Hyundai’s new premium brand launches preview of BMW 3 Series fighter

Once upon a time, the mere insinuation that the BMW 3 Series would sweat out a rival from South Korea would’ve been laughable. Unless someone was playing a joke of some sort, nobody would’ve believed it. Well, we live in a different world now and what was laughable then has become a reality now. BMW better be watching its back because Genesis is coming…and it’s coming on strong.

Hyundai’s recently launched luxury brand came to the 2016 New York International Auto Show and brought with it the New York Concept, a hybrid sports sedan that will likely serve as the basis for the Genesis G70, the brand’s eventual entry into a market long dominated by the likes of the 3 Series, Mercedes C-Class, and Audi A4.

The design game of the New York Concept is pretty strong, something that should ring music to the ears of the design team over at Genesis. There are some ambitious elements to it, as is the case with most concept vehicles. But, for the most part, Genesis succeeded in giving all of us a taste of what’s to come for Hyundai’s new premium brand.

It’s also still a little premature for the incumbents to sweat in their boots, but given the overwhelmingly positive reaction given to the New York Concept, I can imagine being one of the execs from those companies who saw the concept and thought to themselves that this new player that’s coming to town is well worth keeping tabs on.

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  • 2016 Genesis New York Concept
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  • Horsepower @ RPM:
  • Torque @ RPM:
  • Displacement:
    2.0 L
  • 0-60 time:
    6 sec. (Est.)
  • Top Speed:
    155 mph (Est.)
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2016 Genesis New York Concept High Resolution Exterior
- image 670572
2016 Genesis New York Concept High Resolution Exterior
- image 670577
2016 Genesis New York Concept High Resolution Exterior
- image 670570

There’s plenty to go by when discussing the exterior of the Genesis New York Concept. Overall, you can tell that the designers at Genesis spent a great deal of time trying to emphasize the “Athletic Elegance” design language for the concept. Without trying to high-brow on anybody, it basically means that they wanted to get the concept to stand out from any of Hyundai’s own models.

The concept also has a long hood that stops just short of the nose of the car, providing enough space for the Genesis logo to rest comfortably on the tip.

In a lot of ways, it succeeded in that regard, although it did so by taking certain elements found on Hyundai models and giving them a fresh look. The prominent upright grille, for instance, is a Hyundai trademark. But, instead of the horizontal bars used by the parent company, the concept features a chain-mesh-like design. The concept’s horizontal headlamps are sharper and thinner than the ones found on the G80 or G90. Those headlights extend all the way to the sharp and pronounced front fenders that, quite frankly, reminds me of Lexus. The concept also has a long hood that stops just short of the nose of the car, providing enough space for the Genesis logo to rest comfortably on the tip.

The side and rear designs of the New York Concept are just as provocative, even though there are some misses in my opinion. Special mentions go to the four character lines running the length of the doors. Evidently, Genesis really wanted to give the concept a strong and muscular appearance that complements its luxurious nature. Honeycomb vents just at the back of the fenders provide another signature look and function to the sedan. From this angle, it’s also easy to make out the short overhangs in the front and the longer ones in the back. It’s a decidedly unique look for a car that’ll compete in the compact luxury segment. Meanwhile, the rear section of the New York Concept features thin taillights similar to their counterparts in the front. It’s a little less interesting to look at as the tapered look doesn’t sit right from an aesthetic point of view.

Overall, it’s a strong concept design that Genesis would be smart to use as a clear foundation for what the production G70 is going to look like.


2016 Genesis New York Concept High Resolution Interior
- image 670579
Genesis says that the interior design of the New York Concept is a look ahead to the design direction of the premium brand.

Genesis says that the interior design of the New York Concept is a look ahead to the design direction of the premium brand. While there is some merit to that statement, it’s hard to take Genesis too literally because there are aspects to the cabin’s features that are simply too far out there, even for a new brand that’s aggressively trying to put its best foot forward.

The most prominent example of this is the 21-inch floating 4K touchscreen that stretches from the driver-side front door all the way to the center stack, but according to Genesis, also integrates the analog instrument dials. Sure, it’s made by LG, which is saying something, but I doubt that Genesis would use something like this in the production version as it’s simply a little too complicated to get used to. Good luck trying to concentrate on the road too, with this log-sized touchscreen staring at you.

The overall layout of the interior also dives deep into concept territory with the 2+2 seating configuration. Granted, it’s nice to look at, and the long center console ensures ample space for each occupant in the car, but Genesis can’t afford to be too gimmicky with space and comfort if it hopes to be a real competitor to the BMW 3 Series, Mercedes C-Class, and Audi A4.

The interior does have a few interesting features I wouldn’t mind seeing in the production model. The whole interior is awash in fine tan leather that’s complemented by accents of anthracite and sliced suede leather. Copper accents and aluminum inlays are also prevalent in the interior while on the sporty side, the open steering wheel reminds us that this is still a performance model too.


2016 Genesis New York Concept High Resolution Exterior
- image 670571

Despite the promotion of the New York Concept as a hybrid, Genesis didn’t dive too much into the concept’s powertrain. The only thing it mentioned was that the concept has a 2.0-liter GDi engine under its hood that supposedly works in concert with a hybrid system that produces 242 horsepower and 260 pound-feet of torque.

Obviously, the G70 will almost surely carry more than one powertrain option with the likelihood that at least one of them will come in the form of a hybrid. Whether it’s going to be similar to what the concept has now has yet to be determined. It’s just a little hard to know at this point since Genesis itself doesn’t appear to be too inclined to talk about the technical side of the model.


2016 Genesis New York Concept High Resolution Exterior
- image 670574

There’s a great deal of excitement surrounding the Genesis New York Concept and the reasons for that excitement is entirely justified. I myself am looking forward to what the production version is going to look like, especially after Genesis set a high bar for itself with this impressive concept. I’m not gonna get deluded into thinking that this is the actual version that we’ll see hit dealerships, but if Genesis can build off of the strengths of the concept - the exterior - and work on making other aspects more relatable to the segment it wants to enter - the interior - then there’s a really strong likelihood that the production model G70 is going to give the current standard bearers a serious run for their money.

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Press Release

GENESIS has unveiled its striking ‘New York Concept’ luxury sports sedan at the New York International Auto Show. The New York Concept hints at future GENESIS design direction with its expressive and refined ‘Athletic Elegance,’ first seen in the Vision G concept and in production form with the GENESIS G90 premium luxury sedan.

2016 Genesis New York Concept High Resolution Exterior
- image 670570

Acknowledging the GENESIS brand’s sporty and agile nature, the hybrid concept generates 245ps and 36.0 kgf.m of torque from its 2.0 GDi powertrain coupled with an 8-speed automatic transmission. The advanced technological features and precise design language of the concept emphasize key aspects of Korean culture, while elevating the value and perception of the GENESIS brand.

The exterior of the New York Concept presents an elegant interpretation of a luxurious performance vehicle, defined by well-balanced proportions and refined surface treatments. Inside, the concept car combines advanced technology with absolute luxury, contrasting innovative electronics against finely-crafted materials.

Manfred Fitzgerald, Head of GENESIS said: “The New York Concept is a progressive concept car that showcases the design quality of the brand. With its expressive volumes and refined design, the New York Concept truly embodies the ‘Athletic Elegance,’ that characterizes GENESIS products and will continue to do so for future models that come from our luxury brand. Revealing the concept in New York is a fitting opportunity for GENESIS.”

Design Inspiration
The design teams took inspiration for the New York Concept from modern luxury lifestyles and products, plus the early success and progression of the GENESIS brand. They merged this confidence with forms from nature, and the process of transforming raw materials to create an uncompromised expression of pure technological art.

Designed to express the GENESIS modern view of luxury, the New York Concept brings a fresh perspective to the segment by offering the unexpected, yet still satisfying the needs of modern luxury buyers. Alongside the car’s inherent performance and comfort characteristics, the New York Concept adds fresh, daring and unexpected touches through blending cultural heritage with modern art and technology.

2016 Genesis New York Concept High Resolution Exterior
- image 670571

Exterior design
The nature-inspired character of New York Concept is seen through simple yet powerful forms with voluminous surfaces and coherent features. The overall shape of the concept is characterized by a long hood and expansive dash-to-axle ratio, visualizing the car’s performance-oriented nature and its resulting athletic stance.

At the front of the car, the New York Concept demonstrates power and confidence as growing attributes of the GENESIS line-up. The prominent, upright grille is visually supported by sleek, horizontal headlamps. The deep inner edge of the lamp is characterized by a pixelated light guide, giving a sophisticated, vibrant appearance. Air flow guides sit below the lamps, channeling air through the forward wheel housing. Pronounced front fender volumes, enhanced with longitudinal crease lines, complete the concept’s road-focused attitude.

From the side, the sleek and tapered cabin emphasizes powerful shoulders, bringing visual power over the rear wheels and quarter panels, adding to the impression that the New York Concept can deliver the power expected of the luxury sports sedan. Short front overhangs contrast with longer rear overhangs, completing the proportions of an elegant and refined performance car.

The rear perspective of the New York Concept is distinguished by a low and sleek rear deck, further enhanced by strongly tapered body flanks. The slim, elongated taillamps echo the headlamps’ vibrancy, reinforcing the sensuous and luxurious character of the exterior.

With its visually expressive form, the New York Concept is complemented by thorough and creative attention to detail. The unique treatment of the engine hood and side vents blend function with style, creating a new precision aesthetic. The integrated vents for the hood, front fenders and quarter panels improve aerodynamic performance, a reflection of the hybrid GENESIS model’s fuel efficiency capabilities.

2016 Genesis New York Concept High Resolution Exterior
- image 670572

The front and rear door handles sit flush with the bodywork, integrated along the belt line of the New York Concept, further enhancing aerodynamic performance with simplicity in design. The exterior panels are finished in a custom-designed Ceramic Blue color, while copper-colored inlays in the lower bumper fascia and sills convey the uniquely modern approach of GENESIS design and material language.

Interior design concept
The interior of the New York Concept further projects the future design direction of GENESIS. It expresses a high-tech and sophisticated ambience, emphasized by the use of an advanced information control unit with a distinctively curved display.

Eliminating some of the negatives often associated with increased technological content in a luxury vehicle, the design team took an innovative direction for the instrument panel design. A 21-inch floating, curved screen incorporates driver instruments and multimedia functions, creating potential for new, sculpted forms for the front seat occupants. The digital display is combined with classic analog driver instruments. The concave screen and the convex instrument panel complement each other in an aesthetic interaction while transmitting visual lightness to the interior. The open steering wheel design is ergonomically formed to facilitate visibility of the instruments while enhancing handling control.

A logical and spacious center console divides the interior space through its length axis into two separate halves. Combined with the curved, floating screen, the Central Control Panel (CCP) creates a new user experience through a tactile and considered control lay-out. Finely polished GENESIS Concept aluminum inlays for the interior incorporate a handful of essential functional switches and reflect the GENESIS commitment to deliver high-quality design through exceptional attention to detail.

Four individually sculpted single seats reflect the dynamic attributes of the exterior while acknowledging the GENESIS focus on human-centered luxury.

Interior color and materials
The concept’s interior showcases meticulously-wrapped full leather interior, with accents of anthracite contrasted with rich tan leather on seats and doors, while sliced suede leather used on the headrest brings a soft tactile accent.

Highlighting the visual connection between the instrument panel and the floor console, which to the eye looks like it is visually floating, the New York Concept uses metal for contrasting effect. Copper-toned, stainless-steel mesh echoes the copper accents of the exterior and demonstrates a new, lightweight textile approach. The New York Concept also features polished aluminum switchgear and functional elements, with small touches of copper applied on exterior accents.

2016 Genesis New York Concept High Resolution Exterior
- image 670573

Interior HMI concept
The New York Concept presents a unique Human Machine Interface (HMI) concept. With this innovative concept, GENESIS sets a new standard for user experience and function control. The New York Concept showcases how the instrument cluster and center stack are merged into one curved horizontal display, allowing a unique driver-oriented architecture.

On top of the instrument panel, embraced in a sleek aluminum casing, hovers a super-wide, curved 21-inch 4K display made by LG. Unique LG Advanced High Performance In-plane Switching technology allows for a greater viewing angle and exceptional richness in color, resulting in a more spacious ambience. The bowl-shaped Central Control Panel with 3D geometry is ergonomically optimized for usability and forms an electronic centerpiece of this unique HMI concept. This ergonomic optimization allows for intuitive single- and multi-touch finger swipes, while also enabling handwriting recognition and circular finger movements - particularly useful when scrolling through long music or telephone lists.

The user interface presents all relevant information at a glance, combining touchpads with the advantages of today’s rotary dial-based interfaces. Additionally, a 3D gesture-control sensor allows the operator to ‘throw over’ specific content from one area of the screen to another, raising the freedom for personalizing the display information.

The New York Concept provides a glimpse into the next-generation driver interface, ready to handle the growing complexity of a connected, digital world, where user-friendliness safety and functionality set the standard.

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