This beast makes 500 horsepower and 1,000 pound-feet of torque, and costs $300,000!

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Michigan-based Mil-Spec Automotive is quite the name when it comes to aftermarket mods. The company specializes in transforming civilian-model Hummer H1s to rather rugged beasts. The company had recently built a Ford F-150 as well, but it is back again to its niche. Mil-Spec has gotten hold of a Hummer H1 yet again and has transformed it into an apocalypse-ready off-roader.

The company has made exterior and interior upgrades and bumped up the drivetrain power figures for a price tag of $300,000 on this bespoke H1 Supertruck build. Now that Hummer has taken a complete U-turn on its personality and is ready to debut as an EV, this build should make some old-school off-road aficionados more than happy.

What Makes This Hummer H1 Supertruck By Mil-Spec Automotive Special?

2020 Hummer H1 Supertruck by Mil-Spec Automotive Exterior
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The first thing you’ll notice on this super wide truck is how high it rides. This Mil-Spec H1 Supertruck sits 13 inches off the ground.

Thanks to this, the company was able to equip 38-inch Toyo Open Country M/T tires to tackle all sorts of off-roading conditions. The standard exterior panels are replaced with aerospace-grade aluminum panels that give it extra rigidity and protection.

Mil-Spec has installed heavy-duty rocker panel protection skid plates to keep the Supertruck safe from the underbody hits. Apart from this, an underbody and engine bay coating were also added to provide insulation and thermal protection for the cabin. As for the paint job, the H1 was first sprayed in an Onyx black paint scheme and then covered in a Deep Sky Black Kevlar-infused polyurethane coating. This was finally offset with semi-gloss black powder-coated accents.

2020 Hummer H1 Supertruck by Mil-Spec Automotive Interior
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For a truck with this demeanor, you’d expect a basic cabin with barely any creature comforts. But, that’s not the case with this Mil-Spec build. The aftermarket company has teamed up with Formawerx to create premium components that are used throughout the cabin. The seats are wrapped in Onyx-colored Nappa leather with a quilted stitching pattern along with custom lumbar support.

This H1 Supertruck also comes with a custom-machined steering wheel that complements the overall theme of the cabin. Behind this steering wheel are custom-designed gauges that feature anodized black bezels. The cabin doors include specially designed billet aluminum door lock pulls finished in black powder-coat. To wrap it all off, the company has equipped the truck with a JL Audio system.

These Mechanical Upgrades Have Transformed The H1 Completely

2020 Hummer H1 Supertruck by Mil-Spec Automotive Interior
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Mil-Spec has not mentioned which model year this particular build is. The last model featuring the 6.6-liter Duramax engine churned out 300 horses and 520 pound-feet of torque. Mil-Spec has given this engine a heavy boost and it now makes 500 ponies and 1,000 pound-feet of twist. The engine is mated to a six-speed Allison automatic gearbox.

The aftermarket company has included a heavy-duty drivetrain configuration that includes a redesigned independent front and rear drive-shafts, carrier bearings, motor mounts, and transmission cross member. This truck isn’t a full-time all-wheel-drive unlike the old school H1s; it comes with a part-time four-wheel-drive transfer case that can send power only to the rear wheels as well. Coming to its stopping power, Mil-Spec has installed Wilwood six-piston high-performance brakes to take care of the braking duties.

2020 Hummer H1 Supertruck by Mil-Spec Automotive Exterior
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As mentioned earlier, the Hummer H1 rides 13 inches off the ground. This comes courtesy of an upgraded "Baja" suspension setup that boasts 13 inches of travel range. The setup includes longer coil springs, remote reservoir shocks, stronger front and rear ball joints, and a sway bar. A Bumper Tow Package is also offered on this build that includes a two-inch ball hitch, electrical plugs, and a rearview camera for trailering. Finally, this thirsty Hummer H1 Supertruck also features a new 30-gallon fuel tank alongside a fully integrated steel skid plate for added protection.

Final Thoughts

2020 Hummer H1 Supertruck by Mil-Spec Automotive Exterior
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Considering all the upgrades made by Mil-Spec and the fact that this is a Hummer, this isn’t an inexpensive build. The company said that this was built for a client as per his requirements and set him back $300,000. The price includes the donor vehicle as well.

The H1 Supertruck is the vehicle that can save you in case of an apocalypse. Despite its Brobdingnagian size, it looks like a competent off-roader, thanks to its lateral upgrades. quoted Mil-Spec saying that the truck can hit the 60 mph mark in “low six [seconds] to high five [seconds]”. If true, this is mighty impressive. Not to mention, the cabin is also a pleasant surprise because you don’t expect such plushness from a military-grade vehicle.

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Michigan-Based Vehicle Designer Presents Fully-Upgraded Colossus Made for Tackling Summer Travel In Powerful Style On and Off Road

Auburn Hills, MI (July 2, 2020) – Known for engineering high-grade H1 designs for drivers looking to conquer anything, Mil-Spec Automotive is proud to present their newest supertruck. As the summer road trip season heats up and adventurers look for safe, fun ways to experience the best of the open road and beyond, Mil-Spec Automotive’s $300,000 large format rig features all the high-performance and interior magic that the company has become synonymous for crafting.

Designed to make an impression on and off-road, the newest Mil-Spec Automotive H1 is powered by a specially tuned 500-horsepower/1,000 lbs.-ft. LBZ 6.6L Duramax diesel engine mated to an Allison 6-speed automatic transmission. Mil-Spec Automotive also incorporated a special heavy-duty drivetrain configuration into the build, which includes redesigned front and rear drive shafts, carrier bearings, motor mounts, and transmission crossmember. For more stopping power, Mil-Spec Automotive integrated Wilwood’s 6-piston high performance brake package.

The bespoke H1 features several new first-time upgrades offered by Mil-Spec Automotive. To increase drive time, the truck incorporates a new 30-gallon extended range aluminum fuel cell that is included alongside a fully integrated steel skid plate to make this the ideal rig for longer off-road excursions. The truck features an exclusive four-door hardtop configuration in a blacked-out onyx paint scheme. The Deep Sky Black Kevlar-infused polyurethane exterior coating is perfectly offset with semi-gloss black powdercoated accents.

All mechanicals were upgraded with elite Mil-Spec Automotive hardware. A ceramic underbody and engine bay coating were installed to provide insulation and thermal protection for the cabin. For further protection, heavy-duty rocker panel protection skid plates were added on to the truck’s T6 hardened aerospace-grade aluminum body. The new Mil-Spec Automotive H1 also includes the Bumper Tow Package with an integrated two-inch ball hitch, electrical plugs, and a reverse camera to assist with trailer alignment and hook-up for hauling.

Another impressive element featured is the exclusive Baja Suspension Package. This extraordinary system practically doubles wheel travel to an incredible 13 inches to increase high-speed dampening and off-road handling. Among the upgraded components in this package are longer coil springs and remote-reservoir shocks, stronger front and rear billet balljoints, and an upgraded sway bar designed for long travel. Mil-Spec Automotive’s newest H1 rides on 38x13.50R20 Toyo Open Country M/T tires to further improve overlanding capabilities.
Partnering with Formawerx, Mil-Spec Automotive integrated stunning new super-premium components throughout the cabin interior with a brilliant custom-machined steering wheel that matches an all-new car key design. The cabin interior is further upgraded with the company’s exclusive Executive Interior Package, highlighted by onyx colored Nappa leather featuring distinctive quilted stitching, and custom lumbar supports.

Other fabulous interior touches abound, including a custom designed gauge layout featuring anodized black bezels and striking imperial measurements. The cabin doors include specially designed billet aluminum door lock pulls finished in black powder-coat. Mil-Spec Automotive’s newest H1 also features a premium JL Audio sound system.

This new Mil-Spec Automotive H1 was built for a client, and Mil-Spec is accepting new orders for production for any interested customers. For more information on the bespoke Hummer builds from Mil-Spec Automotive as well as their other vehicles, please contact the company at 248.430.5150 or

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