The Invicta S1 sportscar is designed to be two cars in one - a luxurious Grand Tourer and a no-compromise sportscar with the potential to become a class-winning GT racing car.

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  • 0-60 time:
    3.8 sec.
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For the S1 to achieve these often conflicting goals, The Invicta Car Company adopted several innovative approaches in both the design and construction phases of manufacturing its first car in modern times.

The Invicta S1 is the world’s first car to feature a one-piece carbon-fibre bodyshell.

The carbon fibre body shell, when bonded to the steel tube spaceframe chassis, creates an immensely strong, but lightweight, monocoque structure and results in a car with high flexional and torsional rigidity (for responsive handling) and excellent impact resistance (for high levels of occupant safety).

The spaceframe chassis incorporates all the ’best practice’ features of this well established construction method. It weighs 160 kilos, but the vast majority of that weight is low down, below the car’s roll centre. Made from 2 mm thick steel formed into 40 mm square tubes and cross-braced for maximum strength, the chassis construction uses TIG welding to give a smooth surface in the areas that are bonded to the bodyshell.

Although the Invicta S1 has all the vital credentials to deliver maximum road and track performance, its role as a Grand Tourer has not been overlooked. The double floor section between the wheels sandwiches a 40mm layer of sound-proofing and throughout the car, great attention has been paid to isolating the occupants from the hardware and the heat it generates, but not from the thrill of driving.

From the concept stage, Invicta was determined that the S1 would have a spacious cabin, with particularly generous head and leg room. The supportive seats are trimmed to match the interior, and offer a wide range of movements, together with adjustable lumbar support.

The steering wheel is adjustable for reach and rake, and its 14-inch diameter rim frames an array of bespoke traditional instruments. The wide centre console is trimmed in brushed aluminium and topped by triple air-vents. It houses satellite navigation as standard, together with controls for the climate-control, air conditioning and the car adio equipment. Both front and rear windscreens are electrically heated and the S1 features a filler on each rear wing so that the fuel tank can be replenished from either side.

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  (502) posted on 08.19.2011

What is the difference between Invincta S1 and Invicta S1? Even their names are almost the same. The engine performance, the looks, the color and design. This is horrible! They are wasting their time in this mess.

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