As with every other aftermarket tuning company, there are those that specialize in one brand above all others and become synonymous for their work on that particular auto brand.

For Arden, that brand is Jaguar.

As the premier specialists in Jaguar tuning, Arden has released a number of packages especially devoted to the British marquee and has always received great acclaim for their work. Arden has continued that approach after releasing their latest modification kit for one of Jaguar’s new vehicles, the 2010 XJ saloon.

The mod kit, which covers, the exterior, interior, and powertrain of the XJ is yet another testament to the brand’s unique expertise in tuning Jaguars. For this particular time, the aftermarket-tuning firm worked on a discreet styling kit, giving it a rather unique bespoke appearance yet doesn’t do so in an overly exaggerated manner. The company changed the XJ’s front appearance by putting in a stainless steel mesh grille, installing a set of LED fog lights, 21-inch lightweight alloy wheels with a two-tone finish and a multi-spoke design, and, in a fit of nostalgia, brought back the old ‘leaping cat’ emblem that Jaguar dropped from their vehicles a few years ago.

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Arden’s interior package for the XJ saloon is where it gets a little interesting. Already dressed to impress by all accounts, Arden ratcheted up the luxurious feel of the interior by allowing prospective customers the option to choose from a number of finishes, including Conoll leather or Alcantara. In addition to that, the tuning firm is also giving customers the liberty to choose the car’s trim; with carbon, chrome, and wood being the options. Last, Arden is installing a dynamic lighting system on the interior of the XJ with indirect light positioned on specific areas of the interior, allowing the lights to accentuate the overall design of the XJ’s interior. Arden is also offering to upgrade the car’s entertainment system as an option for those who would be interested.

As we mentioned, Arden also did modifications on the XJ’s powerplant, but unfortunately, the tuning firm has still to release details on that front. Nevertheless, we’ll be sure to provide the details on the engine upgrade as soon as they become available.

Source: Arden

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  (592) posted on 12.28.2010

the Aston grille is the Aston grille because it is what David Brown slapped on the first DB cars back in the ’50s. The iconic
Jaguar oval grille is the iconic Jaguar oval grille because that is what Malcolm Sayer slapped on the Jaguar D-type back in the ’50s

  (677) posted on 11.17.2010

It has the Leaper, so it’s automatically better, with or without the performance upgrades.

  (1211) posted on 11.16.2010

This ’Jaguar’ is an Aston with an oval grill. The Aston Martins look fabulous, but so did the Jaguars without having to look alike.

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