It was just last week when we brought proof that Jaguar is working on a hardcore version of the XKR-S, and now the car has been caught testing again taking some very fast laps around the famous Nurburgring race track. Could this be Jaguar’s answer to the Mercedes Black Series line from AMG?

Compared to a standard XKR-S, the new prototype features some significant changes: a deeper front spoiler with canards mounted on the sides, a different engine hood with more air outlets, and a massive rear wing. On the interior, the standard front seats will be replaced by new bucket seats and the rear seats will be non-existent.

Since there is a new hood on this bad boy, as well as a stiffer suspension, we assume that it will be toting more than the usual 550 HP. All of these new elements, as well as the almost definite power increase, should make for a very potent track orientated supercar.


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  (394) posted on 06.19.2012

Jaguar’s only appropriate to have it empowered more because it’s going to be on a tougher run.c

  (596) posted on 06.19.2012

Of course, I already expected it to be more powerful because it would be running on the tracks.

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