrics and stitching for the seats, new door trims with chrome door handles, a black control panel, and Honda’s all-new Connect in-car infotainment system. Additionally, the company’s City-Brake Active (CTBA) system, which uses radar technology to scan the road ahead, is offered as a standard feature.

The disappointing part comes under the hood, where the Civic Sport is fitted with a couple of regular engines. Customers can choose between the 118-horsepower, 1.6-liter diesel mill or the 140-pony, 1.8-liter, gasoline powerplant. Not exactly sporty if you ask us, but hey, some drivers are happy with a fancier bumper and a new spoiler.

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Press Release

Ahead of the 2014 Mondial de l’Automobile in Paris, Honda has released images and details of several enhancements across the 2015 Swindon built Civic model range and the launch of the new Civic Sport derivative.

2015 Honda Civic Sport Interior
- image 569833

Both the Civic and Civic Tourer benefit from a new front exterior design, providing a new sporty outlook for the model featuring new headlamps with integrated daytime running lights and a new sleek front bumper. The Civic hatchback also features a new rear bumper, side skirts, a rear spoiler finished in black, and LED rear combination lamps.

In-keeping with these premium enhancements on the outside, the 2015 models also receive a specification upgrade inside; with new seatfabrics and stitching on the headrests, new door trims with chrome door handles and a control panel finished in a metallic black.

These aesthetic enhancements combine nicely with the class-leading interior space for which the range is renowned. The Civic’s 477-litre and Civic Tourer’s 624-litre boot capacity remain the best in their respective segments.

The 2015 Civic range will also premiere the all-new Honda Connect in-car audio and information system. Honda Connect offers convenience and connectivity whilst on the road, with key features including; AM/FM, DAB and Internet Radio, Bluetooth connectivity, internet browsing, satellite navigation* and rear-view parking camera.

The system runs Android 4.0.4 and features the familiar pinch, swipe and tap functionality of a smartphoneon a seven inch display screen.

New Civic Sport derivative

2015 Honda Civic Sport High Resolution Exterior
- image 569835

The European Civic line-up has been expanded with the introduction of a new derivative, the new Civic Sport. Based on the Civic hatchback, and powered by the 1.6-litre, 120 PS diesel engine or the 1.8-litre, 142 PS petrol engine, it features a colour-coded rear spoiler and 17-inch alloy wheels unique to the Sport derivative. In addition, the Civic Sport echoes the striking design ofthe forthcoming Type R with a new front bumper featuring a lower grille mesh and a black roof lining for the cabin.

Each model in the 2015 Civic range will benefit from the addition of Honda’s City- Brake Active (CTBA) system as standard. Specifically designed to help avoid or mitigate low speed accidents, the system uses radar technology to scan the road ahead, automatically applying the brakes if an imminent risk of collision is detected. The system is engineered to operate at speeds below 30 km/h.

Honda’s press conference will take place at the 2014 Paris Motor Show in Hall 3, at 16:45 CET on Thursday 2 October.

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