• Is the 2021 Ford Bronco’s Interior Waterproof?

It comes with vinyl seats and washable floor on two trims; so you can call it waterproof

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With the way Ford was hyping the new Bronco before the launch, it was expected to be an impressive off-roader. However, the company has managed to break all the shackles with this product and it’s turning out to be a big threat for the Jeep Wrangler. Apart from the numerous good-to-have features, the Bronco also comes with some thoughtful niceties that will make the long-term ownership a pleasant one.

One such convenient feature is the washable interior. We’re talking about more than washable floors here, by the way!

Is The Bronco Actually Waterproof?

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Out of the six trims on offer, Ford is offering the Bronco with a rubberized, washable flooring on two trims – the Black Diamond and Badlands.

Both these trims also receive marine-grade vinyl seats that can be washed down with a hose. Road and Track also mentioned that the Bronco has holes in the floor to drain out the water after cleaning the interior. You don’t have to worry about stepping inside the cabin with your dirty shoes on. We’re yet to hear from Ford about this, but some outlets do mention that even the controls in the Bronco’s cabin are waterproof.

Does The Jeep Wrangler Have A Similar Feature?

The Wrangler also comes with rubber drain plugs in the floor that can help you drain out the water after an adventurous off-road drive. These are immensely helpful when you drive in the water or have to clean the cabin. Just hose down the flooring and you’re good to go! It’s also helpful if you’ve spilled something and could drain out the liquid rather than trying to soak it out.

Final Thoughts

Is the 2021 Ford Bronco's Interior Waterproof? Interior High Resolution
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To think of it, any vehicle that comes with a convertible top of removable roofs and doors should have a waterproof cabin. Even if it’s not100-percent, at least the most important electrical parts. It’s all the more important for off-roaders and should be offered by every automaker.

It’s nice to see Ford not skip out on this. But, Ford’s decision to offer this on just two trims just doesn’t make sense. The Bronco is an off-roader at its core and this would’ve been a nice feature to have irrespective of the trim you choose. You can buy waterproof mats and vinyl seats, but what about drain out plugs?

But, apart from these little botches, the Bronco is a complete package that has in it to take out the Wrangler.

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