The introduction of an all-new, state-of-the-art V6 Diesel engine marks yet another milestone in the evolution of Jaguar’s S-TYPE premium executive saloon. The arrival of the twin-turbo AJD-V6 engine means that, for the first time, S-TYPE buyers will be able to choose diesel power as an alternative to the existing four petrol engine options.

  • 2006 Jaguar S-Type Diesel
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  • 0-60 time:
    8.1 sec.
  • Top Speed:
    142.9 mph
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“The Jaguar S-TYPE is already recognised as an excellent car and one of the leaders in the premium saloon segment. The introduction of an all-new, state-of-the-art Diesel engine, together with significant styling and specification enhancements, makes it an even more attractive proposition.” Mike Wright, Managing Director, Jaguar Cars

The addition of an advanced new 2.7 litre turbodiesel is not the only improvement in the new S-TYPE. Striking styling changes including a new rear-end design and a new aluminium bonnet, dynamic improvements, enhanced interior features and a wider choice of equipment, are among the highlights of a package of revisions announced at the beginning of the year.

2006 Jaguar S-Type Diesel
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Embracing diesel in the new S-TYPE is a natural progression for Jaguar, with diesel engines now able to deliver the refined performance that customers of the marque demand. The all-new AJD-V6 is a superb example of a state-of-the-art diesel engine and complements perfectly the advanced technical attributes and sporting character of the S-TYPE.

The engine’s specifications make for impressive reading. The four-cam, 24-valve, twin-turbo V6 features the second generation common-rail direct injection and super-fast piezo-electric injector operation. Maximum power from the 2.7 litre engine is 206bhp (153kw) DIN, putting the S-TYPE ahead of all but one of its directly comparable rivals. Torque peaks at a heady 320lb ft (435Nm) DIN, which is actually higher than that of the S-TYPE’s naturally aspirated 4.2 litre V8 petrol engine, yet the Diesel has 47 per cent better fuel consumption. More crucially still, 80 per cent of this torque is available from just 1500rev/min, all the way through to 4000rev/min.

This combination of substantial power and torque gives the new S-TYPE Diesel huge mid-range flexibility and refinement. True to Jaguar tradition, it is relaxed when cruising, yet pleasingly rapid cross-country - characteristics which buyers can accentuate by their choice of transmission: a standard six-speed manual or optional six-speed automatic. In both guises, the new S-TYPE Diesel offers very accomplished performance: the benchmark 0-60mph sprint takes just 8.1 seconds in the manual and 8.2 seconds in the automatic, and the maximum speed for both is in excess of 140mph.

2006 Jaguar S-Type Diesel
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“Once again, the Jaguar Product Development team at Whitley has delivered an engine – and a car – that exceeds expectations. Our new V6 Diesel is a perfect complement to the existing S-TYPE petrol engines, with all the power, performance and refinement that Jaguar customers demand.” Joe Greenwell, Chairman and CEO, Jaguar Cars

The new S-TYPE Diesel also addresses environmental challenges, its CO2 emissions of 189g/km with manual transmission bringing accompanying tax benefits. Combined fuel economy is 40mpg, while in the extra-urban cycle this rises to 49.7mpg. Euro Stage 4 emission standard compliance will be available on manual transmission models (dependent on market).

Why Diesel?

The diesel market in Europe has experienced consistent – and significant – growth over the past decade and, in recent years, demand has increased dramatically in the premium market. Diesel now accounts for one in three sales across the premium segment in Europe and by the end of next year, this is expected to have risen to 40 per cent.

“Introducing the new V6 Diesel does much more than simply broaden the S-TYPE range – it makes Jaguar accessible to a significant number of premium saloon buyers who will only consider a diesel car. Our message to those people is simple: Jaguar now has the car that you want.” Mike Wright, Managing Director, Jaguar Cars

2006 Jaguar S-Type Diesel
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Jaguar added a Diesel model to the X-TYPE range last autumn and, as anticipated, this has proved very popular. In the final quarter of 2003, diesels accounted for one-third of global X-TYPE sales. In Europe, this proportion increased to as much as 80 per cent in some key markets, evidence of considerable pent-up demand for diesel among Jaguar customers. There is every indication that a similar latent demand exists in the S-TYPE marketplace, and with its all-new, high-technology, twin-turbo V6, the S-TYPE Diesel is perfectly poised to capitalise on this.

The AJD-V6 Engine

As with all engines in the Jaguar line-up, the AJD-V6 has benefited from the expertise of engineers at the company’s Whitley Engineering Centre. Delivering the performance and refinement that customers expect – and demand – is key to the success of any Jaguar and the new S-TYPE Diesel is no exception. Ensuring maximum control of noise, vibration and refinement was one of the Product Development team’s primary goals – and they succeeded. The engine uses unique, dual-isolated mounts and its own final-drive assembly to soften take-up of the engine’s huge torque, together with sound-attenuating features such as the double-skinned sump and the elastomeric-isolated, composite cam cover.

2006 Jaguar S-Type Diesel
- image 118672

“Strong performance is an inherent characteristic of the new V6 Diesel engine, but the accompanying levels of refinement are even more impressive. I am proud that the Jaguar Product Development team at Whitley has done an excellent job.” Phil Hodgkinson, Jaguar Programmes Director

The Diesel-engined S-TYPE is offered with a choice of six-speed ZF automatic or a new six-speed ZF manual transmission. The transmissions are developed to maximise both the performance and great flexibility of the twin-turbo V6 engine. The 2.7 litre Diesel engine will also be used in other applications, in line with the co-operative agreement on diesel technologies and development between Ford Motor Company and PSA Peugeot Citroën. However, S-TYPE owners will benefit particularly from the exceptional Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) performance that results from the efforts of Jaguar’s engineers at Whitley.

Achieving an engine installation that satisfies or exceeds all engineering requirements is easier if the engine itself is exemplary and the all-new 2.7 litre AJD-V6 can lay claim to that accolade. Not only does it have class-leading specific power outputs, but the use of compacted graphite iron (CGI) in the engine structure ensures outstanding strength, durability and – of particular relevance in a diesel engine – low weight.

Because less material is needed to construct a CGI block than a conventional cast iron block, the engine can be both lighter and shorter. The result is that the engine in the new S-TYPE Diesel is the lightest unit of its type and size. It weighs just 202kg – only 15kg more than the equivalent petrol V6.

In short, the new S-TYPE has a new diesel engine that provides exactly what Jaguar customers want: the best engine in the best car. Whatever the engine choice, every version of the new S-TYPE benefits from the visual, dynamic, quality and specification improvements announced in January.

2006 Jaguar S-Type Diesel
- image 118679

The styling changes introduced across the range give the new S-TYPE a more athletic, more contemporary look, with cleaner and leaner lines and subtly revised proportions. The new shape remains highly individual and true to the Jaguar brand, but brings with it significant quality improvements, especially in tighter panel fits.

The car’s dynamics benefit from revisions such as sleeker aerodynamics and a lighter aluminium (rather than steel) bonnet that improves weight distribution and optimises handling balance.

Every new S-TYPE also features new instruments, improvements to material and build quality, and a wider choice of colour and trim – including a sporty aluminium facia as standard on the S-TYPE Sport and S-TYPE R and a new Bronze Madrona wood veneer option on other models – increasing the feel of contemporary luxury but in an unmistakably Jaguar style. The aluminium facia echoes that of legendary Jaguar sports cars such as the E-type – known as the XKE in the American market – but is actually the first time that an alternative to wood trim has been available inside a Jaguar S-TYPE.

The new S-TYPE also offers an even greater range of styling, comfort and convenience features. These include five new wheel styles, Adaptive Cruise Control and the option of Front Park Assist.

The new front suspension and extensively revised rear suspension introduced in 2002 continues in the new S-TYPE with material and tuning improvements to provide even better body control. As such, the new S-TYPE continues to deliver the outstandingly supple ride, taut body control and agile handling that are the defining characteristics of Jaguar’s sporting chassis dynamics.

2006 Jaguar S-Type Diesel
- image 118681

The modified S-TYPE Diesel’s suspension includes retuned dampers and revised spring rates to achieve improved handling-balance and poise, and low friction ball joints which facilitate free suspension movement, allowing the dampers to work more efficiently and producing a smoother and more consistent ride. Sports suspension with optimised springs and uprated dampers is an optional package, and 18-inch alloy wheels are now available as an option on any version of the new S-TYPE.

Servotronic variable-ratio power steering, powerful all-disc brakes with traction control, ABS anti-lock and Emergency Brake Assist are standard across the new S-TYPE range. Other key features that highlight the S-TYPE’s technological approach to the premium sports saloon customer are the Electronic Parking Brake (standard on all models) and Jaguar’s acclaimed Computer Active Technology Suspension (CATS). This latter system – standard on the R derivative and optional on all others – provides sophisticated electronic damper control while retaining maximum comfort.

Electronic Traction Control, Dynamic Stability Control and Jaguar’s innovative occupant-sensing Adaptive Restraint Technology System (A.R.T.S.) also come as standard.


The all-new Diesel model is a logical and welcome addition to the new S-TYPE range. It complements perfectly the existing 2.5 litre V6, 3.0 litre V6 and 4.2 litre V8 models, offering S-TYPE customers the choice of diesel power without sacrifice.

“The new S-TYPE Diesel delivers on all levels. Not only does it have the performance and dynamic abilities for which Jaguars are renowned, it also offers exceptional refinement and flexibility. This is a great engine in a great car.” Paul Walker, Chief Engineer, S-TYPE, Jaguar Cars

As with the rest of the range, the new S-TYPE Diesel boasts attractive costs of ownership to appeal the premium segment buyer who expects strong value for money as well as style and performance – even from a luxury marque. And for the company car user, all new S-TYPEs have competitive CO2 ratings and strong residual values.

2006 Jaguar S-Type Diesel
- image 118677

But perhaps most crucially, whether petrol or diesel, the new S-TYPE retains its unique Jaguar personality: a combination of bold, athletic styling, driver-focused performance, outstanding comfort and refinement, and unrivalled emotional appeal underpinned by outstanding driving dynamics.


The New S-TYPE at a Glance

Jaguar’s all-new state-of-the-art AJD-V6 Diesel engine extends S-TYPE choice in the premium saloon market segment

All-new AJD-V6 engine is the lightest unit of its type and size, weighing just 202kg – only 15kg more than the equivalent petrol V6

The engine structure and combustion process were subject to detailed optimisation. Second-generation, high-pressure, common-rail direct-injection technology, including ‘multiple pilot’ injection with piezo-electric control, ensures maximum efficiency

Compact, lightweight 2.7 litre engine uses innovative compacted graphite iron (CGI) block structure, two electronically controlled variable geometry turbochargers, four overhead camshafts, four valves per cylinder and variable swirl intake technology for refinement, minimum noise, low fuel consumption and low emissions

2006 Jaguar S-Type Diesel
- image 118663

Modified suspension includes uprated dampers and optimised spring rates to achieve improved handling-balance and poise, and low friction ball joints to facilitate smooth suspension movement. The Diesel-engined S-TYPE is offered with six-speed automatic or new six-speed ZF manual transmission options

Maximum power of 206bhp (153kw) DIN and maximum torque of 320lb ft (435Nm) DIN make this a Diesel Jaguar with real performance: a top speed of 143mph, and 0-60mph in just 8.1 seconds in the manual version and 8.2 seconds in the auto

Combination of cylinder head design and toroidal combustion chambers in the piston crowns produces highly efficient combustion with quieter running. The new engine includes a port de-activation (or variable swirl) intake system, further improving combustion efficiency

An impressive combined fuel economy figure of 40mpg with manual gearbox, and a low CO2 figure of only 189g/km. Euro Stage 4 emission standard compliance will be available on manual transmission models (dependent on market)

2006 Jaguar S-Type Diesel
- image 118670

New exterior styling gives a cleaner, leaner, more muscular look, with tighter panel fits and improved quality. Aluminium – rather than steel – bonnet is lighter, improving weight distribution and handling balance

Revised interior adds new instrument panel, clearer displays, higher-quality trims, greater choice of colours and an aluminium facia trim for the S-TYPE Sport and S-TYPE R – the first time S-TYPE customers have been offered an alternative to wood trim

Revised and extended features include the option of 18-inch wheels across the range, Front Park Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control and Forward Alert, in addition to existing driver aids. Comprehensive safety features include front, side and side-curtain airbags, and Jaguar’s Adaptive Restraint Technology System (A.R.T.S.)

Exterior and Interior

The use of lightweight aluminium rather than steel for the bonnet gives improved weight distribution and handling balance. The revised shape also brings tighter panel fits and enhanced performance. Transformed by subtle and sophisticated changes, the S-TYPE retains its highly individual look and remains true to the Jaguar brand.

The new S-TYPE also introduces a significantly improved interior, adding to the feel of contemporary luxury. A redesigned instrument pack emphasises the S-TYPE’s sporty character as well as presenting more information more clearly, and there is now a greater choice of colour and trim options. S-TYPE Sport and S-TYPE R models now have as standard a sporty aluminium facia finish. This style was made famous in Jaguar sports cars, such as the 1961 E-TYPE, but this is the first time that S-TYPE customers have been able to choose an interior without wood trim. Like the exterior, the new interior sees further improvements in material and build quality. Sporting luxury is the key-note here, in a cabin infused with Jaguar quality, from the cleverly engineered, driver-orientated ergonomics to the satisfying feel of the controls and trim.

2006 Jaguar S-Type Diesel
- image 118668

The new S-TYPE also offers an even broader catalogue of comfort and convenience features, from new wheel styles to advanced cruise control and parking aid options.

The new S-TYPE enhances Jaguar’s reputation for sporting character in a luxury saloon car. In 2002 the S-TYPE gained all-new front suspension and extensively revised rear suspension. The refined and sporty layout continues into the new S-TYPE, with a modified suspension including low friction ball joints and re-tuned dampers, providing improved ride and dynamics. Across the range the new S-TYPE features Servotronic variable-ratio power steering, powerful brakes with ABS anti-lock and Emergency Brake Assist, traction control and Dynamic Stability Control, all as standard equipment.

With the same underpinnings as its immediate predecessor, the new S-TYPE continues to deliver the outstandingly supple ride, taut body control and agile handling that are defining characteristics of Jaguar’s sporting chassis dynamics. Sports suspension with uprated springs and dampers is available as an option, as are 18-inch alloy wheels on all versions of the new S-TYPE.

“The suspension revisions to the new S-TYPE are subtle but significant making the car even more refined and comfortable. The steering is very connected, linear and positive. The driving dynamics overall are a combination of stability and sporting agility, which makes the S-TYPE very satisfying to drive.” Mike Cross, Chief Engineer, Vehicle Integrity, Jaguar Cars.

2006 Jaguar S-Type Diesel
- image 118690

The S-TYPE introduced the Electronic Parking Brake – an industry first in the executive segment – and that is now standard across all of the new S-TYPE range. Jaguar’s acclaimed Computer Active Technology Suspension (CATS), with electronically adjustable dampers for maximum control and comfort, is standard on the R model and optional on others.

A comprehensive armoury of safety features, from a strong bodyshell, through Electronic Traction Control and Dynamic Stability Control, to Jaguar’s innovative Adaptive Restraint Technology System (A.R.T.S.) is standard across the range. The new S-TYPE’s Category 1 Thatcham-approved security systems, including items such as automatic drive-away locking, are equally comprehensive. Together, the new S-TYPE’s safety and security features ensure very competitive insurance groupings.

2006 Jaguar S-Type Diesel
- image 118661

The new S-TYPE holds further attractions for the rational buyer who expects strong value even from a luxury marque. From entry level to the top of the range, the Jaguar S-TYPE offers competitive pricing, in spite of richer standard feature specifications and extensive use of advanced technologies. It has competitive CO2 ratings, with the accompanying tax advantages for company car users, and strong residual values, making it attractive to user-chooser company car drivers who appreciate low whole-life costs as well as style.

But crucially, while making so many gains, the new S-TYPE retains its unique and powerful Jaguar personality – a combination of bold, distinctive styling, sporting dynamics, outstanding comfort and refinement, and unrivalled emotional resonance. So the most captivating S-TYPE ever is also the most complete.


Comfort and Options


Stylish STYPE

S-TYPEs are more than simple transport. These are astute, stunningly beautiful automobiles. Regardless of which you select, the blend of craftsmanship, performance and luxury you find will be compelling. These are cars artfully crafted from the finest components, powerful on the road, and completely luxurious.
Crafted to assure.

2006 Jaguar S-Type Diesel
- image 118667

S-TYPE´s strength and reliability are certain—pledged both by dedication and precision when it is built, and by protection on the road. Engines are machined and tuned to a state of art. Interior leathers and woods are hand selected, then fastidiously crafted for a luxurious feel. Components are designed to exacting standards of accuracy for optimum performance. And driver protection, including warranty coverage, is comprehensive.1

Anticipate delight.

Soft, sumptuous leather appointments, distinctively piped. Signature Burl Walnut treatments. 16-way adjustable leather-trimmed seats that are heated, pedals that adapt to driver height, and an electric tilt and telescoping steering wheel—all with memory settings.1 Deep, enveloping premium footwell rugs. Thoughtfully placed controls that fall naturally to hand. With Jaguar, there is an expectation of comfort. And this car does not disappoint.
Details that satisfy.

STYPE details

Relevant aids like auto-leveling Xenon headlamps, a reverse parking control that senses objects in your way, DVD-based navigation, Bluetooth® wireless technology, rain-sensing windscreen wipers and optional Adaptive Cruise Control that uses radar to monitor slow traffic ahead and apply braking to maintain distance. Little wonders that don´t shout, but do help you appreciate your drive.

STYPE comfortable interior

Enjoy glorious sound from a 320-watt Alpine® audio system with 10 speakers and 6-disc CD changer. Accommodate yourself and your passenger with dual-zone climate controls. If you don´t like station seeking on long journeys, turn on SIRIUS® Satellite Radio.2 There´s even an accessory iPod® connection for your own tunes.3 Go ahead, pamper yourself.

STYPE safety

Drivers—and passengers—are protected from all sides. By Adaptive Restraint Technology that deploys driver and passenger front airbags according to many factors including occupant position, weight and safety belt use. By side curtain airbags that drop from above doors to shield outboard occupants. By four-channel anti-lock brakes–with larger R Performance discs on S-TYPE R. By Dynamic Stability Control, which automatically intervenes when sensing unsafe conditions to help prevent oversteer or understeer. And by Emergency Brake Assist, which measures brake pedal activation in emergencies and initiates full braking when needed. Feel ready for the road.

2006 Jaguar S-Type Diesel
- image 118656


  • SIRIUS Satellite Radio $450
  • Radar-based Adaptive Cruise Control $2200 
  • Xenon headlamps with automatic leveling $675
  • Rear-seat entertainment system with 7-in. monitors integrated into the back of the driver and front passenger head restraints 
  • Audio Connectivity Module for playback from almost any digital audio device through your Jaguar’s in-car entertainment system 
  • 18-in. Triton alloy wheels $800
  • 19-in. Barcelona wheels $12004
  • Front Park Control $250
  • Two-tone Dove/Charcoal interior $1,0005
  • Non-standard exterior paint, or exterior paint and interior trim combination $1000
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