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2009 Hyundai Nuvis

2009 Hyundai Nuvis

Treat Hyundai’s Nuvis like a 3D hidden image picture. Squint the eyes and look at everything a little out of focus, now you’re looking at the future Hyundai crossover vehicles.

Premiering at the New York Auto Show, the Nuvis shows the styling direction that will be used on future refreshes to vehicles such as the Tucson, Santa Fe and Veracruz.

Just like the Blue-Will concept, the Nuvis is a showcase for Hyundai’s Blue Drive hybrid system. The concept is powered by a 2.4-liter Theta II engine mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission and a 40 hp (205 N-m) electric motor.

Don’t expect to see the Nuvis on the streets anytime soon. While the flowing lines are attractive, the gullwing doors and limited seating for four makes the Nuvis more of a styling exercise than a future production vehicle.

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