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2022 2022 Genesis G90

Genesis keeps up the pressure and their G90 aims to give its German rivals more than a run for their money

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Genesis may have only been around for only five years, but it has already proved it can give “the old dogs” a run for their money. Not only are they not stopping but they are, once again, taunting the German trio in a very bold move. The Korean luxury brand was caught doing cold-weather testing in Sweden with a new Genesis G90 executive sedan. Mercedes recently brought out the new S-Class, while Audi is preparing an updated A8. We also know that BMW is about to give us a new 7-Series very soon, so it will be interesting to see how the all-new Genesis G90 will fare.


2022 2022 Genesis G90 Exterior Spyshots
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Even back when the Genesis G90 was heavily camouflaged, we could tell it was going to utilize the brand’s signature “Athletic Elegance” design. The 2022 G90 will feature the split headlight design, as opposed to the current G90, which only mimicked it, by having a LED turn signal stripe separating the DRLs from the LED headlights. We now see most of the diamond-shaped grille, which is expected to remain very similar to the current G90. In addition, we can spot bigger side vents, which together with the grill seem to converge on a single point in the lower front fascia.

On the side, we see similar proportions to the current G90. The most notable difference is the rear quarter window which is curved upwards, disrupting the straight line we see on the current generation of the luxury sedan. The split turn signal design is also present here and continues the lines of the split headlights. We also see a new wheel design, which is expected to be available for the production version.

2022 2022 Genesis G90 Exterior Spyshots
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One design element that might not be shared with other Genesis products is the taillight design. Earlier, when the car was heavily camouflaged, we couldn’t tell whether the two-piece taillights will finally make it on the G90. It appears they might not, even though we see only a part of them. As before, the exhaust tips mimic the shape of the car’s front grill.


2021 Genesis GV80 Interior
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It is believed that the interior of the upcoming Genesis G90 will be quite similar to that of the GV80. However, there is a single low-resolution spy shot, circulating the internet, which suggests the dashboard may have a similar design to the current G90.

Thanks to the latest spy footage, we found both assumptions to be inaccurate. From what we can see, the interior of the upcoming Genesis G90 will feature distinctive design elements. While the digital gauge cluster will be similar to what we have seen on other Genesis models, the infotainment screen will be separated from it and partially enframed by leather trim. The center console will not be slanted as in some of the other models and will feature a more conventional design, featuring brushed-aluminum physical buttons, for quick access to the more essential functions.

In any case, we are expecting to see even higher levels of luxury, as well as new interior color schemes. The current G90 already offered plenty of features, including comprehensive front and rear seat controls, as well as, in true Genesis fashion, generous standard equipment.

Drivetrain & Performance

2022 2022 Genesis G90 Exterior Spyshots
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From the start, Genesis cars boasted capable engines with four, six, and eight cylinders. The latter, which was a 5.0-liter normally-aspirated GDI V-8 engine, was reserved for the higher spectrum of cars. More specifically, the Genesis G90. However, we do know that the company is axing the V-8. This means that the new G90 will probably have the newly-developed 3.5-liter twin-turbo GDI V-6 unit, which made its debut in the GV70 and GV80 models.

While the current version produces 380 horsepower (283 kW) at 5,800 RPM and 391 pound-feet (530 Nm) at 1,300 – 4,500 RPM, the G90 is said to arrive with a revised version, producing at least 420 horsepower (313 kW) and 412 pound-feet (559 Nm). Being an executive saloon, the smaller inline-four units are out of the question. Although it’s not certain yet, it’s more likely that the G90 will have two versions of the 3.5-liter V-6 – the one we’ve already seen in the SUV models and the aforementioned revised version.

2022 2022 Genesis G90 Exterior Spyshots
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For now, there’s no talk of a hybrid powertrain, although one may be introduced later down the line. The G90 is expected to make use of the brand’s new rear-wheel-drive platform, which includes a wet-clutch eight-speed DCT.

A diesel version is not out of the question either, especially in Europe. Genesis already has a 3.0-liter inline-six turbo-diesel producing 278 horsepower (207 kW) and 434 pound-feet (588 Nm), which is the brand’s own newly-developed engine. The diesel power plant made its debut in the Genesis GV80 SUV.


2022 2022 Genesis G90 Exterior Spyshots
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We can expect the Genesis G90 to be a great value for money. The current G90 starts at $72,950. For comparison, the W223 Mercedes S-class starts at $109,800. With this in mind, we can expect the next G90 to still have a starting price of well under the $80,000 mark.


2022 2022 Genesis G90 Exterior Spyshots
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The fact that Genesis is already bringing another executive sedan, despite the fact that the company was founded just five years ago, is a sign that they are still on the offensive and they are not planning to stop anytime soon. At the same time, the brand managed to quickly establish itself as a no-nonsense luxury brand, reserving the performance aspect for its more compact models. The 2022 Genesis G90 seems to be encapsulating all the brand stands for – uncompromising luxury at a relatively affordable price. It’s safe to say, the G90 is the ultimate expression of luxury without a luxury price tag. At least not as much as the German equivalents. How’s that for a Blitzkrieg?

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