There is never a car show that goes by without at least one manufacturer that turns up with a concept geared toward people with an “active lifestyle,” something for hauling bikes, surfboards, mountain climbing gear or whatever else is required for these people to have a good time. You might think that the huge number of these concepts that get rolled out every year are an indicator that car manufacturers have seriously misunderstood how many people really need these things, but that’s not quite it. Things like bikes and surfboards are large and unwieldy, and these concepts allow manufacturers to say “If it can handle this, it can haul anything,” or something along those lines.

These concepts also allow manufacturers to show off the cargo capacity of existing models while still touting it as something new and exciting. Thus we have the Honda Civic Tourer Active Life Concept, to be shown at the Frankfurt Auto Show, a concept designed to show just how great the Civic Tourer would be at hauling whatever you throw at it. Bikes are used to illustrate this point, and in fairness they do a commendable job of it. You might even find yourself wishing it was sold in North America.

Continue reading to learn more about the Honda Civic Tourer Active Life Concept.

  • 2016 Honda Civic Tourer Active Life Concept
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2016 Honda Civic Tourer Active Life Concept High Resolution Exterior
- image 645249

Since the 2014 Honda Civic Tourer isn’t available in the U.S., it might not be immediately obvious what about the exterior is different. The answer is not much. The Civic Tourer is a good-looking wagon as it is, and no bodywork has been altered for the concept. It was given a special set of wheels and a very special paint job: blue with gunmetal on the lower portions, and a silver roof.

It looks good on the car, but it’s unlikely to show up on any dealer option lists. There is a roof mounted luggage box that Honda says can be used for things like shoes or helmets, although obviously lots of other things would fit just just fine. There is a retractable arm that allows better access to the bikes for maintenance purpose, and this one certainly does seem to be specific to bicycles.


2016 Honda Civic Tourer Active Life Concept High Resolution Interior
- image 645250
2016 Honda Civic Tourer Active Life Concept High Resolution Interior
- image 645251

The interior is really where we see this car go full concept. The front seat layout is unchanged, but the upholstery is now black suede with blue accents and stitching, with the suede making it onto the door lining as well. There is blue stitching on the steering wheel and the gear lever, and there is a black headliner, all in the style of the Civic Sport and 2016 Honda Civic Type R. It’s not a big change, but it’s amazing how much better it makes the interior look.

Things have changed quite a bit more in the back of the car. The Civic Tourer uses an unusual center-mounted fuel tank that allows for more space in the back and a lower load height. The concept makes full use of these features by filling the space with a bike rack, as well as storage for a toolbox, bottle holder, water tank and front-wheel holder. There is also some concept-y blue lighting in the back that doesn’t accomplish much, but looks kinda cool. Even the tailgate has built-in cycling accessories like an air pump, a much larger light than is usually used, and a retractable bench with a shade.


2016 Honda Civic Tourer Active Life Concept High Resolution Exterior
- image 645263

Mechanically, the concept is the same as the production version of the car. Two engines would theoretically be available, but for the concept, Honda went with the 1.6-liter i-DTEC diesel, available only with a manual transmission. Honda used a Civic Tourer with this engine to get the Guinness World Record for the best fuel economy while traveling though all 24 European countries. It averaged a highly impressive 100.31 mpg — quite an accomplishment. For those that want something a bit sportier or something with an automatic transmission, there is a 1.8-liter gasoline engine available for non-concept versions of the car.


2016 Honda Civic Tourer Active Life Concept High Resolution Exterior
- image 645252

With the 10th generation of the Honda Civic coming next year, a concept like this is a good way to keep buyers interested in the current car during its final months of production. This will be an especially difficult task, given that the new car is just days away from its official debut. But there’s really no reason not to buy a Civic Tourer now if you’re in the market for one. It’s unlikely that the new Civic will be so groundbreaking that you’d regret the purchase, and as the concept points out, it can still be very practical. If only some of these things would make it onto the options list, cyclists would certainly be overjoyed.

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Honda will reveal the Civic Tourer “Active Life Concept” at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show, underlining the Tourer’s class leading cargo space and versatility within the C-segment. The Concept study shows that style and space can work together; a custom paint colour further enhances the sleek and sporty exterior and an accessorised interior demonstrates the Concept’s suitability for an active lifestyle and the needs of its customers.

2016 Honda Civic Tourer Active Life Concept High Resolution Exterior
- image 645252

Utilising the unique centre fuel tank layout, the Civic Tourer Active Life Concept makes full use of its 1668 litres* trunk space and a low loading height. Features include a smart loading rack capable of transporting two bicycles, along with a retractable arm which can be extended from the rack, making maintenance and repairs easier. Other maintenance accessories include a built in integrated air pump, a large light located on the tailgate, an extended shade area and a retractable bench making the Concept an ideal vehicle for cycling enthusiasts. Further accessories include a toolbox, bottle holder, water tank and a front wheel holder which are all integrated within the trunk side lining. Other clever storage solutions include a special aero shape roof box designed to accommodate essential cycling accessories such as shoes and helmets.

The dynamic exterior styling of the Civic Tourer Active Life Concept reflects the sporty and active lifestyle of the customer; featuring a custom blue paint finish with a lower gun metallic gradation and a silver roofline which help accentuate the Civic Tourer’s sleek styling and aerodynamic design. New 18-inch alloy wheels and a custom design rear bumper further highlight the Civic Tourer’s sporty characteristics.

2016 Honda Civic Tourer Active Life Concept High Resolution Interior
- image 645251

The interior also features a customised theme; blue stitching can be found on the steering wheel and on the gear shift, along with a sporty black roof lining, which is also found on the Civic Sport and Civic Type R.

The front seats combine both suede and leather and feature a carbon tape with blue piping that runs along the centre and along the upper outer areas of the seat, continuing into the suede door lining.

Of course, space doesn’t have to come at the cost of efficiency, and to demonstrate that belief, and proving in emphatic terms the efficiency of the new i-DTEC engines from Honda’s Earth Dreams Technology series, the Honda Civic Tourer 1.6 i-DTEC recently set a new GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title for fuel efficiency. The 25-day ‘real-world’ challenge in June saw the car average 2.82 litres per 100km (100.31mpg) in a 13,498km (8,387 mile) drive across 24 contiguous EU countries.

2016 Honda Civic Tourer Active Life Concept High Resolution Interior
- image 645250

See the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title-holding Civic Tourer 1.6 i-DTEC and the Civic Tourer Active Life Concept as well as Honda’s new model range displayed at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show at stand B11 in Hall 9.0 (15-16 September).

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