There’s definitely no turning back for the QX80 if it gets this way-too aggressive body kit from the German tuner

For the longest time, the Infiniti QX80 suffered from a design that made it look like it preferred to be sleeping in a hammock than being out and about in the road. The refreshed 2018 model fixed some of those issues with new headlamps and a more upright profile, but there’s still something about the full-sized SUV’s design that lacks the personality that’s evident in the QX60 and QX70. Well, in times like this, the solution may not be found with the automaker itself, but rather, in the aftermarket tuning world. In this case, German tuner Larte Design is on the scene with a super aggressive body kit that not breathes much-needed life into Infiniti’s resident flagship SUV.

Larte Design Exterior Enhancements for the Infiniti QX80

2018 Infiniti QX80 by Larte Design
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The front section, in particular, looks like a completely different model


If you’re not a fan of the automotive equivalent of massive makeovers, then you might want to turn your eyes away from Larte Design’s work on the Infiniti QX80. This is what happens when you take a relatively mundane-looking SUV and give it to a tuner that’s known for building some of the most dramatic — maybe even excessive — aero kits in the business. The result speaks for itself, doesn’t it? Do you even recognize it as the QX80? I surely do not.

The front section, in particular, looks like a completely different model. Sure, the “human eye” headlamps — that’s what Infiniti calls them for reasons that are still unclear — are still there, but everything else has changed. The QX80’s already prominent mesh-like grille is gone, and in its place, Larte Design went back to the shed to dust off its old aftermarket grille for the QX80. Some of you might remember the grille with the diagonal bars that meet in the middle, creating multiple V-shaped patterns inside the grille. Larte has literally used that grille since 2011, maybe even earlier.

The aero kit continues in other sections in the front. Sports car-like air intakes have also been added, just above the front fenders. The purpose is unclear, but from an aesthetic standpoint, these new intakes are far and away more aggressive than the ones found on the standard QX80. That’s great and all, but the piece de resistance in the front is the front spoiler, a component that Larte Design clearly took a lot of liberties in, especially when you consider that the standard QX80 has a smooth front bumper with no hints of a front spoiler.

2018 Infiniti QX80 by Larte Design
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It certainly looks that way judging by the huge intakes behind the rear fender and the presence of four larger-than-usual oval tailpipes

Apparently, the tuner isn’t having any of it because the front spoiler it designed for the QX80 is the visual personification of unnecessary excess. I don’t even know where to start. I suppose I can go with the inexplicably larger air intakes that I already mentioned. A handful of wings and blades protrude out of the spoiler as if they came straight out of the set of Mad Max. The lower grille also gets the wire-mesh treatment while the front diffuser can clearly be seen in the middle, presumably perturbed by the amount of activity going around it.

Now let’s move to the equally dramatic rear section. A word of caution, though. Larte Design used the phrases “jet age” and “fighter plane” in its press release for the new QX80 kit. I guess we know now where the tuner got the inspiration for this body kit, right? It certainly looks that way judging by the huge intakes behind the rear fender and the presence of four larger-than-usual oval tailpipes that have been housed on what look likes a box structure with crossbars. Larte says these boxes look like a shutter. I say they look completely out of place on the QX80. I will give props to the addition of a new central stoplight that’s sitting pretty in the middle. That’s one thing that Larte got right.


2018 Infiniti QX80 by Larte Design
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I suppose beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Larte’s body kit will appeal to some people. That’s fair because, in a weird way, there is something defensible about giving the QX80 a taste of aggressiveness. The SUV needs it, at least to a certain limit. Unfortunately, it seems that Larte Design cares little about that limit because it went over and beyond what I expected. Does the Infiniti QX80 look more aggressive? It definitely does. But does it now look too aggressive to the point that the SUV has become aesthetically unbecoming of a flagship model? There’s an argument for that, too.

I don’t know which side of the fence some of you are in, but I’m definitely on the side of those who think that this is a bit too much for the QX80.

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LARTE edges the 2018 QX80
New details of astonishing new bodywork revealed – preorder phase starts now

A short while ago, Infiniti presented its complete rework for the QX80. The result is a very elegant and luxurious SUV. What more do you want? LARTE Design already developed some ideas to make the QX80 even more impressive. The company knows the customer wishes as they already successfully built different body kits for the predecessor. Having revealed some first steps of the design process some weeks ago, LARTE is now ready to show some more details. This will include complete Renderings of the front and rear. The new set will be on sale from September and pre-orders will be accepted as of now. In the United States, the price is 15,990 USD but the products will also be available in many other countries worldwide.

For many customers, as well as the LARTE Design team, the original Infiniti QX80 lacks some aggressiveness and sportiness. That’s why the tuning company completely redesigned the front and rear of the SUV and also added side skirt add-ons plus air-intakes above the front fenders. The all-new black grill with its big spaces is a real eyeturner, when it appears in the rearview mirror. However, certainly the best part is the front spoiler. It is composed of several big air intakes, wings, blades, spoilers, a diffusor, a big wire-mesh opening and many more pointed and edged superstructures. All in all, a battlecruiser on wheels couldn’t be more impressive.

At the rear, LARTE Design sounds the bell for the jet age. In conjunction with the big air intakes behind the rear fenders, the four oversized oval tailpipes would perfectly suit the rear end of a fighter plane. The massive rear apron matches the overall picture with ease. Framing the exhaust system on each side, you will find a box-like structure with crossbars, resembling a shutter. In the middle, the new central stoplight is embedded into a small pit, resembling a ruby in its setting. For the work of LARTE’s designers, this would be a good comparison. After all, customizing a brilliant car is like cutting and polishing a gemstone, which has already been beautiful by nature.

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