One-off SUV fetches hefty price tag at the Ben Ball auction

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Automakers have always put particular importance on charity auctions. Not only is it good publicity for the brand, it also provides these companies with opportunities to make some form of contribution for the benefit of others. At one point or another, a car brand has gone the charity auction route to help raise money and awareness for a cause, and the latest to do so is Jaguar, which presented a unique F-Pace SUV that ultimately raised £102,500 ($127,920) at the annual Ben Ball in the U.K.

The SUV is officially known as the F-Pace Designer Edition, a title it was given because of the particular involvement of Jaguar’s famous head designer Ian Callum. It could as well have been called the F-Pace Ian Callum Edition too because, according to Jag, Callum himself was responsible for all of its bespoke appointments, which covers certain sections of its exterior and interior.

Seeing as how well-dressed the standard F-Pace already is, the Designer Edition is a next-level upgrade that adds extra splashes of shine into the SUV’s overall make-up. The fact that it’s also based on the range-topping F-Pace S variant means that it not only looks the part of a special edition SUV, it also performs like one.

The one-off F-Pace Designer’s Edition fetched a pretty impressive price at the Ben Ball auction given that the F-Pace S comes with a starting price of $57,700. Sadly, Jaguar has no plans to build any more F-Pace Design Editions after the one that was auctioned off at the Ben Ball. Those who got priced out at the auction can take comfort though since Jaguar appears to still have units of the F-Pace First Edition available in the U.K. That’s a good alternative, as are the myriad of options and accessories that the automaker is offering for the SUV in the first place.

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What makes the Jaguar F-Pace Designers Edition so special

It’s a one-off make that Jaguar is unlikely to do again. That in itself makes the F-Pace Designers Edition special. I do agree though that there is an innate specialness about the F-Pace Designers Edition that goes beyond its one-off quality. It comes with the stamp of approval of no less than Ian Callum, one of the most renowned auto designers in the industry today. The fact that Callum personally oversaw all the details that went into this specific F-Pace S elevates it to a new level of class and prestige.

2017 Jaguar F-Pace Designer Edition High Resolution Exterior
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In some ways, the upgrades themselves aren’t the story here, but they do provide compelling reminders of Callum’s skills as a designer. Take the exterior for example. In standard form, the SUV comes in 14 different colors, including three premium colors (Tempest Grey, Ingot, and Storm Grey) that cost an extra $1,500 as an added option. It’s not surprising then that Callum picked one of these three color schemes for the F-Pace Designers Edition, dressing up the one-off SUV in the Storm Grey color while complementing it with the inclusion of Jaguar’s Black Pack. This extra package features Gloss Black trim details spread throughout the SUV’s body, including the radiator grille, side power vents, and rear valance. Even the body-colored door claddings have been finished with Gloss Black finishers. Finishing off the upgrades on this area of the SUV is a new set of 22-inch Double Helix alloy wheels that doesn’t even come as a standard option for the SUV.

The combination of the Storm Grey body color, Jaguar’s Black Pack, and the fancy set of wheels all contribute to create a unique style to the F-Pace Designers Edition. It’s sporty and elegant at the same time, all while packing a wallop of an engine for good measure. Before we dive deep into that though, let’s take a detour to the SUV’s cabin where Callum’s influence is just as significant. There are actually just two prominent additions to the cabin, one being the Ebony Taurus leather trim and the other the matching Light Oyster stitching. Neither the trim nor the stitching are available as options in those exact same colors, which goes to show the lengths by which Callum went to give the F-Pace Designer’s Edition as unique a look as possible.

Hear it from the man himself as Callum talks about his creation in the most glowing of items. “The F-Pace was a real pleasure to design, and the result is something we are incredibly proud of, but this ‘Designer Edition’ is in essence my ultimate F-Pace,” he said.

If it really is Callum’s “ultimate” F-Pace, he certainly made the right choice in using the range-topping F-Pace S variant for this particular one-off build. Not only does it get a lot of the amenities and creature comforts that other variants of the F-Pace don’t have, it also has a 3.0-liter supercharged V-6 engine that pumps out a sick 380 horsepower and 332 pound-feet of torque. That’s good enough to propel the SUV from 0 to 60 mph in just 5.1 seconds – 0.1 seconds quicker than the Porsche Macan S, to go with a top speed of 155 mph.

2017 - 2019 Jaguar F-Pace High Resolution Interior
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The identity of the winning bidder wasn’t disclosed, but he got himself a good one with the F-Pace Designers Edition. It may have cost more than even I expected, but at the end of the day, there’s no price that can be paid for a one-off vehicles that was designed no less by Ian Callum himself. And if that’s not enough, the winning bidder also received a one-off Owner’s Portfolio that will certifies the uniqueness of the ‘Designer Edition’ was a true on-off model, while also and providing some insight into Ian Callum’s choices in specifying the car. It also includes a bespoke sketch drawn and signed by the man himself.

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A unique Jaguar F-PACE, personally specified by Jaguar Director of Design Ian Callum, has raised £102,500 at the annual charitable Ben Ball
The one of a kind car is finished in Storm Grey paint, fitted with the Black Pack and 22-inch Double Helix wheels – not available as a standard option on the F-PACE
The winner of the F-PACE ‘Designer Edition’ lot also receives a special Owner’s Portfolio, featuring words from Ian Callum and a one-off design sketch
Jaguar Land Rover UK MD, Jeremy Hicks, also announced his ‘Channel Swim Challenge’ at the event, hoping to raise more than £150,000 swimming the Channel with 11 colleagues

Whitley, Coventry – 15th December, 2016 – A one-of-a-kind Jaguar F-PACE ‘Designer Edition’, described by Jaguar Director of Design, Ian Callum, as his ‘Director’s Cut’, has raised £102,500 at the annual charitable Ben Ball. The F-PACE 3.0 V6 S also comes with a unique Owner’s Portfolio, featuring an introduction by Ian Callum and a bespoke sketch.

Each element of the F-PACE ‘Designer Edition’ has been personally specified by Callum to create his ideal example of the F-PACE, Jaguar’s first-ever SUV. Finished in Storm Grey paint, paired with the Black Pack, Callum also picked out Ebony Taurus leather with Light Oyster stitching and 22-inch Double Helix alloy wheels – not available as a standard F-PACE option.

The one-off Owner’s Portfolio delivered with the car certifies the uniqueness of the ‘Designer Edition’ and provides insight into Ian Callum’s choices in specifying the car. It also includes a bespoke sketch drawn and signed by the man himself.

Ian Callum, Jaguar Director of Design, said: “The F-PACE was a real pleasure to design, and the result is something we are incredibly proud of, but this ‘Designer Edition’ is in essence my ultimate F-PACE. You’ve got this wonderful positioning of the Storm Grey paint against the details of the Black Pack, complete with those wonderful 22-inch wheels that look like they’re taking the car forwards, even at a standstill.”

The Ben Ball also marked the announcement of Jaguar Land Rover UK MD Jeremy Hicks’ Channel Swim Challenge. In August 2017 Jeremy will be swimming the English Channel as part of a two-team relay with 11 of his Jaguar Land Rover colleagues, hoping to raise more than £150,000 for Ben, the automotive industry’s dedicated charity.

“Ben is a vital lifeline, with its sole purpose to help improve the health and wellbeing of those in the automotive industry and their families. I really wanted to challenge myself, my team and also the industry to get behind Ben, as our own dedicated industry charity. I’m pushing myself physically because it’s all too easy for us to take our good health for granted, and with our help Ben can come to the aid of those in our industry that need it most.”

The Jaguar F-PACE, priced from £35,020, is available to order now at Jaguar UK retailers.

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