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2011 ISIS AM01

2011 ISIS AM01

Led by the enterprising duo of Anton van Nunen and Max Alting Siberg, ISIS is took its first steps in the supercar business with the introduction of its flagship model, the AM01. The AM01 is a completely street-legal car that was ironically based on the Saker cars that we featured back in October of 2010. While those vehicles were regarded as track-only cars, the ISIS AM01 is anything but. It took nearly four years of planning, designing, developing, and even with a few road bumps along the way, both van Nunen and Siberg finally reached their goals of producing a niche supercar that can make waves in a fast, powerful, and luxurious segment long dominated by the Italians and the Germans.

We don’t know how the AM01 is going to hold up against those heavyweights, but we do know that these guys won’t be backing down.

Details on the Isis AM01 after the jump.

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