How Much Does A Tesla Model X Cost?

The Tesla Model X isn’t exactly, cheap but it’s not outside the realm of affordability for a lot of people

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The Model X remains largely unchanged for 2022 including its exorbitant price tag. The 2022 Tesla Model X carries an MSRP of $106,440 for the entry-level Long Range model while the range Topping Plaid comes with an MSRP of $121,440. But the updates it received for the 2021 model year continue to keep things interesting.

Should You Buy A Tesla Model X in 2022

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The Model X was a headline grabber from the day it was first unveiled back in 2016. The Model X remains largely unchanged even after five years, and the only thing that has gone up is its price and arguably its appeal. The 2022 Model X Long Range has
a starting MSRP of $106,440, the more sensible dual-motor drive, a reasonably ridiculous power output of 670 horsepower, AWD as standard. None of this should be surprising, though, when you consider its six-figure price tag.

In the performance department, things continue to get interesting with the introduction of the Plaid moniker to the Model X lineup. As the name suggests, the Model X Plaid has the same drive train as the Model S Plaid, with the triple-motor drive and the same 1020 horsepower being sent to all four wheels. As a result, the 2022 Tesla Model X retains the title of the quickest production SUV with a 0 to 60 mph time of 2.5 seconds, which places it very close to the full-blown Model S Plaid’s record-breaking time of 1.99 seconds. The Model X Plaid isn’t available just yet but the bookings are open and you can expect the deliveries to commence by the summer of 2022. On arrival, the 2022 Tesla Model X will carry an MSRP of $121,440. If you want an SUV that’s fast, has decent range, and will impress those around you, then the Model X is a strong candidate as long as it’s within your budget.

Cost of the Model X Tesla

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As far as the appeal factor is concerned, the Model X was met with wide-open jaws and a whole lot of skepticism courtesy of Tesla’s eccentric CEO, Elon Musk, and his reputation. In short, the Model X looked like an oversized, battery-powered toy designed for millionaires. But as we all know, the Model X was a stroke of brilliance and the used car market is proof enough. 2020 model year Tesla Model X’s are still fetching over $120,000 on average and Long Range Model X’s from the same year managed to bring in over $100,000. Even the entry-level cars from as early as 2017 and 2018 like Model X 75D are fetching more than $70,000, which makes this an excellent SUV in terms of resale that one can consider buying instead of leasing.

On the topic of leasing, the Tesla Model X Long Range will set you back $1,348 a month and the down payment comes up to $6,543. These figures are for 36 months and 10K miles a year. When the Model X Plaid hits the showroom floors, it will cost $1,688 with a down payment of $6,883.

Tesla Model X Ride & Handling

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Apart from the simply astonishing horsepower and acceleration figures that defile supercars and Newton’s beloved physics, the Tesla Model X is a well-behaved and extremely practical SUV to drive on a daily basis. When you aren’t in the aptly named Ludacris mode, the Tesla ponders around town with absolute composure. The adaptive suspension, which has been a standard affair on all Model X’s since 2020, suits the car’s dual personality well. The body roll is very well contained for an SUV that weighs well over 5500 lbs. Even the braking is very impressive for the weight and chassis dynamics, though not comparable to a Cayenne Turbo or Urus. The steering however isn’t the best by a long shot - it’s not just that fact that the steering wheel isn’t a wheel anymore and the all-new Yoke does take some getting used to, but as with any big SUV, the electric steering doesn’t offer much in the way of feedback, which can be quiet unsettling if and when you choose to use the Model X’s ridiculous acceleration.

Tesla Model X Safety Features

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As the brand’s flagship SUV, Tesla has left no stone unturned in the safety department. The SUV has been extensively crash-tested by the top safety regulatory authorities and has delivered exceptional results. The NHTSA has given the Model X a 5-star rating which implies the SUV scored 5-stars in all parameters which include frontal impact, side collision, and rollovers. The Model X has also received a 5-star rating from Euro NCAP, making it one of the safest 7-seater SUVs on sale today.

Some of the Safety features offered on the Model X include:

  • Forward Collision Warning
  • Auto emergency braking
  • Blind Spot monitors
  • Built-in dash cam and surveillance capabilities
  • 360 degree parking cameras
  • Door sensors
  • Tesla’s autopilot Adaptive cruise control
  • Lane keep assist
  • Pedestrian detection

Charging Options

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The Tesla Model X long-range, as the name suggests, delivers a respectable 360 miles of range on a full charge. The range does drop of course if you keep launching it from one stoplight to the next, but for the most part, the real-life range is very close to the company claimed figures. The MPGe figures for the Model X long-range stand at 109 city, 101 highway for a combined MPGe of 105.

But the biggest advantage with any Tesla EV is access to its exclusive Supercharger network. Along with the convenience and connectivity, the Supercharger network is also designed to provide Tesla vehicles with the optimal charging speed and, as a result, the Model X is capable of charging from 0-80% in just 40 mins at a Tesla Supercharger.

Since the Model X Plaid isn’t out yet, it’s hard to comment on its real-world range but we expect it to deliver a slightly lower figure but it should still outperform most EVs in its segment.

Tesla Model X Features

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The Model X despite its age, continues to be a leader in the features department. The minor revisions that the Tesla Model X received for the 2021 model year alongside the Model S do elevate the experience to a noticeable degree. The updates for the 2021 model year include the highly controversial Yoke steering wheel, an updated dashboard with the new landscape-oriented infotainment screen, and a new 22-speaker sound system for those who found the older 17-speaker system a little lackluster. Even the older models have gotten a lot better over time and have received new and improved features thanks to Tesla’s Over The Air updates which will continue to grace this new model. Even the updated infotainment, which now adds a dedicated screen for the second-row, is said to be more powerful than a PlayStation 5 and even has built-in games and controller support, which fits right into Teslas over the top image. But the lack of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity is still a glaring omission.

Maintenance And Repair Costs

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EV technology is still in its infancy and the industry is in the process of learning about long-term EV ownership and the problems that accompany this experience in the long run. But for the last decade that Tesla has been in the mainstream market, and the last 5-years of the Model X’s existence, no major problems have surfaced and for the most part EV maintenance is hassle-free. The Model X comes with a 4-year/50,000-mile warranty for the SUV and an 8-year/150,000-mile warranty that covers key drivetrain components, i.e the batteries and the motors.
The maintenance costs are also significantly lower than other vehicles of this segment and price point. Sources suggest that for the first 10-years, the maintenance cost of a Model X should be $5,723, which is significantly lower compared to an Escalade which is expected to cost over $12,000 for the same time frame, making the Model X a sensible option. In the long-term, however, out-of-warranty battery replacement could be costly, so keep an eye on this space.

Final Considerations

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The 2022 Tesla Model X is the perfect amalgamation of excess and efficiency. Tesla has addressed the quality-related issues that plagued the pre-facelift version of the Model X. Fit and finish has taken a step up which ties in this update, along with the improved feature list, this SUV comes across as a very promising proposition when compared with the established luxury offerings like the new Escalade or the BMW iX. With industry-leading range, seating for seven, ability to drive with next to no human intervention, and those Falcon doors, straight out of science fiction, the 2022 Tesla Model X is the future.


How much is a Model X Tesla fully loaded?
The range-topping Tesla Model S Plaid is yet to arrive at dealerships, but when it does hit the showroom floors, expect to pay around $150,000 for a fully optioned out Plaid.

Why is Model X so expensive?
The Tesla Model X is the brand’s flagship Electric SUV and packs industry-leading features and performance in one package. With a 0-60 time of just 2.5 seconds it is also the world’s quickest production SUV.

Is Model X worth the money?
Yes the Tesla Model X is a state-of-the-art Electric SUV that gets spacious interiors, industry-leading technology, Range, and access to Tesla’s world-class Supercharger network, which makes it worth its high asking price.

Is the Tesla Model X the most expensive?
As of date, the 2022 Tesla Model X Plaid carries a base MSRP of $121,440 while the 2022 Model S Plaid has an MSRP of $129,990 making it the most expensive Tesla car on sale.

How much does Tesla Model X cost?
The entry-level Tesla Model X carries an MSRP of $106,440 while the Model X Plaid, due to arrive in dealerships this summer, has an MSRP of $121,440.

Is Tesla Model X expensive to maintain?
Sources suggest that for the first 10-years, a Model X should cost $5,723 to maintain, making it one of the most affordable SUVs in its segment.

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