Jaguar released information about its revisions to the European versions of its oldie-but-goodie XJ. Although there was no official word on what will make it across the pond in 2009, we can take a pretty good guess.

Since the car is up for a complete redesign in 2010, there is not a whole lot of innovation expected for 2009. New things to expect in from this XJ include improved seats with cooling function, standard navigation, parking radar, and bi-xenon lighting.

2009 Jaguar XJ
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One thing that we don’t expect is for any of the 2.7-liter diesel versions to make the boat trip. Instead we’ll solider on with the big ’ol 4.2-liter V8. Oddly enough Jaguar is calling the supercharged version of this engine the "Super V8", instead of any mention of the XJR (which is one level below the Super in the U.S.). This may suggest the XJR name will be dropped in anticipation of the V8 getting enlarged to 5.0-liters, and/or the XJR reappearing with the 5.0-liter engine at a later date.

The pricing revealed for the 2009 XJ line is within £1,000 or less than last year’s pricing. Hopefully that will sat that way for the States too.

Press release after the jump.

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Press release

Jaguar has revised the line-up of the award-winning XJ, offering customers even better value-for-money with a host of additional features now offered at no extra cost.

UK Managing Director, Geoff Cousins, said: "The latest Jaguar XJ already benefits from stronger exterior styling for a more assertive and sporting appearance, significant improvements to the interior, and the latest intuitive in-car technology.

"Recent improvements to the interior include an all-new seat design for improved comfort and support and heated front seats standard across the range while air-cooling is now standard on Sovereign models. The XJ also gained an increase in rear leg and foot room thanks to redesigned front seat backs, allowing easier access to the back seats.

"Within the large premium sector, the updated XJ range offers even more outstanding value-for-money for the luxury customer who seeks refinement and dynamic performance combined with a competitive fuel economy. With two highly acclaimed engines to choose from, the XJ is undoubtedly a smart choice for buyers in today’s market."

For the second year running, the XJ 2.7-litre diesel was named Britain’s Greenest Luxury Car in the Environmental Transport Association’s 2008 Car Buyers Guide. The award recognises Jaguar’s commitment to delivering CO2 and fuel consumption advantages to customers, with the development of industry-leading diesel engines and application of advanced lightweight aluminium vehicle architectures.

Renowned for its all-aluminium body construction, the updated XJ line-up offers a choice of two engines for customers – the XJ diesel which offers drivers of luxury saloons the option to choose a car with combined fuel economy of 35.0mpg* and CO2 emissions of only 209g/km** – an improved figure for 2009, or the mighty 4.2-litre supercharged V8 petrol which has been named ’Super V8’.

XJ Executive 2.7-litre Diesel – The Executive is priced at £44,599 and now includes satellite navigation as standard as well as front and rear parking aids, Bi-xenon headlamps with headlamp washers, bright mesh lower grille and side vents and Jaguar tread plates.

XJ Sovereign 2.7-litre Diesel – The Sovereign is priced at £50,472 and features 20" Takoba wheels as standard along with 16/16 soft grain leather heated and cooled seats with embossed front headrests and a leatherette instrument panel and grab handles, plus Jaguar tread plates and front and rear lambs wool rug set.

The Sovereign adds to the Executive specification with DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting), metallic paint, power fold mirrors, heated rear seats, premium sound system with six CD changer and Jaguar Voice.

The Sport Premium specification is no longer available in the XJ.

XJ Super V8 4.2-litre Petrol – The Super V8 is priced at £57,760 and features the critically acclaimed 4.2-litre supercharged engine previously found in the XJR and boasts a luxurious interior with chrome side vents and Rich Oak veneer as standard.

Other standard features offered with the Super V8 option include Jaguar’s high performance braking system with black painted callipers and a Super V8 badge.

At a Glance


  • Contemporary exterior styling for assertive and sporting appearance – including revised front-end design, new side power vents, rear aero spoiler, full width chrome ’signature blade’ and new rear bumper introduced in 08.
  • XJ range offers either the highly acclaimed 2.7-litre V6 twin-turbo diesel and 400bhp (DIN) 4.2-litre supercharged petrol V8.
  • XJ diesel offers improved CO2 figure of 209g/km and combined fuel economy of 35.0mpg.
  • Satellite navigation, front and rear parking aids, Bi-xenon headlamps with headlamp washers, bright mesh lower grille and side vents – now standard on all models.
  • Revised interior with all-new seat design for improved comfort and support. Heated front seats standard across the range with optional air-cooling also available from 08.
  • All-aluminium body construction ensures sports-car handling, supreme comfort and significant fuel savings over equivalent steel-bodied cars.
  • Every XJ comes with sophisticated safety features such as Computer Active Technology Suspension, Advanced Restraint Technology System, Automatic Speed Limiter and optional Tyre Pressure Monitoring System.
  • Latest BluetoothTM connectivity allows up to five approved phones to be paired to the in-car telephone system.


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  (233) posted on 12.8.2008

yea but i was being conservative lol... thats on stock internals most can make 700hp... some have gone over 800whp on stock internals that i’ve heard of and i’ve heard of some approaching 1400bhp b4... thats ridiculous when a 4.6 v-8 only makes 300 and a 5 liter supercharged only makes 500... lol ford needs to get with the program and step their game up a bit if they wanna stay in business... its a good thing their v-10 trucks and diesels are worth something cus if they weren’t they’d probably already be outta business

AK47  (1024) posted on 12.8.2008

More like 1200hps.

AK47  (233) posted on 12.7.2008

lol very well put... the mustang is a great comparison to a supercharger lol... it makes sense that the supercharged 5 liter v-8 in the mustang would only make 500hp... when a 2.6 liter turbo rb26 can make around 700... that is a perfect example of how superchargers are obsolete

AK47  (1024) posted on 12.7.2008

Why not? Because superchargers spell nimwits who haven’t learnt to play with the revs. Like jtm said, turbos nowadays are nearly lagless and can provide much higher levels of boost. It would be easier just to get a naturally aspirated engine or if you want plenty of thrust, get a turbo monster.

The no lag excuse used to work back in the times when turbos had plenty of lag and engines had miserable hps per liter. Now its not needed. All the bigtime horsepower players have turbos or are naturally aspirated. Superchargers are like the Mustangs antiquated rear suspension, laughable in these times.

AK47  (233) posted on 12.7.2008

yea except a turbo on a v-8 would have near instant response anyways and provide such a higher boost and hp increase lol... superchargers are kinda obsolete now days with dual ball bearing turbos that hit full spool at 3k rmp... like why even bother with a supercharger that can only hit like 14psi boost if you’re lucky when a turbo quite a few turbos go over 20psi..

hell if you’re gonna use a supercharger at least make it a twincharger system lol

AK47  (35) posted on 12.6.2008

Why not? They use turbos in the 2.7 diesel, and something has to be said for the fact that supercharged sounds a lot better than turbocharged on the sales brochures...

AK47  (1024) posted on 12.5.2008

Why does Jaguar have to use superchargers.

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