An inventor tried this out with nine cyclists pedaling for 20 minutes

A lot of ideas in the past have emerged where it has proposed that devices like iPods and mobiles be charged using human kinetic energy. This inventor named Janne Käpylehto has done the same, but for a much larger ‘device’.

He created a power generating station for converting human energy to charge the Tesla Model X. Did he succeed? Of course he did, but the desired result may not be very pleasing to everyone. Nevertheless, it’s an innovation.

Nine Cyclists Added 1.24 Miles Of Range In 20 Minutes

How Many Humans Does it Take to Charge a Tesla Model X?
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This experiment was conducted at a Finnish show called Ennätys Tehdas. Janne showcased his setup which could create electricity from nine cycles rigged up to it. He had nine cyclists pedal non-stop for twenty minutes to feed power into the charging station. They managed to create over one kilowatt of power, which added two kilometers, or 1.24 miles, to the range. It may seem like a small output for the energy put in, but the result is still satisfying.

It doesn’t look like this conversion can be optimized in any way in the near future, but it is motivating to see your energy powering the car.

Unlike internal combustion engine cars, this one good thing about EVs; you can charge the car using different ways and sources.

How about connecting treadmills, exercise cycles, and cross trainers in your home gym to charge the car? There can’t be anything more satisfying than adding to your car’s battery range while you burn calories and lose fat. You could be like a human heat pump!

So, how many humans does it take to charge a Tesla Model X? A helluva lot, that’s how many!

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