It’s The Meanest Jaguar F-Type One Could Possibly Imagine

Although it was revealed in prototype form at the beginning of the year, the Lister Thunder is no more. Say hello to the Lister LFT-666. The Thunder - a Lister tuned F-Type is renamed to LFT-666 to better fall in line with the future products that will spawn from the revived British car company. As it turns out, Lister is on the way to become an exclusive tuner of Jaguar cars. I wouldn’t be surprised if they do something like Polestar did with Volvo. Nevertheless, the company is still in its infancy, but if we are to judge by the first car they revealed, Lister will be a blast.

Lister Motor Company, Lawrence Whittaker, CEO says, “Over the past six months the Lister Motor Company has been working hard on developing our Tuning Division, starting with modifying the Jaguar F-Type. Originally, we named the prototype the Lister ‘Thunder’, however, due to future model lineage, all 99-production models will now be known as the Lister LFT-666, a befitting title and one where an intrigued passer-by instantly knows the brake horsepower of each Lister model.”

Although revealed only in the prototype form, Lister received a record number of orders for the Thunder (now the LFT-666). Finally, the company released a lot more info about it and let me tell you right away - it’s an awesome car.

What Makes the Lister LFT-666 Stand Out Compared to the Jaguar F-Type?

2018 Lister LFT-666 Exterior Wallpaper quality
- image 764108
I am not quite sure what Lister's main goal was, as the car itself looks rather striking and mean

Looking at this fine render one would not say that Lister did much to drizzle the Jag F-Type with new features. You’d be wrong, as the car as a whole received numerous updates, starting with the exterior. Lister did not beat around the bush with this one. It designed carbon fiber elements and body panels, not only to make the F-Type meaner but stiffer as well. Aerodynamically adapted carbon-fiber elements such as the front bumper, front splitter, rear diffuser, rear lip spoiler, and extended wheel arches help the Lister LFT-666 achieve better on-track performance. I am not quite sure what Lister’s main goal was, as the car itself looks rather striking and mean. With a newly designed grille and green accents on it, the Lister LFT-666 is a devil. Yes, the numbers inspired me to think of it as the devil. After all, numbers represent the power of the 5.0-liter, supercharged, V-8. 666 horsepower. Hellish enough!

Completing the indignant and resentful exterior look, Lister installed all black alloys with Michelin tires. It is an arrogant piece of British aristocracy.

How Fast is the Lister LFT-666?

2018 Lister LFT-666 Exterior
- image 781881
It will slash to 100 mph in 6.8 seconds and continue its top speed climb to a striking 208 mph.

Giving the new carbon fiber parts to the F-Type allegedly increased the stiffness of the whole car. Further enhancing it with new suspension components (I presume adjustable coilovers, and stiffer roll bars), the LFT-666 became a far better-sorted car compared to the one Jaguar actually sells. And, it has to be better dynamically if Lister Tuning Division is to become what Brabus is for Mercedes or Alpine for BMW.

Lister CEO, Lawrence Whittaker noted that was their goal all the way back when they were introducing the prototype Lister Thunder. Then, Lister CEO shared that this car (which became the LFT-666) will be the fastest car in Lister history. It will slash to 100 mph in 6.8 seconds and continue its top speed climb to a striking 208 mph. Seriously fast. Supercar fast in fact.

Obviously, Lister Tuning division did a lot to transform the F-Type into something supercar worthy. The changes did reach the interior as well with Lister spicing things up with a new steering wheel, possibly new seats (at least upholstery,) and hand stitched leather on the dashboard, door cards, roof lining, and steering wheel.

The Future

2018 Lister LFT-666
- image 789497
The kit isn’t of the limited edition variety, but you will have to churn out $12,800 for it.

While the car certainly looks and, thanks to new exhausts, sounds awesome, one looking to buy it has to act fast. Lister has limited its production to only 99 units. However, apart from the LFT-666, which is basically a halo car for the company, Lister offers an LFT styling package. It is a kit that includes numerous additions that transforms the standard Jag F-Type into something that looks remarkably similar to the LFT-666. The kit isn’t of the limited edition variety, but you will have to churn out $12,800 for it. That’s a lot, but in line with similar completing tuning kits one may get from the likes of Liberty Walk or others.

According to Lister’s CEO, the car company will invest heavily next year in an attempt to widen its production capacity, employ up to 50 people, and present the fastest SUV in the world.

2018 Lister LFT-666 Exterior Wallpaper quality
- image 764110

“The future of Lister is extremely exciting. We are investing £10million into the Lister Motor Company over the next two years, including a new dedicated 25,000 sq. ft. Lister head office and showroom in Lancashire, creating over 50 new jobs in the local area. We also have more new models to follow soon, including exciting news on our attempt at creating the world’s fastest SUV, which I can announce will be named the Lister LFP,” Whittaker concluded.

Now, I did find out that the Lister LFP will be based on top of the Jaguar F-Type SVR which is only expected considering the sheer might that car wrecked upon us only months ago. Furthermore, a Lister Storm 2 may be in the works. If you know your supercars, you may remember that the Lister Storm was actually a 1993 racing car with a 7.0-liter, Jaguar, V-12 engine. I’d like to see a new Storm. Imagine it looking like that exciting, sexy, C-X75. One can dream.


2018 Lister LFT-666 Exterior
- image 781881

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