The X Concept looks stunning and we wouldn’t mind this design on a production-spec car

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Automakers are rushing to show their electric concept models to the public and let them know to expect from the brand in the future. We saw the Lexus LF-Z Electrified just a couple of days back, and now, we have one from Genesis. Called the X Concept, the Genesis product is made its debut in Los Angeles and is said to present “Genesis’ sustainable luxury in the form of an EV-based high-performance GT coupe concept car”. Fancy, eh?

What Makes The Genesis X Concept Special?

2021 Genesis X Concept Exterior
- image 979900

The Genesis X Concept is the fifth concept following the New York, GV80, Essentia, and Mint concepts. As is with any new EV, its primary focus is on a sustainable design in the form of a luxurious high-performance GT coupe car. The South Korean automaker follows a ‘Two Lines’ design philosophy that is present across the concept, quite literally.

Up front, the concept features the signature Genesis Crest grille with the logo on the tip of the clamshell hood. The Two Lines design philosophy comes into play in the headlights. They extend onto the fenders by cutting through the wheel arches. Some resonance with the Rivian lights. The bumpers are standard fare with huge air dams to aid aerodynamics and improves efficiency.

2021 Genesis X Concept Exterior
- image 979904

The side profile follows a muscle car-esque stature – long hood, stout rear. The conventional wing mirrors are replaced by digital side mirrors. The turbine-type wheels look sporty and could be designed keeping its aero-efficiency in mind. You can also see the lime green calipers peeping from behind.

The taillights are also a ‘Two Lines’ setup, but aren’t long bar strips, which is a common sight in EVs these days. The charging port comes with a sliding cover and looks pretty slick. You can also see the two-lined lights around the port here. Did you like the X Concept’s color? Well, it’s called the Lençóis Blue that’s inspired by the lagoons of Maranhenses National Park in Brazil. Just a little trivia there. Overall, the X Concept looks quite fancy and could turn out to be a sweet-looking production-version car.

2021 Genesis X Concept Interior
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On the inside, it is modern yet minimalist, sustainable, and tech-heavy, something which every other EV concept is.

The emphasis is on the driver-oriented cockpit with everything available in an arm’s reach. We generally see light shades in the cabin, but Genesis opted for a contrasting scotch brown color scheme gelled with ocean wave green-blue.

The floating center console seems more inclined towards the driver. There is a free-form display to control the clusters, navigation, and HVAC control, but it seems a little too radical to be offered as a production-spec option. The bucket seats are wrapped in a weave-patterned fabric made out of leftover pieces of leather from previous manufacturing processes for the safety belts, steering wheel, and airbag cover. That’s a good way to be sustainable, too.


2021 Genesis X Concept Exterior Wallpaper quality
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There is no other information provided and it seems like the concept only showcases the car’s design philosophy. Genesis has stayed mum on the battery, performance specs, and other related information. While you can probably see some design elements of this concept carried into the future products, a production-spec version of this concept as a whole seems a little far-fetched at the moment.

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Genesis X Concept makes global debut in Los Angeles.
New model presents Genesis’ sustainable luxury in the form of an EV-based high-performance GT coupe concept car.
Genesis partnered with award-winning director, Jason Bergh, to create the ‘Genesis X California’ film, highlighting the dynamism of California’s car culture, Genesis’ pioneering spirit, and the promise of a sustainable future for all.

LOS ANGELES, California, March 30, 2021 – Today, Genesis officially introduced the Genesis X Concept, an EV-based GT (Gran Turismo) concept car.

A world-premiere video captured the concept car’s debut, which took place on March 26 on a private rooftop in Los Angeles, showcasing the latest expression of Genesis design before a stunning backdrop.

To mark the occasion, Genesis partnered with award-winning director, Jason Bergh, in the creation of a film highlighting the dynamism of California’s car culture, Genesis’ pioneering spirit, and the promise of a sustainable future for all. The film can be viewed through Genesis Worldwide and local social channels.

“The car that we are unveiling today is a concept car that embodies the essential elements that Genesis pursues in its designs. Please take a moment to meet the future of Genesis design through this concept car, which embodies our brand’s progressive and audacious spirit” said Jay Chang, Global Head of the Genesis Brand.

The Genesis X Concept is the brand’s fifth concept car, following the New York, GV80, Essentia, and Mint concepts, and epitomizes its new take on sustainable luxury car design.

In particular, the new concept car is a high-performance GT that maximizes use of the Two Lines design element that Genesis is known for.

The Two Lines theme, which is applied throughout the interior and exterior, including electric charging devices, embodies the design language of future Genesis EV models.

The name ‘Genesis X’ is a combination of Genesis and the letter X, which symbolizes a “hidden hero.”

"The Genesis X Concept can be described as the ultimate vision of Athletic Elegance, the inherent design language of Genesis," said SangYup Lee, Head of Genesis’ Global Design. "The signature Two Lines theme and sustainable luxury will be blueprints for the futuristic designs and state-of-the-art technologies that Genesis seeks to adopt in its future models."

The front of the Genesis X features a low, yet broad silhouette thanks to the combination of the shield-shaped Crest Grille, which represents the brand’s inherent dignity and pride, and the two-lined headlamps, which cut through the wheel arch. The double-layered bumpers also create a strong impression.

In particular, the two-lined Quad Lamps symbolize Genesis’ unparalleled technology and design.

Moreover, a three-dimensional G-Matrix pattern was applied to the sharp and intricate metal structure of the Crest Grille, the symbol of Genesis, to accentuate the imagery of a futuristic electric car. The internal pattern of the grille has been painted in the same color as the exterior in order to create a sense of unity.

Furthermore, the Genesis X presents a simple, yet sophisticated image by integrating the hood and the fender to create a single panel-based Clamshell hood, resulting in one clean, sensual and uninterrupted surface.

The bottom front air vent intake features a thin and sophisticated mesh form that not only creates a sturdy impression, but also helps cool down the vehicle, facilitates airflow, reduces air resistance, and helps extend mileage.

The side follows the traditional GT model design with a long hood and a short rear, and the two-lined lamps leading to the headlamps and taillights are impressive. In addition, the arching Parabolic Line that runs along the side, and the fender’s maximized volume, create a dynamic and elegant impression.

The Two Lines’ design in the Digital Side Mirrors and the side window molding accentuate the sophisticated aspects of Genesis design.

Furthermore, while the slick, slide-to-open charging door, which features no parting lines, creates a progressive and high-tech image, the Two Lines design element is emphasized through the two-lined lights around the charging port.

Genesis maximized the concept car’s sporty sensibility by incorporating two-layered, turbine-type alloy wheels with five spokes. The brake calipers’ lime accenting hints at the high-performance character of the Genesis X Concept.

The rear design, incorporating the shape of a horseshoe, exudes a simple and sleek image, while the voluminous fender creates a sophisticated, yet strong impression.

In addition, the taillights, which feature a two-lined design like the headlamps, evoke a sense of unity with the front, and create a sophisticated and sensual image with diffusers that accentuate the Two Lines aesthetic.

The Genesis X Concept’s Lençóis Blue color was developed to express the level of sustainable luxury that Genesis pursues. It is inspired by the lagoons of Maranhenses National Park in Brazil, where a lake forms only during the rainy season.

Inspired by the Beauty of White Space, the Genesis X Concept’s interior features a driver-oriented design with a cockpit that surrounds the driver with all operating systems and displays.

Differentiation of space by coloring the driver’s seat scotch brown and the passenger seat an ocean wave green blue helps emphasize the concept car’s unique design.

The Genesis X Concept also features a dashboard that creates the sense that it is enveloping passengers and is connected to a floating center console.

Furthermore, the application of the Two Lines design element to the slim and indirect air vents that surround passengers, as well as the side window molding, emphasizes the model’s Two Lines concept while providing a sense of unity with the exterior design.

In addition, the Free-Form display, which manages various functions such as clusters, navigation and HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems, and the Crystal Sphere Electronic Shift Lever, which integrates driving mode settings, add a high-tech atmosphere to the interior.

The Genesis X Concept features bucket seats and four-point seat belts, which are optimized for driving, and its exposed metal seat frames create an athletic impression.

The Genesis X Concept’s interior materials showcase the type of sustainable luxury that the Genesis brand pursues.

The use of upcycled materials adds unique character to the Genesis X’s interior. A weave-patterned fabric made out of leftover pieces of leather from previous manufacturing processes was used for the safety belts, parts of the steering wheel, and the airbag cover, highlighting the concept car’s eco-friendliness.

To debut the Genesis X Concept to consumers around the globe, the brand opened its digital motor show website ( with the unveiling of the concept car, offering visitors various interactive experiences and 360-degree views of its interior and exterior.

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