A few years ago, Identity first surfaced as an automaker when they introduced the I1 Concept at the 2007 Geneva Motor Show. We didn’t hear a whole lot from these guys until this year, when they showed us their second supercar concept, the Y2.

Just like the I1, the Y2 is a car that’s built on inspiration; in this case, one of the most feared predators in the world, the great white shark. Using the model of the nautical beast, Identity designed the Y2 to look every bit like the automotive predator it’s being hyped up to be.

The whole car isn’t complete and it might even take a while for Identity to have a finished product, but the initial returns point to a car that carries some pretty high-end materials, including carbon fiber, aluminum, and kevlar. In addition to that, Identity is indicating that the Y2 will carry an impressive V12 powertrain that can produce upwards of 500 horsepower.

The numbers all sound good on paper, but they don’t mean a whole lot if we don’t hear about the Y2 in the foreseeable future. Let’s hope that’s not the case and we see this impressive-looking supercar out on the road in the not-so-distant future.

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  • 2011 Identity Y2
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Engine:
    V12 engine
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
    500 horsepower
  • Torque @ RPM:
    369 lb/ft of torque
  • Top Speed:
    187 mph
  • car segment:

Exterior and Interior

2011 Identity Y2 Exterior
- image 413429

The Identity Y2 takes inspiration from sharks with the pair of bi-xenon headlights being designed to characterize the creature’s menacing eyes. Adding to the look of a predator, the front grille of the Y2 is likewise as imposing, as are the side air intakes, which according to Identity, were based on a great white shark.

As a niche supercar model, the Y2’s body makes use of some pretty high-end materials, including aluminum, carbon fiber, and kevlar to go with a hybrid space frame chassis that uses aeronautical technology to achieve the needed combination of a strong, lightweight, and dynamic body, complimenting the supercar’s aggressive details.

In terms of measurements, the Identity Y2 is 4.9 meters long, 1.95 meters wide, and 1.3 meters high with a 2.96-meter wheelbase.


2011 Identity Y2 Exterior
- image 413431

According to Identity, the Y2 is powered by a V12 engine with more than five liters of capacity mated to an automatic sequential gearbox. This combination is said to produce an output of over 500 horsepower and 369 lb/ft of torque. These numbers equate to a 0-62 mph time of less than five seconds with a top speed of 187 mph.


2011 Identity Y2 Exterior
- image 413427

The car is still far from being a finished product so pricing it is still a little bit tricky. It’s probably best to not give an estimate on how much its going to cost because the range of prices is far too wide to pinpoint an actual figure. Rest assured, as soon as the car becomes available, we’ll let you know how much damage it’s going to cause.


2011 Identity Y2 Exterior
- image 413428

Niche supercar brands like Identity don’t have the resources of most of their contemporaries so it’s pretty understandable that they put all their eggs in one basket with their products.

Having said that, if and when the Identity Y2 ends up in production, its initial specs would put it in the class of the Aston Martin DB9. The DB9 would make for a pretty good comp since it carries a 6.0-liter V12 engine that produces 470 horsepower and 442 lb/ft of torque, a 0-60 mph time of 4.6 seconds, and a top speed of 190 mph.

Clearly, this is a case of the upstart brand trying to make a name for itself against one of the most established names on the market. The former, with its really limited resources, will have its work cut out for them to even get mentioned in the same breath as an Aston Martin. But if they play their cards right - and get lucky - then they just might end up being that predator that invariably hunts down its prey.

2011 Identity Y2 Exterior
- image 413430

Video Compilation

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  (594) posted on 02.28.2012

Why should an unfinished product be in the market already? The exterior looks fierce and the interior spacing seems wide. We know it’s its design, somehow it just looks deformed.

  (333) posted on 01.13.2012

Wow! I like the interior design of the car. The shark look seems very aggressive. I’m pretty sure that the interior will be a spacious one. I wonder what will be the outcome if they could finish the car.

  (830) posted on 10.19.2011

It is definitely looked like a limousine because on its platform, sleek body paint,and I must say that I’m so impressed on its powerful engine. Furthermore, I would really hope that they would put this one on production.

  (458) posted on 10.10.2011

It is not easy to look what to buy and what concept you are going to have. Thanks to topspeed I have more option and concept and information that help me do deal such these one.

  (399) posted on 09.16.2011

The engine is really powerful, but it seems too long, even its front seems very long on it but I noticed that it looks like a limousine.

  (342) posted on 09.14.2011

Not bad at all for the Y2 500 horsepower, excellent performance and a solid design pretending to revolutionize the international market of luxury coupes.

  (630) posted on 09.9.2011

Well, I think the speed performance is not that awesome. However, it seems powerful in terms of 0-60 mph. And I like the sharp details of its exterior.

  (599) posted on 09.9.2011

The platform of the vehicle looks so aggressive though it has a few details on its exterior. BTW, the speed performance of the car is not that powerful. The v12 engine here is just a waste. 

  (384) posted on 08.24.2011

Wow! I like the interior design of the car. The shark look seems very aggressive. Since the car is a long one, I’m pretty sure that the interior will be a spacious one. I wonder what will be the outcome if they could finish the car.

  (397) posted on 08.24.2011

I find the exterior kind of plain, I think the Identity needs to work out on that one. The figure performance of the car is kind of impressive.

  (383) posted on 08.24.2011

I have notice nowadays that there are lots of tuning company that manufactured their own vehicle. For this concept I would say that I don’t like the styling of the vehicle though the power output is kind of impressive.

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