• How to change your windshield wiper blade

What you need:

· Entire windshield wiper blades (to find out what is the correct replacement look in your owners manual. You can buy these blades in any auto part store.)

· Flathead screwdriver may be required.

  1. Remember to buy the entire blade not just the rubber insert.

  2. Look at your windshield wiper and find in the replacement package for the attachment that matches it.

  3. Read the directions on the package to see how you connect the attachment to the replacement blade.

  4. Pull up the windshield wiper from the windshield, by just lifting up the arm.

  5. To remove the blade you have to either push on a tap and pull the blade off, or using the flathead screw driver lift the tab.

  6. Attach the replacement blade to the wiper arm. This can be done by connecting the attachment to the new blade first, then onto the arm; or by connecting the attachment to the wiper arm then attaching the new wiper blade. It all depends on what is easier for you and the type of car you have.

  7. When attaching the new blade listen for a click to assure that you have attached the blade correctly.

  8. To assure further that you have attached the blade correctly, you can tug on the blade.

  9. You are done. Just lower the wiper arm onto the windshield.
  1. Remove the old wiper blade from the wiper arm. This typically involves pushing on a tab and pulling the wiper blade off or lifting a tab with a small screwdriver.
  1. Insert the attachment onto the new blade or onto the wiper arm. On some cars, it may be easier to put the attachment on the wiper blade first; on other models, it is easier to first put the attachment onto the wiper arm. Listen for a click.
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