The Jeep Wrangler Apache by Mopar is also in the concepts list that made their debut at the 2012 Easter Jeep Safari before being available for customers later this summer. The model is powered by a new Mopar 6.4-liter HEMI V-8 engine that delivers approximately 470 HP and 470 lb.-ft. of torque to the rear wheels. The engine will be mated to either a five-speed automatic transmission or the six-speed manual transmission also found in the 2012 Wrangler.

The new Jeep Wrangler Apache will also be distinguished by Mopar Pro 60 5.13 front and rear axles, a 4.5-inch Stage 3 long arm lift kit and off-road bead-lock wheels. For the exterior package, Mopar will add high-clearance flat fenders, rock rails, front and rear half-door kits, a Stinger front bumper, and a Warn 9.5ti XP winch. The interior will add Katzkin leather seats, a locking center console box, and different Mopar modifications.


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  (419) posted on 07.17.2012

@Spencer This time they might be able to place a V8 engine on the Apache, but with the next-generation or following models, they must place a turbo charge engine under its hood. 

  (553) posted on 07.5.2012

@Spencer This time they might be able to place a V8 engine on the Apache, but with the next-generation or following models, they must place a turbo charge engine under its hood. 

  (504) posted on 07.4.2012

Good to have it equipped with V8 engine. We are assured that it will give better results in performance and output.

  (365) posted on 06.26.2012

Apparently, it serves its purpose well. Mopar has only accessorized it for a more appealing look.

  (417) posted on 06.25.2012

If I were you guys, I won’t bring this into dirt. It’s hard to make a car wash all by yourself.

  (224) posted on 06.22.2012

It’s very good for off-road function experiences.

  (544) posted on 06.21.2012

I don’t see myself driving Jeep in the city, maybe if I’m traveling out of town.

  (194) posted on 06.20.2012

Actually, it’s so perfect to picture this running far from the urban places.

  (683) posted on 06.18.2012

If only live on the countryside, I might actually purchase this Jeep.

  (831) posted on 06.15.2012

I think the style is purposely done as non-existent for it to seem focused on powering and performance.

  (317) posted on 06.6.2012

Who needs a highly stylish vehicle when it can’t be functional and reliable anyway? This one is more ideal for its power and efficiency!

  (577) posted on 06.4.2012

The appeal that it has is weird. It’s not outrageous, yet it’s attention catching.

  (541) posted on 06.1.2012

Mopar’s tuning is apparently minimalist that it makes it insipid, but it oddly appeals to many.

  (442) posted on 05.17.2012

The toughness and competitiveness can already be visualized by just looking at its wheels. The con about its exterior is that the paint job is cheaply done.

  (466) posted on 05.13.2012

If we’ll only base our judgments upon its appearance, then surely, not a lot will be attracted to it. However, its engine is promising of a great power and high performance.

  (553) posted on 05.10.2012

From its appearance, you can already assume that it’s high-performing and mighty. It lacks the style, yes, but I don’t think it contributes to its reliability and competitiveness anyway.

  (474) posted on 05.10.2012

You’d not notice the blandness of it appearance as you’d be too busy being astounded by its capability.

  (473) posted on 05.4.2012

This is so inexplicably attractive; the blandness of its style is even appealing, and I don’t know how that is possible.

  (484) posted on 05.2.2012

Evident on its figure and wheels is its reliability! And did I mention that it oozes with the quality of competitiveness?

  (526) posted on 04.24.2012

It doesn’t have too many designs, but it has a strong appearance. It also uses simple colors with a powerful appeal.

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