In 2003, the ever popular Nissan Skyline made its way to the United States badged as the Infinity G35. For 2006, Team Falken took into their own hands to make a Cinderella story out of this car: from a luxurious sports car to a beastly gorgious track monster.

  • 2007 Infiniti G35 by Team Falken
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To build this car, Falken had to join forces with two other big companies in the market: GReddy and RS*R. Since the G35 is sold in Japan as the Skyline, GReddy already had an inventory of aftermarket parts to provide for the G35. For any needed parts that GReddy could not provide, Falken turned to RS*R to fabricate parts, anything from a small bracket to key suspension components.

This car was basically stripped down completely to the ground, leaving nothing more than a bare chassis in efforts to lower the weight of the car. Any luxury item was quickly discarded as the production of this new race car could not have any weight to spare. The 3.5l V6 motor was completely disassembled to build it with internal components capable of handling the twin turbo kit that was provided by GReddy, which bumps the power up to 550whp.

However, all of this work did not come without the use of some mild fabrication. In an effort to best utilize the little space left in the engine bay, the RS*R V-mounted the intercooler, tilting the top of the radiator backwards so the intercooler can lay horizontally. This was done to reduce the need for long intercooler piping with many bends, thus providing better turbo response for the car. The radiator was upgraded to a Koyo aluminum radiator, which provides superior cooling under stress.

2007 Infiniti G35 by Team Falken
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Engine bay.


The suspension was overhauled to help Calvin set up the car to his preferences. This G35 sports Tein Flex coilovers, an ARC front strut brace, an SPC rear toe link, a Battle Version camber link, and Peak Performance steering tie rods (with spacers). These modifications were provided for improved handling in drifting conditions. In drifting, a very important factor that does not apply in other motorsports is the steering angle. In a drift, one of the goals is to maximize the amount of angle as much as you can.

2007 Infiniti G35 by Team Falken
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Ready for battle.


For grip, Calvin uses Falken’s top of the line Azenis RT-615 tire. These tires are wrapped around a set of white 18x9.5/18x10.5 Volk Racing CE28N wheels, some of the toughest wheels in the business. Their alloy composition provide all the toughness and stress of carrying all of the cornering weight at high speeds while still being able to weigh less than almost any other wheel in the market. Inside the front wheels you can see a Project Mu six-piston racing caliper kit, while the back brakes were kept with the factory Brembo calipers. But the car carries Project rotors, Titan Kai brake pads, and stainless lines all around.

Added together with a custom bodykit, a paintjob to reflect Falken’s green/blue theme, and a variety of stylish vynil work, the finished product looks nothing short than amazing. Watch this Skyline derived G35 make a name for itself in the 2007 D1 and Formula D drifting season.

2007 Infiniti G35 by Team Falken
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Qualifying run.
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  (503) posted on 04.30.2012

I do not like the style of this car. The color doesn’t seem to fit its exterior design. Well, I guess this car has a special feature anyway, and I also think that it is good for drifting.

  (858) posted on 03.10.2010

I really didn’t know that the g35 is suitable for drifting, well i guess it also depends on the Tune and set up of the car.

  (6) posted on 11.13.2007

The G35 is a drift car dident know that man is it sweet once you put the performance parts on it and a sweet paint job i thought it was a grandma car

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