After much teasing and waiting, Infiniti has unexpectedly released the first images of the Q60 Concept ahead of the 2015 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. It’s now clear to see Infiniti’s latest concept gets much of its design styling from the 2015 Q80 Inspiration and 2014 Q50 Eau Rouge concepts already in the public eye.

While many of the design details and styling cues are borrowed, Nissan’s premium brand’s newest concept departs the sedan-type architecture for a smaller, 2+2 Coupe layout. This puts the Q60 Concept right in competition with the BMW 4 Series, Audi A5, Cadillac ATS coupe, Mercedes-Benz C-Class coupe, and the Lexus RC.

We expect Infiniti to announce more details about the Q60 during its official debuting on Tuesday, January 13th, but aren’t expecting news about its drivetrain, price, and on-sale date — mostly because it’s still in concept form. Those details will come when (or if) Infiniti pushes the Q60 coupe into production.

Even still, we love to speculate. The current Q60 coupe features a 3.7-liter V-6 that’s worth 330 horsepower and 270 pound-feet of torque. The new generation would surely see at least a moderate boost to those numbers. A hybrid version is also in the realm of possibilities, utilizing the smaller 3.5-liter V-6, a bank of batteries, and electric motors.

Whatever the details and specifications, expect Infiniti to move the Q60 Concept into production as a replacement for the current car. What’s more, since the current Q60 is a derivative of the Nissan 370Z, it’s highly likely the Infiniti’s platform will underpin the next Z-car as well.

Updated 01/05/2015: With just a week before its official debut at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show, Infiniti dropped the first official image and details on the upcoming Q60 Concept. Click past the jump to read the new details.

Updated 01/12/2015: The new Q60 Concept made its world debut at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show. Click past the jump for the new full details.

Updated 01/23/2015: We’ve added a series of new images from the car’s official debut at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show. Check the new images in the "Pictures" tab.

Click past the jump to read more about the Infiniti Q60 Concept.

  • 2015 Infiniti Q60 Concept
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  • 0-60 time:
    5.7 sec. (Est.)
  • Top Speed:
    155 mph (Est.)
  • Price:
    42500 (Est.)
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Update History

Updated 12/12/2014: Infiniti revealed the first teaser image on the future Q60 Concept. While the picture does not reveal much, it offers us a glimpse of the concept’s muscular lines and its overall proportions.


2015 Infiniti Q60 Concept
- image 585662

The Q60 Concept is low, wide, and aggressive. Its low-slung roof, high belt line, and sucked-in waistline impart an athletic feel with a certain high-class businessman face in its grille. The car’s inspiration really shines through up front. The lower air dam takes on the same F1 look as the Q80 Inspiration concept. The Q60’s grille shares a similar shape, but is less bold than the Q80 — think “production ready.” Around the sides, the Q60 coupe gets the same gills and accent lines as the Q50 Eau Rouge.

The combination of front scoops and side vents suggests the car will be a hot performer and will likely be functional, cooling the massive brakes behind the 21-inch wheels.

Exterior Dimensions

Length 4690 MM (184.6 inches)
Width 1865 MM (73.4 inches)
Height 1370 MM (53.9 inches)


Infiniti at this time hasn’t released any image of the Q60’s interior, but has divulged a few details in the release below. Infiniti describes the interior as being high-quality and with a meticulous attention to detail. It includes things like hand-stitched leather and carbon-fiber accents. Sport seats are said to be comfortable yet supportive for high-speed driving. The seats apparently have thin backs as Infiniti says they help increase rear passenger legroom.

Design-wise, expect many of the same details and features found in the Q80 Inspiration to make their way into the Q60 coupe. However, I suspect the cockpit will have more traditional controls than the Q80, as the Q60 is likely headed to production.


As mentioned earlier, the Q60 coupe may come powered with an updated version of the current Q60’s 3.7-liter V-6. While neither Nissan nor Infiniti has confirmed this, it only makes sense. Currently the engine develops 330 horsepower and 270 pound-feet of torque. Upping outputs to say 350 horses and 300 pound-feet would put the Q60 above the BMW 435i’s outputs and close to the Audi A5’s.

My fingers are crossed that Infiniti will still offer the six-speed manual transmission found in the current Q60. Beyond rowing your own, the seven-speed automatic will likely make the generation jump with the 3.7-liter V-6.

Drivetrain Specifications

Petrol engine 3.0L -V6
Petrol engine induction type Direct injection, twin turbocharged
Petrol engine valves 24-valve, DOHC, variable valve timing
Transmission 7-speed automatic


The current Q60 spans a gambit of $10,000 with prices starting at $40,950 and ending at $49,650 before options. Judging by the upgraded materials and its suspected higher levels of performance, Infiniti may increase those prices slightly to compensate. Pricing can’t jump too high, however, or the Q60 will be overpriced against its competition.


BMW 4 Series

2014 BMW 4 Series Coupe High Resolution Exterior
- image 510917

Every sports coupe looking to make an impact in Europe must deal with BMW. It’s a task far easier said than done since BMW can just roll out the 4 Series and be done with it.

First introduced in November 2013 as an all-new model, the 4 Series has quickly established itself as one of the most popular Bimmers in the market today. The car’s combination of dramatic styling and trademark German engineering has earned the 4 Series a lot of praise in the industry. That’s a tall task for any model to overcome, let alone the Infiniti Q60.

Depending on how many engine options Infiniti offers with the new Q60, the 4 Series has its own variety to throw at consumers. It has a base 2.0-liter engine for the 428i that produces an impressive 240 horsepower and 252 pound-feet of torque, good enough to cover 0 to 60 mph in 6.2 second with a top speed of 155 mph. Meanwhile, the more tricked-out 435i features a 3.0-liter, inline-six cylinder engine that pumps out 300 horsepower and 300 pound-feet of torque. Those numbers allow the 435i to hit 60 mph in 5.5 seconds to go with a top speed of 155 mph.

The BMW 4 Series comes with a base price of $41,700 for the 428i before going all the way up to $48,950 for the top-of-the-range 435i xDrive.

Audi A5

2008 - 2012 Audi A5 Coupe High Resolution Exterior Wallpaper quality
- image 408942

If the Infiniti Q60 thinks that the BMW 4 Series is a tough competitor, it also has to deal with the Audi A5, or to be more specific, the next-generation A5.

It gets even tougher for the Q60 when you consider that Audi’s plan for the new A5 involves putting on a strict diet to shave as much as 220 pounds from its overall weight. The Germans plan to do that by using Volkswagen’s new MLB modular-longitudinal architecture as the car’s new platform, complete with a generous dose of aluminum to keep it light and tight.

The new A5 is also expected to carry the same engine lineup found in the current generation, albeit with output improvements to keep pace with the 4 Series and the Q60. Should that hold true, Audi is likely to include a 2.0-liter inline-four that produces 220 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque and a bigger, 3.0-liter, supercharged V-6 for the S5 with power output in the neighborhood of 333 horsepower and 325 pound-feet of torque, right around the capabilities of the Q60.

While the next-generation A5 is still a little ways away, the current-generation A5 sells at a base price of $40,000 for the A5 before scaling up to $52,500 for the S5.


The Q60 Concept looks to be a great replacement for the current (and aging) coupe in Infiniti’s lineup. It’s updated chassis, looks, interior, and hopefully updated powertrain should make it’s a strong competitor against the stalwarts and new comers in the category. What’s more, those updated features will likely make their way under the next-generation Nissan Z-car.

Stay tuned for more details as they become available closer to the Q60 Concept’s official debut on January 13th.

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Press Release

Exuding unbridled power from its taut lines and potent road presence, the Infiniti Q60 Concept is the very epitome of high performance and sport dynamics. The two-door fastback is Infiniti’s vision for a future sports coupe.

2015 Infiniti Q60 Concept Exterior
- image 610024

Sitting at 4690 mm (184.6 inches) long, 1865 mm (73.4 inches) wide and 1370 mm (53.9 inches) high, the Q60 Concept features razor-sharp edges and strikingly deep recesses, which result in the coupe appearing lower than it really is.

The angular exterior offers glimpses of Formula One car design, and the pampering interior delivers a premium experience with an array of handmade leather finishes, Alcantara® and carbon fiber.

"With the Infiniti Q60 Concept, we continue to take the artistry of coach building onto the road. Powerful and intense, the car looks like it’s been crafted by hand. It’s seductive and attainable," said Alfonso Albaisa, Infiniti Executive Design Director.

In many ways, the Q60 Concept is a progressive culmination and evolution of the Q80 Inspiration and Q50 Eau Rouge, both of which premiered globally last year. Design cues from both vehicles found their way onto the Q60 Concept, taking them one step closer to production reality. The Q60 Concept took after Q80 Inspiration’s audaciously low roofline, intelligent headlamps and quilted leather seats while inheriting the gill on the lower front fender and Formula One-inspired lower intake from Q50 Eau Rouge.

"The Q60 Concept has the emotion and sculpting of the Q80 Inspiration. At the same time, it adopts the performance aspects of the Q50 Eau Rouge, which is immediately associated with Infiniti performance and the science and sport of Formula One racing," explained Albaisa.

2015 Infiniti Q60 Concept Exterior
- image 610025

Signature Infiniti face
The Q60 Concept’s sleek and aerodynamic design is anchored by its deep double arch grille, whose elaborate waved mesh pattern gives it a three-dimensional quality.

From the grille, the flowing character lines rise and merge into the headlamps, drawing attention to the intelligent LED lights. These adaptive headlamps react to the steering, speed and elevation of the car and automatically adjust the beam around each bend to illuminate the road ahead.

Inspired by the human eye – characteristic of Infiniti’s vehicles – the headlamp has very fine fiber optic-like lines branching out from the projector. When lit, these filaments of LED lights look like lines of the iris radiating from the pupil, giving the headlamps a high-tech stare.

"We use these lyrical gestures to put warmth back into science and to make technology human-centric," said Albaisa.

Moving forward, Infiniti is also putting its stamp on future models with creative design flourishes. In the Q60 Concept, it is the little crest at the center edge of the hood that echoes the peak of the Infiniti logo. The line across the hood, the crease on each side and the lower bars all come together to highlight the link between the Infiniti brand and the front fascia.

Highly defined body contours
The gentle slope of the roofline may give the Infiniti Q60 Concept its slippery coupe silhouette, but it is the character line running the length of the car from the distinctive grille to the pronounced tail spoiler that gives the concept its assertive look from front to rear. By splitting the profile, this line not only makes the car look lean and slender but also visually strengthens the car’s stance to match its throbbing high-performance heart.

The highly defined body contours are executed with precision, and where the shoulder dips in with exaggerated depth is reminiscent of chiseled cheekbones or rippling muscles. An additional crease around the window opening further increase movement towards the rear while accentuating the hallmark crescent-cut C-pillars, which have been reinterpreted to elongate the flow of the sloping roof. The flow of the lines and the tight closing seams between panels and doors further augment the perceived quality of the coupe.

Wearing a special color named Arctic Aluminum, the Q60 Concept looks like it is machined from a solid aluminum block rather than painted. The new coating gleams like liquid metal and stretches around the body like a metallic skin, giving the impression that the coupe is a solid piece of liquid aluminum slicing through air, underlining its high-performance appeal.

2015 Infiniti Q60 Concept Exterior
- image 610026

To give the Q60 Concept a planted look that conveys empowerment and being in control, the Infiniti designers made the wheels more visible than the body.

"We carefully studied the area of the tire versus the area of the body in the side view, and we concluded to make the wheels more dominant. We’ll definitely see more of this in future Infiniti models," said Albaisa.

Occupying pride of place, the newly designed 21-inch wheels fill up the wheel arches. Painted in a mix of matte blacks and high-gloss black chromes, the impressive spokes are inspired by jet turbine blades and stretch to the edge of the wheel, sending out a message that the Q60 Concept means serious business.

Integrated aerodynamics
In the rear, the side character lines smoothly merge with the shape of the rear LED combination lights. Sporting the same fiber optics LED cues, the tail lamps look more three-dimensional than ever. Not only do the lamps act as design elements connecting the side and the rear, but they also accentuate the Q60 Concept’s wide stance and wheel arches, which are sliced and flushed against the body.

The fully integrated top spoiler adds to the dynamic view from behind. It starts where the roof tapers off and flicks up in a duck tail for improved aerodynamics.

In a nod to its Q50 Eau Rouge roots, the concept gets large dual exhaust outlets with chrome finishers, which are integrated as part of an airfoil.

Premium comfort
The inside of the Infiniti Q60 Concept has been designed to match with the sportiness outside, offering a powerful blend of three-dimensional textures, meticulous craftsmanship and the highest quality.

While the familiar asymmetry from the top of the center cluster to the wide center console has been updated to make it more fluid, the center console continues to demarcate the driver and passenger zone.

2015 Infiniti Q60 Concept High Resolution Exterior
- image 610027

The exquisite hand stitching on the leather-wrapped instrument panel and door inserts embodies Infiniti’s quest for perfection. The two-tone black-and-white instrument panel adds contrast to the interior, reflecting Infiniti’s attention to detail.

Infiniti designers used carbon fiber in the door accents to complement the performance of the car. Similarly, the double hand-stitched leather-covered steering wheel hints at the prowess beneath the hood.

The seats have also been designed to go with the car’s exhilarating character. An array of leathers was used to bring out the best comfort, from premium saddle leather to thick cushion quilting. Bolsters were added to the sides for additional support.

In a segment where rear seats are regularly ignored design-wise, Infiniti has done the opposite and given rear passengers sporty bucket seats. This adds to the holistic premium environment in the Q60 Concept.

"When you open the door of the Q60 Concept, you can feel that the rockers are solid and the car is not to be messed with," said Albaisa. "And when you sit in the car, you can sense the artistry and tailoring wherever you look or touch."

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