Jaguar’s long rumored XE model is finally making its way towards production as confirmed with the newest spy shots of the small roadster. First thought to be dropped due to struggling sales, the XE project has been seen spot testing with almost zero camouflage, and we like what we see.

The retractable hard top that was first thought to featured on the XE is obviously vacant, and a soft top can be found in its place. This, as well as the rest of the design language, falls in line with all of the latest Jaguar models. The Roadster will be built on the same platform as the XK, so we wouldn’t be surprised to see the same package from the XKR-S in the upcoming model. As for the engine lineup, the XE will feature a range of V6 engines, and a V8 for the top R version.

Expect the new XE model to be launched sometime next year as a direct competitor for models like the Porsche 911.

UPDATE 09/19/2011: The production version of the Jaguar C-X16 concept has been caught testing in the European Alps. The production version, rumored to be called XE will be offered in both roadster and coupe versions, with the coupe also getting a GT3 version.

UPDATE 10/24/2011 : Jaguar has recently filled a patent at the U.S. Patent Office for the "C-XE" moniker which is leading people to believe that the next sports car will use that name instead. It is also believed that the roadster version will be called the R-XE. The only problem is that the "R" letter in the Jaguar world usually refers to a high performance sports car.


Source: Straightline

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  (474) posted on 01.5.2012

This XE will surely catch lots of attention for it had a splendor look that everyone would love, and it seems that you can line up this to those convertible cars that are irresistible.

  (248) posted on 10.12.2011

It didn’t look like a concept for me. I think it is the simplest concept car that I saw. Anyway, it sounds great to know that it had a two engine option, but I’m quite curious on its interior features.

  (539) posted on 09.30.2011

Facing new model cars, jaguar always on its best for competing with their best cars. Jaguar XE now dealing on top features, I just wanted more for this version.

  (474) posted on 09.15.2011

The color of the car is great. Jaguar brand is one the best car brand in the market and the price of jaguar brand is crazy.

  (762) posted on 09.14.2011

It is really had a looks of an elegant and sophisticated car. I bet buyers will move quickly to have this Jaguar XE.

  (599) posted on 09.13.2011

Almost perfect in my eyes! smiley V8 engine, is quite good for it and can surely give quite good performance on this awesome convertible car. I wonder what will be the market price of this car.

  (473) posted on 09.9.2011

This XE will surely caught lots of attention for it had a splendor look that everyone would love and it seems that you can line up this to those convertible cars that are irresistible.

  (683) posted on 09.2.2011

I bet everyone would get so excited on the market production of this awesome convertible car from Jaguar. It really looks great with its own stunning appearance.

  (224) posted on 08.31.2011

Jaguar has confirmed the production of this car. Well, it’s a great thing that they have used a soft rooftop for this car to make it maintain its awesome speed. 

  (296) posted on 08.31.2011

Well, I have to say that I’m really impressed with the speed performance of the car. And the roadster version is kind of awesome. It’s a good thing that they have boosted the speed performance of the car. 

  (415) posted on 08.11.2011

Wow! A very impressive sports car!.. It’s like purposely built for women.. It’s a good news that it’s already making its way to production! I guess it will be another big hit for Jaguar! Its female driver definitely suits the appearance of this sports car. Very feminine yet cool.

  (248) posted on 08.3.2011

Agreed. First of all, Jaguar needs to confirm this concept or if they have a concrete plan for its production. Well, it seems that this car will debut along with the Lamborghini’s secret vehicle which will reveal in the e Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

  (242) posted on 08.3.2011

Hell! Who is that beautiful lad driving that car?hehe. Jaguar is really fond of making rumors and yet they discontinue its production. I was thinking that this car would be as powerful as the Porsche 911 since it is the Jaguar’s direct competitor. Still, it would be better not to expect its debut earlier this year.

  (287) posted on 08.2.2011

Same thing here. I never thought that it is a Jaguar. It looks cool and aggressive. I do like the shape and the designs of the car because I’m really into convertible cars. I hope that the production model will also be like this.

  (473) posted on 08.2.2011

I’m liking the decency of its design for it uses the same package that can be found in the XKR-S. It seems that Jaguar have different plan on its engine. However, using a v8 engine technology I bet the speed performance of the car would be similar to the standard 500 hp.

  (594) posted on 08.2.2011

Roadster has a big issue in weight with its retractable roof and it will makes the car to become slower. Using a soft roof top it will definitely control the weight gain of the car. Seems like we can’t expect any stunning features in the car for it was based from XKR-S.

  (599) posted on 06.30.2011

At first, I thought it was not a Jaguar type but impressively, it is. The cool factor and mildness of the design makes this model on the top.

  (273) posted on 06.28.2011

This one still somewhat looks like it is in the early stage of development, but it is still looking very good. Just hope that the final one would also be this good.

  (415) posted on 06.27.2011

This one actually looks quite impressive I must admit that I am not really that fond of Jaguar models, but this one certainly caught my eyes.

  (320) posted on 06.24.2011

This one definitely looks cool, but the only disappointment that I think this one has for me would be the absence of the retractable top. I am not really a big fan of soft tops.

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