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Not happy with the new Civic Coupe? MAD Industries just unveiled a sporty upgrade

If you read our review of the 2016 Honda Civic Coupe you probably know where we stand when it comes to Japan’s new two-door. Powerful enough to give the Toyota 86 a run for its money and stylish enough to go head-to-head against the BMW 2 Series, the new Civic Coupe delivers great bang for the buck and solid performance next to excellent fuel economy. But, we also think there is room for improvement, especially for drivers looking for a more aggressive design and a lot more power. This is where tuning shops such as MAD Industries come in.

Known for modifying everything American from Mustangs to large trucks and SUVs, MAD Industries has also created upgrades for several Honda and Acura models in recent years. At the 2016 SEMA Show, the shop will unveil yet another Honda-based package, this time around for the new Civic Coupe. The project is more about the looks and the interior than added horsepower — at least based on the lack of drivetrain information — but it’s a solid package if you’re looking to enhance your bone-stock Civic.

Developed to "showcases the versatility and fun factor behind the all-new Civic Coupe," the package is solid proof that no matter how sporty a standard model is, there’s always room for more aggressive exterior bits and a flashy interior.

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Comparison: Civic Coupe By MAD Industries vs Standard Civic Coupe

MAD Industry’s conversion is far from radical, but the extra bits help the car stand out compared to the standard Civic Coupe. Arguably the most important upgrade is the hand-made carbon-fiber kit from Carbon 2 Carbon. The bundle includes a front splitter, side skirts, rear diffuser, and rear bumper inserts. The diffuser now includes a single exhaust pipe, while the decklid received a big, fixed Spec R wing.

Arguably the most important upgrade is the carbon-fiber kit from Carbon 2 Carbon.

The shop painted the coupe in BASF’s Aegean Blue with Jet Black accents on the lower side panels. The Civic also received a black stripe on the engine hood, a black grille, black window trim, and smoked taillights and front turn signals. The front "Honda" badge was repainted blue, while the rear logo was finished in black. A set of 19-inch "rotiform" QLB Forged wheels wrapped in Toyo Proxes T1R tires round off the exterior.


2016 Honda Civic Coupe By MAD Industries High Resolution Interior
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The blue and black theme of the exterior continues inside the cabin with Aegean Blue accents on the dashboard, steering wheel, center console, and door panels. MAD Industries also added blue stitching to the seats, door panels, and steering wheel in order to brighten up the otherwise black interior. One final touch is the Roadwire leather covers with suede inserts on the front seats. Granted, it’s not a lot for a SEMA Show concept, but it definitely adds some value to the Civic Coupe.


MAD Industries had nothing to say about the car’s drivetrain, meaning it could be powered by any of the two engines available with the Civic Coupe right now. The base 2.0-liter four-cylinder makes 158 horsepower and 138 pound-feet of torque, while the turbocharged 1.5-liter four-banger generates 174 horses and 162 pound-feet of twist. Given the upgrades inside and out, I’m tempted to believe that MAD Industries went with the more powerful unit. Hopefully, the shop also prepared a few updates that push the total output beyond the 200-horsepower mark. Engine upgrades or not, MAD Industries did say that the coupe received a set of Eibach Pro performance springs for improved handling and lowered ride height.


2016 Honda Civic Coupe By MAD Industries High Resolution Exterior
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The Honda Civic has been favored by American tuning shops ever since it was launched in the U.S. in the late 1970s, and MAD Industries’ build is proof that the new-generation coupe makes no exception from this rule. Granted, the Civic can handle more extreme modifications, but this concept here is a good start if you want a ride that stands out from the pack. It would’ve been nice with a more powerful engine or some specs given it’s already in there, but it’s a project that SEMA visitors and Civic gearheads will most definitely enjoy seeing.

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The MAD Industries Civic showcases the versatility and fun factor behind the all-new Civic Coupe, with its aggressive stance and turbocharged power. Painted in BASF R-M Waterborn System in Aegean Blue and Jet Black, complete with Carbon 2 Carbon handcrafted Carbon fiber ground effects, single exhaust and Spec R wing, the MAD Industries Coupe catches the eye from every angle. The bold cockpit artfully blends the Aegean Blue and black exterior accents detailed by MAD Industries luxurious-but-sporty appointed custom interior, along with Roadwire leather seat covers with perforated suede inserts, contrasted by blue stitching in the seat, door panels and Steering wheel. The Eibach Pro Kit Performance Springs are on a set of stunning 19" "rotiform" QLB Forged wheels wrapped with Toyo Proxes T1R High Performance tires.

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