Jaguar is saying goodbye to its flagship sedan the only way it knows how

The current-generation Jaguar XJ X351 is nearing the end of its decade-long run and the British automaker is commemorating the occasion by turning the last 300 units of the XJ into a special edition version called the XJ Collection. Available only for the U.S. market, the XJ Collection comes with exclusive touches befitting of a special edition model. More than that, the car is a proper swan song to Jag’s established but aging full-sized sedan. The XJ X351 has been in the market since 2010 and with rumors swirling about the next-generation XJ’s possible electric future, this could be the last chance you have of buying a pure V-8-powered, special edition XJ. The Jaguar XJ Collection starts at $85,000. There’s no word yet on when the it will be made available, though.

What Makes the Jaguar XJ Collection special?

2020 Jaguar XJ Collection
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It is pretty amazing that the Jaguar XJ lasted as long as it did. First introduced in 2009 in London with Jay Leno and Elle McPherson — remember her? — unveiling the car, the XJ has gone through a lot in its near-decade-long run in the market. But just as the sun rises, it also sets, and the sun of the XJ is about to set, ending what is arguably the most successful iteration of Jaguar’s long-standing full-size sedan.

But before Jag ushers in a new era of the XJ (more on that later), the British automaker is giving the current generation a proper send-off, one fit for its stature.

The Jaguar XJ Collection is limited to just 300 units, and each one of them is earmarked for the U.S. market.

That hardly comes as a surprise considering America is one of Jag’s biggest markets, not just for the XJ, but for its entire model lineup.

The XJ Collection is based on the rear-drive, long-wheelbase version of the XJ. Would you have expected anything less? If Jag’s saying goodbye to its flagship sedan, you bet it’s going to do it in style. The stretched version adds almost five inches in length — 206.6 inches from 201.7 inches — compared to the standard XJ. That’s extra legroom for everyone!

Beyond its outright size, the XJ Collection also comes with exclusive touches that are reserved for all 300 units that wear the special edition’s name.

Three unique color combinations are available, though if I’m being honest, the British Racing Green exterior get-up and the black-and-tan interior should be the default choice.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t look at the other two color combinations — Yulong White or Santorini Black with a black or ivory interior upholstery — but if you really want to make a loud statement and proudly tout the XJ Collection as a piece of British automotive history, British Racing Green is the color you should choose. Whatever color you choose, your XJ Collection will also come with enough “Collection” badging to shout its exclusivity to the world. The luxury rig also sits on a set of 20-inch wheels that come with an exclusive satin gray finish.

2020 Jaguar XJ Collection
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There are no aerodynamic upgrades in the XJ Collection, and there’s no need for any. The sedan is the epitome of Jaguar luxury; fancy splitters and rear wings don’t belong in it.

Step inside the cavernous interior and you’ll be greeted by enough wood trim that’s going to make you feel sorry for all the trees that were sacrificed in the name of dressing up the cabin. The door panels come with gloss oak veneers with unique linear laser inlays while the steering wheel features a luxurious wood-and-leather treatment. On the dash sits an “XJ Collection One of 300” intaglio, a printing technique in which a message or an image is incised into a surface and the sunken area holds the ink. However you describe it, the finished product looks eye-catching, especially the “One of 300” identifier. The rest of the interior remains stock, though Jaguar also added metal tread-plates that are exclusive to the special edition XJ.

2017 Jaguar XJ
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The rest of the interior is made up of elements and equipment that you’ll normally find in “standard” XJL models. Jag’s 10-inch touchscreen comes standard in the XJ Collection. That should provide you access to the automaker’s InControl Touch Pro infotainment software. A Meridian audio system is also part of the package, complete with all 20 speakers that you can find in lesser XJs. Fortunately, the XJ Collection also receives a revised version of the aforementioned InControl Touch Pro infotainment system with voice command navigation and a free Smartphone Pack that includes AppleCarPlay and Android Auto integration. Chalk this up as a win for the XJ Collection because, for the longest time, the Jag’s InControl Touch Pro infotainment software has been one of its weak points.

Trunk space remains at 16.9 cubic feet. It’s not as spacious as the ones offered in the BMW 7 Series or the Porsche Panamera, but there is enough space to fit a few suitcases comfortably. That counts for something, as does the power trunk lid, which comes standard on the XJ Collection.

2015 Jaguar XJL - Driven Drivetrain
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Now let’s move to the engine.

The Jaguar XJ Collection is powered by the same 5.0-liter supercharged V-8 engine that has become a staple of Jaguar’s model lineup.

The V-8 produces a stout 470 horsepower and 424 pound-feet of torque. All the power goes to the two rear wheels courtesy of an eight-speed automatic transmission. Jaguar didn’t say how quick the XJ Collection can sprint from 0 to 60 mph, but since the standard XJL Supercharged V8 can do the deed in 4.9 seconds, there’s no reason to believe that the XJ Collection can’t pull off the same time. It is, after all, based on the XJL Supercharged trim. The top speed should remain unchanged at 155 mph. That’s electronically limited so unless Jaguar has a surprise for all of us, don’t expect the XJ Collection to hit a higher Vmax, even if you have a clear stretch of road to try to find out.

2020 Jaguar XJ Collection
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Jaguar XJ Collection specifications
Engine 5.0-liter supercharged V-8
Horsepower 470 HP
Torque 424 LB-FT
0 to 60 mph 4.9 seconds
Top Speed 155 mph

Only 300 units of the Jaguar XJ Collection will be made. They also happen to be the last 300 production models of the XJ.

Each one is priced at $85,000, which is a bargain considering that the model it’s based on, the XJL Supercharged V8, actually starts at $97,200.

You’re looking at saving almost $12,000 by buying the XJ Collection. It seems that even on its last legs, the Jaguar XJ is still giving us reasons to enjoy it.

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