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    2008 jaguar xf
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At Detroit Auto Show Jaguar unveiled the C-XF Concept, the preview for the 2009 Jaguar XF, a model that is supposed to revitalize the brand. The XF will replace the S-Type. Also the XF-R it is planned for sometime in 2010. The 2008 Jaguar XF will compete with models like Mercedes E-Class, BMW 5-Series and Lexus GS.

Although Jaguar reported big loss this year, $750 million and there are no big hopes for next year either, the brand put big hopes in their last concept unveiled at Detroit Auto Show: the Jaguar C-XF that will inspire the design for the future XF.

The XF is meant to compete with big names from the luxury class, but the big question for Jaguar is "are they really ready to become a truly luxury brand?" As you know for ages they have produced beautiful cars for people who wanted more luxury and performance than they could afford. Will the XF succeed to become a luxury car at an affordable price?

The man behind the XF design is Ian Callum who was clear about the design philosophy behind the car: "Sports sedans were Jaguar’s mantle with cars such as the Mk2 and Series 1 XJ of the 1960s – and we’re having it back! But we’re not harking back to another era for the sake of it. Instead we need to recognize design elements and move forward in a modern and contemporary way."

2008 Jaguar XF
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jaguar c-xf concept

The XF’s design will be all about "purity, visual dynamism and beauty". Its low roof and wedge-shaped lower body gave an impression of "visual latent power". Inside, the car features a very different take on Jaguar’s traditional wood-and –leather finish. The materials are there, but the wood has been scorched black, while the leather has been treated to look like carbon fiber. The XF will not use aluminum in its construction to help speed up the production development process and cut costs.

The 2008 XF will be powered by a range of engines that was first use in the Volvo’s S80: the 3.2 liter V6 and V8 engines and also the new 3.2 litre petrol six. Also the 4.2 litre V8 of the current model is expected to be upgraded to 5.0 liters. The XF will feature a six-speed automatic gearbox.

Also Jaguar will add a supercharged to both Jaguar XF models including the regular Jaguar XF which will have a 4.2 liter V8 supercharged engine producing 420 horsepower and the Jaguar XF-R which will have a 5.0 liter V8 supercharged engine producing up to 500 horsepower.

The XF will go on sale in early 2008; it will replace the S-Type and be promoted as Jaguar’s entry vehicle in the most competitive markets: Germany, Japan and the United States. A new XJ – apparently even more radical than the XF – will follow in 2009.


Jaguar first announced the S-Type in 1963, but it went on sale in 1964. It was offered with 3.4 and 3.8 L I6 Jaguar XK engines. In 1966 the 420 was added to the range. It was powered by a 4.2 L engine and shared its bodyshell with the S-type, but with front end styling similar to the larger Mark X saloon.

2008 Jaguar XF
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1964 jaguar s-type

It is thought that Jaguar developed the S-Type as a replacement for the Mark II. The earlier car been developed under the code name "Utah Mk II", and the S-Type was the "Utah Mk III". For various reasons – including the fact that the Mark II remained a strong seller even in 1963, and the Mark X was a poor seller – Jaguar decided to have all three models in its range concurrently.

The original S-Types were cancelled in August 1968 with the arrival of the larger Jaguar XJ6.

In 2000 Jaguar decided to revival the 1964 S-Type. Based on the Ford/Jaguar DEW platform, it is powered by a variety of petrol and diesel engines: 2.5 L V6 201 hp (150 kW) 2003-2005, 3.0 L V6 240 hp (180 kW), 4.0 L V8 282 hp (220 kW) 2000-2002, 4.2 L V8 300 hp (220 kW) 2003-onwards, 4.2 L V8 supercharged 390 hp (300 kW) 2003-onwards, 2.7 L V6 diesel 207bhp (152kW) 2004-onwards. The 2.5 L engine is not available for vehicles exported to the United States and Canada.

2008 Jaguar XF
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2000 jaguar s-type

In 2002 the S-TYPE gained all-new front suspension and extensively revised rear suspension. The refined and sporty layout continues into the new S-TYPE, with a modified suspension including low friction ball joints and re-tuned dampers, providing improved ride and dynamics. Across the range the new S-TYPE features Servotronic variable-ratio power steering, powerful brakes with ABS anti-lock and Emergency Brake Assist, traction control and Dynamic Stability Control, all as standard equipment.

The supercharged S-Type R joined the lineup in 2003. With 400 horsepower on tap, Jaguar’s new 4.2 litre supercharged V8 engine propels the S-TYPE R from zero to 60 mph in just 5.3 seconds and then on to an electronically limited top speed of 155 mph. What’s more, the engine’s broad torque band and the new, six-speed automatic ZF transmission ensures equally rewarding response and flexibility in everyday driving conditions.

2008 Jaguar XF
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jaguar s-type r

The rear wheel drive S-Type is currently produced with either a 5-speed manual transmission or a 6-speed J-Gate transmission that allows automatic gear selection or clutchless manual gear selection. From model years 2000 to 2002, the S-Type was equipped with either a 5-speed manual or 5-speed J-Gate Ford 5R55N transmission.

In 2004 the S-Type ntroduces a significantly improved interior, adding to the feel of contemporary luxury. A redesigned instrument pack emphasises the S-TYPE’s sporty character as well as presenting more information more clearly, and there is now a greater choice of colour and trim options. S-TYPE Sport and S-TYPE R models now have as standard a sporty aluminium facia finish. This style was made famous in Jaguar sports cars, such as the 1961 E-TYPE, but this is the first time that S-TYPE customers have been able to choose an interior without wood trim. Like the exterior, the new interior sees further improvements in material and build quality. Sporting luxury is the key-note here, in a cabin infused with Jaguar quality, from the cleverly engineered, driver-orientated ergonomics to the satisfying feel of the controls and trim.

2008 Jaguar XF
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jaguar s-type 2004

The range of petrol engines and transmissions is unchanged, but will be extended by the addition of an all-new diesel option in the middle of 2004. Petrol engine choices begin with Jaguar’s refined and efficient all-aluminium 2.5 and 3.0 litre V6s and also include both naturally aspirated and supercharged versions of the 4.2 litre V8 - the most powerful series production engine Jaguar has ever made. It is a range that offers everything, from the efficiency of the 2.5 litre V6, with its class-leading 201bhp (DIN) power output, 29.6mpg combined economy and low 229g/km CO2 rating, to the 155mph (and just 5.3sec from 0-60mph) performance of the supercharged 400bhp (DIN) S-TYPE R. Both versions of the 4.2 V8 are combined with Jaguar’s six-speed ZF automatic transmission as standard. Both V6s are available with either the six-speed automatic or a five-speed Getrag manual gearbox.


Mercedes E-Class

For over 60 years the E-Class and its predecessors have been the “heart” of Mercedes-Benz, representing basic brand values like safety, comfort, innovation, economy and quality. Since 1946 Mercedes-Benz has delivered some ten million luxury sedans to customers all over the world.

2008 Jaguar XF
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mercedes e-class

In June 2006 the E-Class was unveiled with an even more dynamic concept, additional pioneering innovations and an upgraded standard specification. 29 model variants are available - 16 Saloons and 13 Estates. As such, Mercedes-Benz will be offering the largest, most varied model range in this market segment. With outputs ranging from 100 kW/136 hp to 378 kW/ 514 hp, the new generation E-Class outpaces the previous model range (90 kW/122 hp to 350 kW/476 hp) and its competitors.

Six of the 10 engines in the new generation E-Class are new or further developments. They provide up to 60 kW/82 hp more output and up to 70 Nm more torque.

BMW 5-Series

From its launch in 2003, the E60 5 Series delivered year-on-year sales records and received numerous accolades. The new 5 Series is set to build on that success with more performance, efficiency, practicality and owner appeal. Offering new engine technology to increase performance yet improve economy by up to 25 per cent, and class-leading comfort-focused equipment such as Lane Departure Warning System, the new 5 Series is set to remain the benchmark Executive car.

2008 Jaguar XF
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bmw 5-series

The new BMW 5 Series range features a host of innovative technologies that make the world’s best Executive car even better. Engine innovations such as High Precision Direct Injection and twin-turbocharging improve performance and economy alongside class-leading comfort technologies such as Lane Departure Warning System and Head-up Display.

Lexus GS

This aggressive design makes the GS appear closer to the ground than it actually is, adding to an overall sportier appearance. Integrated foglights and an exposed steel-tipped dual exhaust accent the revamped look.

2008 Jaguar XF
- image 141957
lexus gs430

The GS 430 comes equipped with 18 x 8.0-inch alloy wheels, combined with 245/40ZR18 tires. The GS 300 features 17 x 7.5-inch alloy wheels and 225/50VR tires, both standard. In addition to their sporty appearance, these lightweight wheels and performance tires allow for quicker steering and handle the road better. The Z speed rating for the GS 430 18-inch tires means that the tires are designed to accommodate speeds of over 149 mph.

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