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At 2008 Geneva Motor Show, Infiniti will unveil completely redesigned FX. The FX will compete with Volkswagen Touareg, Porsche Cayenne and Lexus RX.

The 2009 FX will be available in two different choices: the FX37 and the FX50. As you suspect already one will be powered by a 3.7 liter and the other by a 5.0 liter engine.

The FX37 wil be powered by the same 3.7 liter VQ-series V6 engine engine used in the G37 Coupe and will deliver 300 hp. The FX50 will be powered by a 5.0 liter engine with an output of 390 hp and 369 lbs-ft.

2009 Infiniti FX37 and FX50
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2009 Infiniti FX

The new VQ37VHR, first used in the G37 Coupe is based on the award-winning VQ engine series, named one of the "Ten Best Engines" by Ward’s Auto World magazine for 13 consecutive years. next to a bigger output, the FX37 will also use the new VVEL system which combines hydraulic-controlled variable valve timing and electronically controlled variable valve lift on the intake side to help improve performance and response. The VVEL system is also expected to improve emissions and fuel efficiency.

The 2009 FX will have the same dimensions as the current FX. Infiniti will use materials that will reduce weight, this is why the up-coming FX will be faster compared to the current model.

The biggest changes will be made to the front of the car. The exterior will be more sporty and modern.

The exterior highlights will include flowing front fender curves, expressive front fascia with Infiniti’s signature double-arch grille and L-shaped High-Intensity Discharge (HID) bi-xenon headlights with integrated fog lamps. Also the rear will feature large LED taillights – an Infiniti trademark, refined rear bumper and an integrated RearView Monitor camera. The camera will help you to have a 360 degree view of what was around you.

2009 Infiniti FX37 and FX50
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2009 Infiniti FX

Two of the most modern features included in the upcoming FX are: Slow moving traffic cruise control, meaning that the car will slow down and speed up based on the car in front of you and mirrors that will auto adjust when you move in the seat.



Infiniti launched the mid-size luxury crossover SUV FX for the first time in 2003. The FX replaced the QX4 and is built on the same platform as the Nissan 350Z.

Infiniti’s breakthrough FX Crossover SUV offers a unique combination of aggressive styling, outstanding performance and luxury car comfort. The FX was conceived on the theme of a "Bionic Cheetah," utilizing advanced technology to create one of the best performing premium crossover SUVs ever imagined.

2009 Infiniti FX37 and FX50
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2004 Infiniti FX

The FX is available in two different versions: the FX35 and the FX45, where the 35 and the 45 nameplates refer to the two different engines. The FX35 available in two trims, the 2WD and the AWD both are fitted to a dual overhead cam 3.5-liter 24-valve V6 VQ35DE gasoline engine, with aluminum-alloy block and heads and low-friction molybdenum-coated pistons that takes use of the Continuous variable valve timing which in part optimizes the opening of intake valves.

The all-wheel drive FX45 offers a standard 315-horsepower 4.5-liter DOHC V8 (based on the Infiniti Q45 powerplant) and features standard 20-inch wheels and tires, leather-appointed seats and a sport-tuned 4-wheel independent suspension. The FX35 features a 280-horsepower 3.5-liter V6 and is available in all-wheel or rear-wheel drive models. The FX35 V6 is shared with the award-winning Infiniti G35 Sport Coupe and Sport Sedan. All FX models utilize a modified version of the advanced FM (Front Mid-ship) platform enhanced for SUV duties. A leader in safety, the FX35 received the top crash test rating in both the frontal and side-impact crash tests from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

2009 Infiniti FX37 and FX50
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2005 Infiniti FX

2005 marks the first ever availability of Lane Departure Warning system (LDW). LDW works to help alert the driver to an unintended movement of the vehicle out of a designated traffic lane with speeds above 45 mph. The new system, which utilizes a small camera, speed sensor, an indicator and an audible warning buzzer, is offered on 2005 FX models – the first automotive application of LDW in North America.

The Infiniti FX, Infiniti’s dramatic premium crossover SUV, enters the 2006 year with an exterior facelift with new grille, bumper, wheel design and three new exterior colors. In addition, all 2006 FX models add numerous standard features, including a 300-watt Bose? audio system, RearView Monitor, 7-inch color display Advanced Air Bag System (AABS) and more. The 2006 FX35 adds leather seating surfaces with heated front seats, 10-way power driver’s seat with power lumbar support and 8-way power passenger’s seat. Additional features include driver’s seat memory and power tilt/telescope steering wheel. And the FX45 adds the Premium Package contents as standard features for 2006.

2009 Infiniti FX37 and FX50
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2006 Infiniti FX

The 2007 all-wheel drive FX45 features a standard 320-horsepower 4.5-liter DOHC V8 (shared with the award-winning Infiniti M sedan) and includes 20-inch wheels and tires, leather-appointed seats and a sport-tuned 4-wheel independent suspension.

The 2007 FX35 features a 275-horsepower 3.5-liter V6 and is available in all-wheel or rear-wheel drive. All Infiniti FX models utilize a modified version of the advanced FM (Front Mid-ship) platform, enhanced for SUV duties.




2008 Volkswagen Touareg 2

Starting with its worldwide introduction in 2003, the Touareg quickly became an award winning vehicle with honors ranging from “4X4 of the Year” to “Best SUV.” The Touareg garnered more than three dozen prestigious international awards and recorded more than 300,000 worldwide sales in less than four years.

A completely redesigned front end demonstrates the extent of the changes on Touareg 2. The new Touareg 2 now is instantly recognizable as a member of the Volkswagen family, with its new stylized front grille — chrome on V6 FSI and matte chrome on V8 FSI and V10 TDI — with chrome eyebrows standard on all models. A redesigned front bumper, new side mirrors with improved airflow, and sleek, new organically shaped headlamp housings with polycarbonate lens covers further distinguish the Touareg 2 from its predecessor.

2009 Infiniti FX37 and FX50
- image 188523
Volkswagen Touareg

The changes continue to the rear of the vehicle, where a new roof edge spoiler sharpens the look, improves aerodynamics, and aids fuel efficiency. The brake light housings have an improved LED lighting visual effect and feature a sporty new dark “glazing” treatment. Below the rear bumper, but not forgotten, the exhaust system tailpipes also have been massaged for a fresh new look.

Completing the new look is an upgraded color palate designed to work exceptionally well with the revised styling and accents of the Touareg 2. Alaska Gray, Cranberry, Galapagos and White Gold will provide an excellent backdrop for the all new alloy wheel program. A newly designed 17” alloy wheel is standard on the V6 FSI, and the V8 FSI and V10 TDI twin turbo now feature a standard 19” alloy wheel.

Porsche Cayenne

With a striking new face that features a dramatic new headlight design and with a wide and muscular body accented by broad wheel arches, the 2008 Porsche Cayenne’s newly sculpted shape provides vivid visual testimony to the vehicle’s enhanced technical features. The 2008 model year marks the launch of the second generation of the Porsche SUV, and the new Cayennes back up their aggressive new design with larger and more powerful – but also more fuelefficient – engines.

The new Cayenne not only looks more powerful, it is, with engines offering as much as 500 horsepower and new dynamic technologies that allow the Porsche of SUVs to perform more like a more nimble vehicle, yet still be capable of towing a trailer or challenging unpaved terrain and inclement weather.Indeed, all three 2008 Porsche Cayenne models feature engines that for the first time boast direct fuel injection, a technology that enhances fuel efficiency as well as power production.

2009 Infiniti FX37 and FX50
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Porsche Cayenne

For the 2008 Porsche Cayenne Turbo, that means a twin-turbocharged 4.8-liter V8 that pumps out an astounding 500 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque. Flowing through a six-speed Tiptronic S transmission, that power feeds all four wheels and propels the five-passenger sports machine from a standing start to 60 miles per hour (96 km/h) in just 4.9 seconds. Top speed on the test track has been recorded at 171 mph (275 km/h). And yet, the Cayenne Turbo qualifies as an LEVII (low-emission vehicle) and in preliminary fuel economy testing the Cayenne Turbo showed the benefits of the direct fuel injection technology with an improvement up to 11 percent in highway driving. The estimated EPA fuel economy values are 13 mpg for city driving and 20 mpg on the highway.

For the 2008 Porsche Cayenne S, the engine is a normally aspirated version of the 4.8-liter V8 that generates 385 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque. Equipped with the standard six-speed Tiptronic® S transmission, the Cayenne S can accelerate to 60 mph in 6.4 seconds and has reached 155 mph (250 km/h) in testing. The Cayenne S V8 even meets ULEV (ultra low-emission vehicle) status and according to preliminary testing data the estimated EPA fuel economy values for the new Cayenne S are 14 mpg in the city and 21 on the highway. That is an improvement of 3 mpg or around 15 percent for highway fuel economy.The 2008 Porsche Cayenne is powered by a 3.6-liter V6 that pumps out 290 horsepower and 283 lb-ft of torque. With the manual gearbox, the Cayenne reaches 60 mph in 7.5 seconds and has reached 141 mph (227 km/h) in testing. The new Cayenne gains LEV2 emission status and preliminary fuel economy testing showed estimated EPA fuel economy figures of 18 mpg in the city and 22 on the highway. That is a fuel economy improvement of 3 mpg for city driving.

Lexus RX

The new RX 350, available as both front-wheel (FWD) and all-wheel drive (AWD) models, adopts a powerful 3.5-liter V6 engine that improves both performance and fuel efficiency. The 2007 models also receive advanced luxury and convenience options and additional refinements for enhanced drivability.

The 2007 version, the RX 350, still resembles last year’s model, but there have been a few changes made to the vehicle for this year. The most obvious, is the new 3.5 Litre DOHC V6 engine which is much more powerful than the previous engine. This new addition produces 270 hp at 6200 rpm. All this power is then fed through a 5 speed automatic transmission with an integrated transfer case, and a viscous coupling-controlled, limited slip differential. All of this makes this full-time 4WD SUV quite the performer.

2009 Infiniti FX37 and FX50
- image 188524
Lexus RX

The RX 350 also boasts a Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) system which includes Traction control (TRAC). Basically, this system uses sensors to detect oversteer and understeer whilst cornering, and then uses a combination of the throttle and brakes to maintain stability. Speaking of brakes, the RX 350 comes with four wheel disc brakes, ABS, EBD and Brake Assist, so stopping the vehicle is relatively easy.All this tech stuff is great and worked very well whilst I was driving it, and as we all know, the words Lexus and Reliability tend to go hand in hand, so I imagine that it will keep on working fine.

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