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2023 Honda Civic Type-R

The 2023 Honda Civic Type-R is in the making and the Prototype already shows us some very cool features

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What is considered by many to be the ultimate hot hatch – the Honda Civic Type-R – will return for 2023. Many wondered what is to become of the Type-R since the normal version was already announced for 2022. However, thanks to the recent footage, we know that the next hot version of the Civic is on its way. As with most spy shots, the car is still cloaked in camouflage, but we still get a good idea of what to expect.

2023 Honda Civic Type-R Exterior High Resolution
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We finally get a glimpse of the 2023 Honda Civic Type-R and things look promising.

Like before, the Type-R version is based on the hatchback, which gradually adopted more of a fastback design, over the past few years. The car seems to follow a very similar formula to the previous FK8 generation, even down to the triple exhaust and big rear wing, which could be optional. It seems a bit smaller than the previous model, but it also looks like it might be adjustable. As for the triple exhaust tips, they are a bit different than before.

While the FK8 had a smaller middle exhaust tip, flanked by two larger exhausts, the upcoming Type-R seems to be the other way around. The center exhaust tip seems to be larger than the two flanking it. In the previous Type-R, the middle pipe served to neutralize droning at highway speeds. We assume this is a more sophisticated version of the same exhaust.

2023 Honda Civic Type-R Exterior High Resolution
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Naturally, the 2023 Civic Type-R is based on the normal version of the latest FE generation, as we see the distinctive new front end. It also seems that the wheel arches will be more pronounced than before, although this could just be the camouflage throwing us off. On the whole, we see a more grown-up and restrained design language than before. The previous FK8 generation was considered by many to be overstyled. Although some people got used to it, we think the new one could do with fewer fake vents.

Of course, we get the usual bigger wheels, lower suspension, and big Brembo brakes, no doubt, accompanied by a stiffer chassis.

Power is expected to come from a tweaked version of the same 2.0-liter turbocharged inline-four unit. We expect a power output of around 340 horsepower and at least 295 pound-feet (400 Nm).

As before, power will be sent to the front wheels through a six-speed manual and a limited-slip differential.

2023 Honda Civic Type-R Exterior High Resolution
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On the whole, the upcoming Honda Civic Type-R looks like it’s going to be more grown-up and easy on the eyes compared to the previous one. In addition, the car has finally transitioned from a hatchback body style to a proper fastback look. With this in mind, should we still call it a hot hatch? In any case, we want to see it spanking the competition around race tracks. Expect a debut sometime in 2022.

2023 Honda Civic Type-R Specifications
Horsepower 340 Horses
Torque  295 pound-feet
Transmission Six-speed Manual
Drive Layout Front-wheel-drive
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