Infiniti’s M Line is in a tricky spot as the Japanese brand’s resident mid-size, performance luxury sedan.

On one hand, it has all the makings of a car that exudes style, performance, luxury, craftsmanship and technology, hallmarks of what makes for a really impressive luxury car. But on the other hand, it’s very classification as a luxury car means that it’s in the cross hairs of some of pretty stiff competition, including the BMW 5 Series and the Mercedes E-Class, two German luxury sedans that are pretty much synonymous in the market.

That’s the challenge Infiniti has with the M Line. Build it up as a unique luxury sedan with a multitude of features attached to it, all while trying to establish the car as something that can go head-to-head with the BMWs and Mercedes of the world.

It’s an unenviable task that Infiniti hopes the 2013 M Line can live up to.

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  • 2013 Infiniti M
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Model:
  • Engine:
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
  • Torque @ RPM:
  • Displacement:
    5.6 L
  • 0-60 time:
    5.8 sec. (Est.)
  • Top Speed:
    155 mph (Est.)
  • car segment:
  • body style:


2013 Infiniti M High Resolution Exterior
- image 527035

As far as overall looks are concerned, there weren’t a whole lot of changes done to the Infiniti M. It still has that unique looking long, low hood that stretches to a high rear deck. Infiniti designed this for aerodynamic purposes, although that came at a cost of looking like an oddball design. We’re not big fans of the double-arch upright low grille, but it seems that Infiniti is determined to keep the look.

What we do like about the 2013 M Line is its lighting setup, which comes with a fascinating combination of HID, bi-functional, xenon headlights encased inside crystal-like headlight clusters. Another unique feature that we can appreciate is the wave-like trunk, which you have to look real closely to notice. The design isn’t for aesthetic purposes, but intentionally done to work like its own spoiler to increase downforce on the car.

An optional Sport Package can be equipped on both the M37 and the M56, which comes with a multitude of features, including a unique front fascia, a dark-finish grille, dark headlight housings, 20-inch wheels and tires, and aerodynamic enhancers that contribute to the low coefficient of drag of just 0.27 for the M37 and M56 and 0.26 for the M Hybrid.

A choice of six colors are also offered for the 2013 M Line, including: Malbec Black, Liquid Platinum, Platinum Graphite, Storm Front Grey, Black Obsidian and Moonlight White.

Exterior Specifications

Model M37 (RWD) M37 (AWD) M56 (RWD) M56 (AWD)
Wheelbase (inches) 114.2 114.2 114.2 114.2
Overall length 194.7 194.7 194.7 194.7
Overall width 72.6 72.6 72.6 72.6
Overall height 59.1 59.6 59.1 59.6
Front track width 62.0 62.0 62.0 62.0
Rear track width 61.8 61.6 61.8 61.6
Minimum ground clearance 6.0, 5.9 Sport Pkg. 5.8 5.9, 5.9 Sport Pkg. 5.7
Coefficient of Drag (Cd) 0.27 0.27 0.27 0.27
2013 Infiniti M Emblems and Logo Exterior
- image 527033

2013 Infiniti M Line - Standard Exterior Features

  • Automatic on/off High Intensity Discharge (HID) xenon headlights with windshield wiper interlock
  • Adaptive Front lighting System (AFS) with auto-leveling headlights (Included in Package)
  • Green-tinted glass with dark-tint upper windshield band and UV cut
  • Auto-dimming power folding, heated outside mirrors with reverse tilt-down feature
  • Chrome grille with large Infiniti logo emblem
  • Power sliding tinted glass moonroof with one-touch auto-open/close, tilt feature and sliding sunshade
  • Rain-sensing variable intermittent front windshield wipers
  • Auto-trunk cincher


2013 Infiniti M Interior
- image 527022

Individualization was a focus for Infiniti in designing the interior of the M Line. Apparently, it’s goal of presenting "an elegant yet functional design that combines artistry with precision, comfort with innovation" was done to support the enhanced driving enjoyment of the car.

That’s all well and good, but the way the cabin ended up looking, we’re struggling to see how we’re all better for it just by driving the M Line.

That’s not to say that the interior is horrible; on the contrary, it does look pretty splashy for a car that’s competing against segment heavyweights, like the BMW 5 Series and the Mercedes E-Class.

The overall arrangement of the dashboard is well-balanced, with the idea of fitting every functional piece into the rather large center console. That means that the passenger-side dash is bereft of any clutter, while the driver’s side only has the multifunction steering wheel and a cleanly designed and well-lit instrument panel.

The center console, on the other hand, is where all the interior magic happens. It’s sloping design is a markedly different from other models. Nice touch that pays off as far as we’re concerned. The 7-inch color information display looks a little too dug in, making it a little harder to read what’s displayed on the screen, but that’s one of the few quirks on the M Line’s cabin that we’re going to let pass.

Meanwhile, the seats are leather-appointed, which is always a good thing, and comes with that all-too-important heated feature that’s become standard for luxury sedans these days. An entry/exit assist system for the driver’s seat and steering wheel, a sequential welcome lighting illuminated entry system and dual-zone automatic temperature, all play their roles in enhancing the level of luxury to the interior.

And the plethora of features are nothing to sneeze at, especially when you’re in the mood to completely trick out your cabin with just about every knick-knack Infiniti has to offer.

But through it all, it still falls short of the lofty description Infiniti had for it. It’s a nice setup, but it’s not going to make us love our lives better.

Interior Specifications

Front Rear
Head room 39.1 37.7
Shoulder room 58.4 56.7
Hip room 54.3 53.5
Leg room 44.0 36.2
2013 Infiniti M High Resolution Interior
- image 527026

2013 Infiniti M Line - Standard Interior Features

  • Leather-appointed seating
  • Perforated semi-aniline leather seating (Included in Package)
  • 10-way power driver’s and front passenger’s seats including 2-way power lumbar support
  • Heated front seats
  • Climate-controlled front seats (heated and cooled) (Included in Package for M37)
  • Entry/exit assist for driver’s seat and steering wheel
  • Adjustable front seat active head restraints and adjustable rear head restraints
  • Genuine leather-wrapped steering wheel and gearshift knob
  • Suede-like headliner, premium soft-touch material for armrests, door inserts, center console and kneepads; premium stitched meter hood (Included in Package)
  • Dual occupant memory system for driver’s seat, steering wheel, outside mirrors linked to individual Intelligent Keys
  • Auto-dimming inside rear view mirror
  • HomeLink Transceiver
  • Genuine Japanese Ash wood accents on doors, instrument panel and center console
  • White Ash silver-powdered wood trim (Included in Package)
  • Infiniti analog clock


2013 Infiniti M High Resolution Drivetrain
- image 527071

The Infiniti M Line comes with a choice of three powertrains: two gas-powered versions and one hybrid version. The first one is a 3.7-liter V-6 that produces 330 horsepower and 270 pound-feet of torque, good enough to hit 60 mph in around six seconds with a top speed of around 140 mph.

For the higher-trim M56, power comes from a 5.6-liter, V-8 engine that pounds out 420 horsepower and 416 pound-feet of torque - right around the level of the BMW 550i. Translated into performance figures, the M56 is capable of hitting 60 mph in the low-five-second range with a top speed of 155 mph.

The third powertrain, which is exclusive to the M35, is called the Infiniti Direct Response Hybrid, which features a 3.5-liter, V-6 engine that’s combined with a Lithium-ion battery pack, and a 50kW electric motor. This setup is connected to an electronic 7-speed automatic transmission, netting the car 360 horsepower under its hood.

Engine Specifications

Model M37 M56
Type VQ37VHR DOHC 24-valve VK56VD DOHC 32-valve
Orientation Longitudinal Longitudinal
Cylinders / configuration V6 with molybdenum coated pistons V8 with molybdenum coated pistons
Block / head composition Aluminum-alloy Aluminum-alloy
Displacement 3.7 liters 5.6 liters
Horsepower 330 hp @ 7,000 rpm 420 hp @ 6,000 rpm
Torque 270 lb-ft @ 5,200 rpm 417 lb-ft @ 4,400 rpm
Maximum engine speed 7,500 rpm 6,700 rpm
Emissions certification level TBD TBD


2013 Infiniti M High Resolution Exterior
- image 527025

Five separate prices have been identified for the Inifiniti M Line, beginning with the entry level M37 that retails for $48,000 all the way up to the top-grade M56x AWD, which can be had for a pricey $63,000.

Model M37 M37x AWD M56 M56x AWD M35h
Suggested List Price $48,000 $50,850 $61,000 $63,700 $54,750
Engine 3.7-liter V-6 3.7-liter V-6 5.6-liter V-8 5.6-liter V-8 3.5-liter V-6 Direct Response Hybrid System
Transmission 7-spd auto w/ manual shift mode 7-spd auto w/ manual shift mode 7-spd auto w/ manual shift mode 7-spd auto w/ manual shift mode 7-spd auto w/ manual shift mode


2014 BMW 5 Series

2014 BMW 5-Series High Resolution Exterior
- image 506857

The 2014 5 Series recently made its debut and to no one’s surprise, it didn’t offer any major updates apart from a more powerful V-8 engine and the introduction of a new member to the line: the 518d.

Powertrain options remain the same, although the addition of a new V-8 for the top-level 550i gives BMW a new ride that produces a pretty stout output of 450 horsepower.

Pricing is right around that of the Infiniti M Line but the German brand has a higher starting point at $50,425 for the 528i Sedan all the way up to $67,125 for the 550i XDrive Sedan.

2014 Mercedes E-Class

2014 Mercedes E-Class High Resolution Exterior Wallpaper quality
- image 486117

Mercedes was the first German maker to offer a small revision for its luxury sedan. The E-Class was updated with new headlamps and revised aprons, and for the interior with more premium materials, precise lines and clearly defined surfaces.

Under the hood the E-Class keeps the usual lineup that includes the E350 with its 302-horsepower, V-6 engine or the E500 with its 402-horsepower, V-8 engine and a new E250 BlueTEC powered by a four-cylinder diesel engine with 190 horsepower.

Like the 5 Series, the E-Class’ is priced a little too high relative to the M37 and M56, giving the Infiniti luxury sedan a unique leg-up on pricing.


2013 Infiniti M High Resolution Exterior
- image 527027

Overall, the Infiniti M Line offers a nice and affordable luxury sedan offering. If you’re on a tight budget for a car of this status, the M37 and the M56 can give you all that you’ll need in a luxury car. There are features aplenty, too, something that its German counterparts don’t have as much in spades.

But if you’ve got the budget to splurge, it’s not necessarily a bad idea to hop straight into a BMW 5 Series or a Mercedes E-Class because of the cache that comes with owning any of the two brands.

  • Leave it
    • Exterior look still needs some work
    • If you have money to spend, just go straight to a 5 Series or an E-Class

Press Release

Now in its third year of the current generation design, the 2013 Infiniti M once again sets the bar high for mid-size performance luxury sedans. As Infiniti’s halo sedan, the Infiniti M embraces the essence of all things Infiniti – style, performance, luxury, craftsmanship and technology.

2013 Infiniti M High Resolution Exterior
- image 527046

Designed to deliver a performance luxury experience crafted to a higher standard, it is offered in five inspired models: M37, M37 AWD, M56, M56 AWD and the Infiniti M Hybrid (designated M35h). As Infiniti’s first-ever hybrid, the 2013 Infiniti Hybrid delivers fuel efficiency of 27 mpg City, 32 mpg Highway, with combined fuel economy rated at 29 mpg. (For full details on the 2013 Infiniti Hybrid, please visit the M Hybrid section at

Enhancements to the Infiniti M for the new model year include the addition of standard auto-dimming sideview mirrors and an auto-trunk cincher, a new Performance Tire & Wheel Package with 20-inch wheels and tires and Sport Brakes, additional content to various packages, and the availability of the popular Sport Packages with all-wheel drive models (previously offered only with rear-wheel drive). The Premium Package adds the Infiniti Connection™ telematics with available safety, security and convenience services.

A Showcase of Advanced Technologies

The 2013 Infiniti M is offered in both M37 and M56 model designations. The M37 features a refined 330-horsepower 3.7-liter V6 engine, while the M56 utilizes a 420-horsepower 5.6-liter V8. Both engines feature Infiniti’s advanced VVEL (Variable Valve Event & Lift) system and the M56 engine also utilizes Direct Injection Gasoline (DIG) technology. All models are equipped with a standard 7-speed automatic transmission and are available in both rear-wheel drive and with Infiniti’s Intelligent All-Wheel Drive system.

The Sport Package, offered on both rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive models for the first time, offers sport-tuned suspension, Sport Brakes and 20-inch wheels and tires, and 4-wheel Active Steer (4WAS) on RWD models.

The 2013 Infiniti M also continues as a showcase for Infiniti’s advanced, user-focused technologies, including:

  • Infiniti Drive Mode Selector, a four-mode driver-selectable control of throttle and transmission mapping that helps optimize vehicle performance
  • Active Noise Control, which reduces undesirable engine harmonics, providing a quieter cabin
  • Blind Spot Warning (BSW), which helps alert the driver if another vehicle is detected in the blind spot area
  • Blind Spot Intervention® (BSI), a world’s first system that, provides selective braking if the vehicle approaches an adjacent lane while another vehicle is detected in the blind spot area to help the driver return the vehicle back toward the center of the lane of travel
  • Forest Air® system, which helps reduce the intrusion of unpleasant odors into the cabin and provides a more natural breeze-like airflow
  • Eco Pedal, which provides driver feedback to encourage eco-driving behavior
  • Active Trace Control, which adjusts engine torque and braking at each of the four wheels to help enhance cornering performance
  • Double-piston Shock Absorbers that control damping force according to frequency of input from the road surface
  • Enhanced Intelligent Key that remembers last used audio, navigation and climate control settings for each key (in addition to linking to seat, steering wheel and side view mirror positions through the dual occupant memory system)

Also offered are an advanced Infiniti Hard Drive Navigation System, Bose® Studio Surround® premium audio system, Intelligent Cruise Control (Full-Speed Range), Lane Departure Warning (LDW) and Lane Departure Prevention (LDP) systems, Distance Control Assist (DCA), Intelligent Brake Assist (IBA) with Forward Collision Warning (FCW) and Front Pre-Crash Seat Belts.

Expressive Styling, Meticulous Hospitality

2013 Infiniti M Interior
- image 527045

The Infiniti M’s multi-layered exterior combines balanced, rear-wheel drive proportions and stance with a long, low hood and high rear deck to create an efficient aerodynamic shape – while also providing a roomy cabin. The M Sedan’s sporty appearance is highlighted by the deep body shape of the fenders and doors, which give it a powerful look unlike anything on the road. The wave-style doors are constructed from aluminum for lighter weight, despite the material’s difficult formability. The stamping dies for each door are hand polished to maintain their precision and every door undergoes an exacting human inspection, providing a handcrafted level of quality.

The Infiniti M exterior optimizes both luxury and sport styling cues – with an expressive, signature Infiniti double-arch upright low grille and crystal-look headlight clusters, large aluminum-alloy wheels, and a wave-like trunk with a high aerodynamic performance that works like a spoiler to increase downforce. Infiniti M37 and M56 models equipped with the optional Sport Package also feature a unique front fascia, dark finish grille, dark headlight housings and 20-inch wheels and tires. Contributing to the low coefficient of drag of just 0.27 (0.26 for M Hybrid) and zero lift front and rear are a series of aerodynamic enhancers, including front tire deflectors, engine under cover, center floor cover, rear tire deflectors, exhaust cover, floor side fairings and rear diffuser.

Standard exterior features include a power sliding tinted glass moonroof with one-touch open/close, tilt feature and sliding sunshade, automatic on/off High Intensity Discharge (HID) bi-functional Xenon headlights with windshield wiper interlock, dual exhaust with polished tips, power-folding heated outside mirrors with reverse tilt-down feature, rain-sensing variable intermittent front windshield wipers and courtesy lamps built into the outside door handles. An Adaptive Front lighting System (AFS) with auto-leveling headlights is available as part of the Technology Package.

The 2013 Infiniti M is available in six exterior colors: Malbec Black, Liquid Platinum, Platinum Graphite, Storm Front Grey, Black Obsidian and Moonlight White.

Unlike other performance luxury brands that prioritize the impression their vehicles make on others, Infiniti’s intention is different – with the focus centered on the individual driving the car. The goal of the Infiniti M interior is to present an elegant yet functional design that combines artistry with precision, comfort with innovation – all in support of enhancing driving performance and passenger enjoyment.

The M instrument panel features Fine Vision electroluminescent gauges, gear-like rings on the instrument cluster meters, a 7.0-inch color vehicle information display and Infiniti analog clock. Leather-appointed, heated 10-way power driver and front passenger’s seats including 2-way power lumbar support are standard, along with a dual occupant memory system for the driver’s seat, steering wheel and outside mirrors – which can be linked to the individual Intelligent Keys. In addition, each Intelligent Key remembers the last used climate control, audio and navigation settings. An entry/exit assist system for the driver’s seat and steering wheel, heated front seats, sequential welcome lighting illuminated entry system and dual-zone automatic temperature also contribute to the M’s outstanding level of standard luxury appointments.

Standard technology equipment includes Bluetooth® Hands-free Phone System, Infiniti Intelligent Key with Illuminated Push Button Ignition, HomeLink® Universal Transceiver and RearView Monitor. Other interior highlights include a large center console, power windows with one-touch up/down and auto-reverse feature, power door locks with automatic locking feature, power trunk release, retained accessory power for windows and moonroof, standard SiriusXM Satellite Radio (SiriusXM subscription required, sold separately) and 6-speaker audio system with AM/FM/CD, Radio Data System (RDS), USB Connection Port for iPod® interface and other compatible devices, steering wheel audio controls and speed-sensitive volume control.

Also standard on all M models is Active Noise Control, which generates "canceling" sound from four door speakers (and subwoofer for models equipped with a Bose® sound system) to reduce unpleasant engine harmonics. The cabin noise levels are monitored by two microphones located in the M’s ceiling, with no action needed from the driver and passengers except to enjoy the quiet, comfortable cabin.

For buyers seeking a slightly higher level of features and technology, the Premium Package adds the next-generation Infiniti Hard Drive Navigation System with 8.0-inch WVGA color touch-screen display, NavTraffic with Real-Time Traffic Information, NavWeather with Real-Time Weather and 3-day forecast (SiriusXM subscription required, sold separately), Zagat Survey- Restaurant Guide, and Streaming Audio via Bluetooth-. The Premium Package also adds a Bose® 2-channel 10-speaker premium audio system, heated steering wheel and climate-controlled front seats.

For 2013, the Premium Package includes Infiniti Connection™ services, including available Automatic Crash Notification, Emergency Call, Enhanced Roadside Assistance, My Schedule, and Remote Door Lock/Unlock; and Infiniti Connection Plus including Drive Zone, Speed Alert, Destination Assistance, and in-vehicle access to Infiniti Personal Assistant – a 24/7 personal concierge service that is available at no charge for the first four years of Infiniti M ownership. All Premium Package equipment is standard on the M56 and M56x AWD.

The Deluxe Touring Package adds such notable features as the Bose® Studio Surround- sound system with digital 5.1-channel decoding and 16 speakers (including two personal speakers mounted in the shoulders of each front seat), power rear sunshade, unique quilted seat pattern with contrasting piping and additional seat bolstering, suede-like headliner and a premium stitched meter hood.

The Deluxe Touring Package also features semi-aniline leather – full-grain leather that contains a small amount of surface coating allowing the natural character of the leather to show through. The seats are soft and firm, like premium sofa material, and offered in three available colors – Graphite, Java or Stone. Also part of the Deluxe Touring Package is specially developed soft touch material for the armrests, door inserts, center console and kneepads. The special genuine White Ash wood trim has been enhanced with real silver powder (Japanese Ash wood trim is offered on M models without the Deluxe Touring Package).

The Deluxe Touring Package’s Forest Air® system creates a sense of the refreshing climate and natural breezes of a relaxing forest setting.

System sensors automatically open and close air intake ports to reduce the intrusion of dust, exhaust or unpleasant odors into the cabin, while the special Grape Polyphenol filter and Plasmacluster™ air purifier help filter allergens, mold and viruses out of the cabin. Humidity control prevents the over-drying of air from the air conditioner, while Breeze Mode provides a natural airflow feeling, gently and subtly varying the airflow from the upper and front air vents.

A total of four interior colors are offered – Graphite, Stone, Wheat and Java (availability varies with option packages). Sport Package-equipped models receive a new Stone Sport color treatment with high-contrast carpet and headliner, along with unique front seat designs, sport steering wheel and shift knob stitching, and aluminum-trimmed pedals.

Advanced Powerplants, A Naturally Dynamic Driving Feel

2013 Infiniti M High Resolution Exterior
- image 527024

The 2013 Infiniti M’s 3.7-liter V6 and 5.6-liter V8 engines are equipped with the VVEL (Variable Valve Event & Lift) system, which combines hydraulic-controlled variable valve timing and electronically controlled variable valve lift on the intake side to help improve performance and response. Throttle response is enhanced by directly controlling the intake valve, rather than using the traditional method of controlling intake with the throttle valve. The VVEL system also offers improved emissions and fuel efficiency (over non-VVEL designs) by substantially reducing the intake resistance that occurs when the engine’s throttle valve opening is narrowed and output is low.

The M37’s 3.7-liter VVEL, 24-valve DOHC aluminum-alloy V6 is rated at 330 hp @ 7,000 rpm, 270 lb-ft of torque @ 5,200 rpm. The engine also features rigid ladder frame construction, large crank journal and pin diameters, asymmetric piston skirts, twin knock sensors, an electronically controlled "drive-by-wire" throttle system, molybdenum coated lightweight pistons, Iridium spark plugs and a symmetric twin air intake system. The M56’s 5.6-liter VVEL, 32-valve, DOHC, Direct Injection Gasoline (DIG) aluminum-alloy V8 is rated at 420 hp and 417 lb-ft of torque. The DIG system provides better wide-open throttle performance and improved fuel economy and emissions performance by reducing engine knock, improving combustion stability and offered more precise injection control.

All Infiniti M models come standard with Infiniti’s refined 7-speed automatic transmission with Adaptive Shift Control (ASC) and manual shift mode with Downshift Rev Matching, which allows for sportier shifts during spirited driving. Solid magnesium paddle shifters are also included in the Sport Package.

Estimated fuel economy is rated at 18 mpg City/26 mpg Highway for the M37 and 17 mpg City/24 mpg Highway for the M37x. The M56 is rated at 16 mpg City/25 mpg Highway, while the M56x achieves fuel economy of 16 mpg City and 23 mpg Highway.

A unique feature of the 2013 M is Infiniti Drive Mode Selector, an integrated control system that allows drivers to select from four driving modes, depending on mood or driving conditions, with a dial switch located on the center console. Each mode, Standard, Eco, Sport or Snow, adjusts throttle sensitivity and transmission mapping to help optimize performance. The system also adjusts 4WAS settings (with available Sport Package, RWD only) and Active Trace Control and Eco Pedal (with available Technology Package). In addition to the standard mode (suitable for normal driving conditions), the fuel-efficient Eco mode utilizes green or amber indicator on the instrument panel to provide feedback on driving efficiency. Available with the Technology Package, the Eco Pedal system also provides feedback directly through the accelerator pedal, giving a slight pushback if driving inefficiently. The Sport mode increases throttle sensitivity and changes transmission shift patterns for sportier driving – and, with the available Sport Package, also adjusts 4-Wheel Active Steer settings (RWD only).

The 2013 Infiniti M again utilizes the advanced FM (Front Mid-ship) platform, which positions the engine behind the front axle, resulting in an optimized front-to-rear weight balance. Laser welding is performed at critical locations to help enhance lateral bending stiffness, torsional stiffness and suspension mounting point stiffness (versus the previous M design).

The M suspension features an independent double-wishbone design in front and multi-link independent system in the rear, along with front and rear stabilizer bars. The rear suspension geometry has been designed to provide a quiet, comfortable ride.

The Sport Package’s sport-tuned suspension includes double-piston shock absorbers that provide a high damping force at low frequency vibrations for a flat ride and low damping force at high frequency vibrations for a smoother ride. Also available with the Sport Package (RWD only) is the 4-Wheel Active Steer (4WAS) system, which helps provide lower steering effort at low/medium speeds and a more even feel at higher speeds. Depending on the vehicle speed and the steering angle, the rear wheels are steered in-phase with the front wheels.

The Infiniti M’s large diameter wheels and tires are positioned out near the corners of the vehicle, helping to enhance performance. Standard 18-inch aluminum-alloy wheels and P245/50R18 all-season performance tires are offered on all models. Unique split 5-spoke 20-inch aluminum-alloy wheels with aggressive P245/40R20 low-profile summer performance tires are available with the Sport Package. In addition, a new Performance Tire & Wheel Package offers split 5-spoke 20-inch aluminum-alloy wheels mounted with 245/40R20 all-season performance tires.

Every 2013 M utilizes standard 4-wheel power-assisted vented disc brakes (12.6-inch front, 12.1-inch rear) with Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Brake force Distribution (EBD) and Brake Assist (BA). The Sport Package includes larger 14.0-inch front/13.8-inch rear rotors with 4-piston front/2-piston rear opposed calipers.

The steering system is an electronically controlled vehicle-speed-sensing variable-assist power rack-and-pinion design. Every Infiniti M includes Infiniti’s advanced Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) with Traction Control System (TCS). VDC automatically adjusts brake pressure and engine torque during certain situations where the vehicle is near its handling limit, helping the driver to maintain control of the vehicle. An advanced Active Trace Control system, included with the Technology Package, helps enhance the transition from braking into and then accelerating out of corners. The system utilizes the M’s VDC system to help improve cornering feel by automatically applying the brakes so that load is increased on the front wheels. The system also modulates engine torque.

2013 Infiniti M High Resolution Exterior
- image 527038

The Active Trace Control system also applies selective braking to help create increased steering response in S-turns and other steering operations. When Sport mode is engaged (on the Infiniti Drive Mode Selector), the level of braking applied by this feature is reduced.

For drivers seeking the enhanced performance of all-wheel drive, the M37x and M56x models feature Infiniti Intelligent All-Wheel Drive. The system uses an advanced torque split control strategy that automatically redistributes torque to the wheels (0:100 up to 50:50 front to rear) according to road and driving conditions.

Advanced Safety and Security Systems

The Infiniti M is available with a number of innovative technologies, including Infiniti’s Lane Departure Warning (LDW) and Lane Departure Prevention (LDP) systems. The LDW and LDP systems use a small camera installed behind the windshield to detect lane markers in front of the vehicle, calculate its position relative to those lane markers and warn the driver of a potential unintended lane departure with a visual display and audible buzzer. If the driver does not return the vehicle back toward the center of the travel lane, the LDP system assists the driver with a gentle application of the brakes.

Also offered are Blind Spot Warning (BSW) and Blind Spot Intervention® (BSI) systems, which are available as part of the Technology Package. BSW illuminates an indicator light if another vehicle is detected in the blind spot area. If the driver then uses the turn signal, the indicator flashes and an audible warning sounds. BSI is another world-first safety feature from Infiniti and takes blind spot technology to the next level. If the vehicle gets close to the lane marker and another vehicle is detected in the blind spot area, the indicator flashes, an audible warning sounds, and selective braking is applied to one side of the vehicle to help the driver bring the vehicle back to the center of the driving lane. BSI operates regardless of turn signal usage.

Other available safety features include Intelligent Brake Assist (IBA) with Forward Collision Warning (FCW) and Front Pre-Crash Seat Belts.

In addition, all Infiniti M models come equipped with standard Infiniti Advanced Air Bag System (AABS) with dual-stage supplemental front air bags with seat belt sensors and occupant classification sensor; standard front seat-mounted side impact supplemental air bags; and standard roof-mounted curtain side impact supplemental air bags for front and rear-seat outboard occupant head protection.

The Infiniti M also includes standard 3-point seat belts with Automatic Locking Retractor (ALR) and Emergency Locking Retractor (ELR) (driver’s seat ELR only), front seat belts with pretensioners and load limiters, front seat Active Head Restraints with 4-way manual adjustments, along with Zone Body construction with front and rear crumple zones and LATCH System (Lower Anchors and Tether for Children).

Five Well-Equipped Models

The 2013 Infiniti M is offered in five well-equipped models: the M37 (V6 rear-wheel drive), M37x AWD (V6 all-wheel drive), M56 (V8 rear-wheel drive), M56x (V8 all-wheel drive) and the Infiniti M35h (3.5-liter Direct Response Hybrid™ System, rear-wheel drive).

Nine equipment packages allow owners to custom fit their vehicles to their exact tastes: Premium Package, Deluxe Touring Package, Sport Package (M37), AWD Sport Package (M37), Sport Package (M56), AWD Sport Package (M56), Sport Touring Package, Technology Package and Performance Tire & Wheel Package.

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