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2016 Honda "Sonic the Hedgehog" Civic

2016 Honda "Sonic the Hedgehog" Civic

It makes us sad that we can’t have one

Comic-Con has kicked off for 2016 and, needless to say, things there are pretty wild. This year just happens to mark the 25th anniversary of Sega’s legendary blue hedgehog, Sonic, and the game that has always been a flagship for Sega. If you’re wondering why I’m talking about a video game character here on TopSpeed, your concern wouldn’t exactly be unwarranted as – outside of his relentless speed – he really has nothing to do with anything cars, right? Well, that isn’t exactly true, as Sega and Honda have teamed up to bring a special version of the Honda Civic to Comic-Con this year. And, believe it or not, it’s all about the fast-footed hedgehog we’ve all grown to love.

James Jenkins, Honda’s Public Relations Manager, said, “What better way to showcase the incredibly sporty performance capability of the 10th generation Civic than by pairing it with gaming industry’s ultimate athlete – Sonic the Hedgehog. As the fan favorite game and character celebrates his 25th anniversary on the scene, we hope that all Sonic fans – those who remember playing years ago and those who continue playing today – rejoice in his all-new ride, as much as we enjoyed creating it.”

The special-edition model is based on the 10th-generation, 2016 Honda Civic Touring Sedan and features a number of special design cues that pay tribute to Sonic himself. As such, the car comes standard with a number of features from Honda, like a fuel efficient engine, plenty of safety and driver assistant technology, and an infotainment system that features Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, among other things. So, with that said, let’s take a good look at the Sonic Civic and what went into making the car that pays perfect tribute to Sega’s flagship character.

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