In a world of sport compacts dominated by japanese cars (WRX, Lancer Evolutions, S2000s, 350Zs, etc) there is a great deal of rivalry with tuners building the same cars. APR decided to take a small turn to the more luxurious, less used, sports cars and decided to build an Infinity G35 for it’s fifth complete transformation from stock to fully built. Other cars preceding the G35 would be a Toyota Celica, Toyota MR-S, Lancer Evolution 8 and a Subaru WRX STi.


2007 APR Infiniti G35
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Rolling shot

APR began with the widebody kit, which was molded and sculpted by KC Chow, who had the product ready for debut at SEMA 2006. His goal was to keep the looks of the car subtle and try to resemble the stock look as much as possible, while still being able to widen the body enough to hold tires as big as 325mm in width in the rear. APR also designed their own carbon fiber front wind splitter for the front bumper that were to be both shorter and wider than stock to fit properly with APR’s fenders, which were now 45mm wider than the factory front fenders. The rear fenders, now 50mm wider, were molded to the body and the entire car was painted inside and out. To finish off the look of the car, they opted for a Seibon carbon-fiber good, Carbign Craft convex side mirrors and GTC-300 rear wing. APR mentions that the car was barely finished in time to attend SEMA. The car was painted by TPR Autobody who used a gold base coat with a candy Blood Red paint from ALSA Corp. The whole car had to be repainted once more because they found a section where a run developed. They explained that the paint had to match the rest of the flawless G35.

2007 APR Infiniti G35
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Widebody Front


To pull off a widebody kit perfectly, you require wider wheels and meatier tires, which APR already took care of. But to have wider tires, you have to make sure that you have a need for those wider tires. APR decided that the power department was seriously lacking on the G35, who was already 20hp short of the 350Z which holds 300hp on factory tune. With the help of SP Engineering, the 3.5L V6 has been upgraded with a variation of GReddy’s twin turbo kit. They used GReddy’s exhaust manifolds, external wastegates and the TD05-18G turbochargers. SP Engineering took care of the rest by fabricating the downpipe which connects to an HKS Hi-Power dual exhaust in the back. Eliminating the factory crossover by merging the exhausts together. Each exhaust plays the note of three cylinders, giving it a more unique roar to it. On the cold side, the intercooler is GReddy’s own, with SP Engineering’s custom intercooler piping including an HKS blow-off-valve. All the added boost has been compensated with a Walbro fuel punk and 440cc/min fuel injectors, along with a HKS Twin Power DLI II ignition amplifier for a more efficient spark. Everything is controlled by an HKS F-Con V Pro standalone and the car was tuned by SP Engineering to put down 400whp and 364ft/lb of torque at only 8lbs of boost. Pretty amazing numbers.

2007 APR Infiniti G35
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Engine bay

Drivetrain and suspension

2007 APR Infiniti G35
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Wheel fitment

To properly put down all of this power, more work had to be done to other parts of the car. Starting with the transmission, the factory clutch and flywheel were replaced by ACT units. The six-speed transmission received a B&M short shifter. The brakes also had to be upgraded in order to stop all of this engine power. The stock Brembo brakes were retained but the rotors were changed for two-piece Project Mu rotors in the front and one-piece equivalents in the back. APR mentions that they could possibly upgrade to a big brake kit at some point in the future. The current brakes are harnessed inside a set of custon 20" Maya MRS wheels with a black face and a red lip. The widebody permits these wheels to be wrapped with Pirelli PZero Nero 285/25/20 tires up front and 325/25/20 tires in the back. The wheels in the back carry 5" of lip, but a possible upgrade is in the works for a lower offset pair of rear wheels with even more lip. Unlike it’s APR predecessors, this G35 was built as a mean street car as opposed to a full race car. Hence why the suspension carries a set of TEIN Comfort Sport coilovers with a set of Hotchkis swaybars. KC Chow, reponsible for the build of the car, mentioned that the ride comfort suits the goal of the car perfectly.


The interior was kept simple with the addition of front reclineable Recaro Speed seats, Razo trim such as pedals and shift knob, as well as a Nardi steering wheel mounted on a Works Bell quick release hub. There is also the addition of the TEIN EDFC and HKS EVC boost controller units to the dashboard. The stock dash trim has been replaced with a fiberglass mounting pod for a set of Autometer Nexus gauges (oil temp/pressure and boost). To boost up the stock stereo system, APR referred to Pioneer Electronics who provided their top of the line AVH-P6800DVD double-DIN head unit with a six-disc in dash DVD changer, 7-inch touch screen and XM/MP3/iPod control. Their 6.75 inch component speakers put out 260 watts of power with a 12-inch subwoofer blasting through a two-channel amplifier.


This G35 is by no means a race car, which is what APR is notorious for. However, no car at any traffic light will be able to match the class, power, or sound of this G35. Even the sports cars with their six-digit price tags will be forced to look and think twice before even trying to compare to APRs finest build yet.

2007 APR Infiniti G35
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Widebody Rear

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well they just turn the Luxury car into a luxury sports car.

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