If Jeep can create the Nacho Concept, what’s stopping you from doing the same?

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Almost a year after debuting at the Easter Jeep Moab Safari, the Jeep Wrangler Nacho Concept made its way east to the 2019 Chicago Auto Show where it once again flexed its muscle for all the world to see. Based on a 2018 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, the Wrangler Nacho Concept is what happens when a customer goes balls-to-the-wall with Jeep and Mopar’s encyclopedia-like parts catalogs. Everything from aesthetic upgrades to important equipment is represented in the Nacho Concept. The objective, at least according to Jeep, is to showcase a blueprint for off-roaders to follow, particularly those who are looking to create their own custom trail vehicle. The Jeep Wrangler Nacho Concept is unlikely to hit production, but that shouldn’t stop customers from recreating it on their own or go all-out in creating something that makes the Nacho Jeep look tame by comparison. Could there be a Jeep Wrangler Guacamole in our future?


  • Nacho Yellow paint finish
  • Satin black Mopar grille
  • Steel rubicon front bumper
  • A-pillar-mounted LED lights
  • Rear count light
  • Two-inch lift kit
  • 17-inch beadlock wheels
  • 37-inch tires
2019 Jeep Wrangler Nacho Concept
- image 821871

Isn’t in fun to live in a world where an automaker can let you modify your own car with so many options and accessories to choose from? The Jeep Wrangler Nacho Concept is a tasty example of that possibility. It’s still the Wrangler Rubicon underneath the show-and-tell options, but the Nacho Jeep is a perfect example of an ultimate off-road ride, built to an exact specification. In this case, we’re talking about a load of upgraded hardware that includes more power, improved off-road durability, extra meaty 37-inch tires, and, of course, the unmistakable Nacho Yellow paint finish.

We can start with that. Nacho Yellow isn’t the kind of color you normally see in a Mopar catalog, but we’re not complaining one bit.

Jeep, after all, has taken aesthetic liberties in the past with a lot of its concept vehicles — the Wrangler Sand Trooper II from 2013 is a close comp to the Nacho Wrangler — so this isn’t anything new from the automaker. What’s new is the satin black Mopar grille, which creates a nice contrast to the bright yellow paint on the body. Down below is a steel bumper that should have no problem brushing aside whatever random object hits it.

2019 Jeep Wrangler Nacho Concept
- image 821833

On the more functional side, the Nacho Jeep is loaded to the brim with fancy options and new equipment. We’ve actually seen some of these options from other Jeep concepts in the past. The A-pillar-mounted LED lights, for example, is a solid hat tip to the Jeep Luminator Concept, which Jeep unveiled at the Easter Jeep Safari event back in 2017. These aren’t cosmetic lights, too. They’re sourced from Magnetti Marelli’s Automotive Lighting division and mounted to JPP brackets. The concept’s lighting setup continues with a pair of interesting additions to the catalog.

LED headlights on the windshield provide extra luminance that should come in handy in many off-road scenarios.

There’s a similar setup in the back of the concept in the form of the rear counting light. The latter does have a specific function, specifically the use of several different LED colors that convey trail conditions to those lucky enough to drive behind the Nacho Wrangler. Similar to a traditional traffic light, the rear counting light includes a red color indicating those at the back to stop. There’s also an amber color that indicates to vehicles bringing up the rear to travel at speeds of just 1 mph to 3 mph. Then there’s the green light that tells everyone at the back that they can travel at speeds of up to 25 mph. In the event that there’s a flood, the rear scout light can turn white and act as a flood light.

2019 Jeep Wrangler Nacho Concept
- image 821860

Move back to the front, and you won’t have a hard time spotting the add-on winch that’s integrated into the aforementioned steel rubicon bumper. You’ll also notice that the Wrangler Rubicon’s standard doors are gone. That’s not by accident. Instead, the concept features a pair of two-inch tube doors to go along with embossed grab handles. The latter is an underrated aspect of the Nacho Jeep, especially with the tube-door setup of the concept

The Nacho Jeep boasts massive tires, too.

A two-inch lift kit makes that possible, as does the set of 17-inch, satin-carbon Beadlock wheels that those 37-inch off-road tires are hugging as if their lives depended on it.

And in case one of those tires meets its maker sooner than you’d like, a replacement tire is sitting pretty at the back, securely fastened by a tailgate hinge.

Do you want to live in a world where this raunchy off-road marauder exists? Guess what? You’re already living in it.


  • Katzkin leather seats
  • Light tungsten emboridered Jeep grille logo
  • Light tungsten accent stitching
2019 Jeep Wrangler Nacho Concept
- image 821836

There’s not a lot going on in the Nacho Wrangler’s interior relative to how busy the exterior upgrades are.

Black Katzkin leather seats dominate the conversation in this section. Fortunately, this isn’t the only option that’s available.

You can dress up those seats using different materials and colors courtesy of Mopar. You can even get the light tungsten embroidered Jeep grille logo on the setbacks and the accent stitching on the seat bolsters without having to get the Katzkin leather seats.

The dearth of concept-specific features in the Nacho Wrangler isn’t an indictment on the lack of available options. On the contrary, Jeep — and Mopar — has a long list of options that you can throw into the interior of the Wrangler, provided that you’re interested in them. The bucket seats, for example, can be upgraded to leather-trimmed versions of their own selves. The Wrangler’s seven-inch display can also be swapped for a bigger 8.4-inch display. Do you want new speakers? No problem. A nine-speaker premium audio system from Alpine is available, too.

2019 Jeep Wrangler Nacho Concept
- image 821838
On the functional side, you can score useful pieces like Mopar’s cargo tub liner and soft-top window storage bag.

And, of course, no options list is complete without our favorite all-weather floor mats. Considering where you’re likely to take the Nacho Wrangler — if you had one — these all-weather floor mats are going to come in very handy in your excursions.


  • 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine and electric motor
  • 270 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque.
  • New cold-air intake
2019 Jeep Wrangler Nacho Concept
- image 821872
Powering this concept is an all-new 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine.

Jeep made no mention of the turbo four’s power output, but since there’s only one four-cylinder engine that’s available for Jeep, we can assume that the company is referring to its new four-cylinder hybrid unit that throws in a 22-horsepower electric motor to the proceedings. Altogether, the unit produces 270 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque. Those are the standard figures of the engine, but since the Nacho Wrangler also comes with a new cold-air intake, it wouldn’t be surprising if the powertrain carried a few more ponies with it. It’s unclear what the exact output is, but I’m willing to bet that it’s more than enough to give the Nacho Wrangler the kind of performance credentials that can do justice to all the new parts and equipment it’s carrying.

Final Thoughts

2019 Jeep Wrangler Nacho Concept
- image 821865

What do you see when you look at the Jeep Wrangler Nacho Concept? Do you see nothing more than a showpiece model that gives you an idea on what you can expect if you dive deep into Jeep’s Performance Parts catalog? Or do you see something “more” to it? If your answer is the latter, then you’re in the same boat as I am. The Nacho Wrangler isn’t here to make you fall in love with it. It’s here to give you an understanding of the kind of possibilities that’s on the table if you personalize your Wranglers with splashy aesthetics and heaps of functional equipment. Your creations may not turn out like the Nacho Concept, but it doesn’t have to. What’s important is the opportunity to equip your Wranglers with the parts and equipment that you need out of your ride. The Wrangler is a multi-purpose vehicle, after all. Just like your tastes and preferences.

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