The Kia Optima started out as nothing more than a rebadged Hyundai Sonata, and it’s continued on through four generations as a sedan. All that just changed, as one company took the Optima and chopped its top to make one unique convertible.

This peculiar Optima was put together by LUX Motorwerks to pay tribute to the A1A highway in Florida. For those of you who don’t know, A1A is a 300-mile stretch of highway that just begs to be cruised by anybody who owns a roadster, with ample amounts of crystal-white sand and beautiful blue ocean water – the exact things that inspired the color scheme of this one-off Optima.

One thing to keep in mind is that this car didn’t just have the top chopped off – the body was also reinforced to keep it road worthy. However, it’s a concept, so don’t expect to walk into a Kia dealership anytime soon and buy one. The car received some interior mods, and even a high-performance exhaust system. With all of that said, let’s quit wasting time and see just what LUX Motorwerks did to this Optima to make it SEMA ready.

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2015 Kia A1A Optima High Resolution Exterior
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After LUX Motorwerks chopped off the roof and shortened the windshield, the Optima got a new, clearly aftermarket front bumper, new side skirts, and a new rear bumper. Up front, the grilles was replaced with Tiarra Luxury grilles, but the headlights and hood remain the same. To the rear, the taillights were darkened to the point that they are almost pitch black. The area around the exhaust pipes received a gloss-black insert with a chrome strip on top. The car rides on 20-inch HRE S104 wheels with virtually nothing more than rubber bands for tires.

Aside from the chopped top, the most impressive features are the rear-hinged doors that were precisely engineered so that they fit perfectly against the car when shut. Impressive.


2015 Kia A1A Optima High Resolution Interior
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The entire interior of the A1A Optima was also redesigned, and it matches the exterior color scheme quite well. The most obvious change is the white leather that wraps almost every interior surface, including the dash. The instrument cluster, radio cluster, and climate controls remain black, but the entire center console was replaced with a unit that runs all the way to the rear, separating the two rear bucket seats. All four seats have blue stitching, and the door panels and center console have similar blue-colored inserts. Even the shifter received a white-leather boot and a bluish colored insert. All in all, the white interior, blue stitching and inserts, and bright turquoise exterior really pulls this unique car together.


2015 Kia A1A Optima High Resolution Exterior
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The press release issued for the A1A Optima fails to mention much in terms of the drivetrain, but we do know it has a turbocharged, 245-horsepower engine. Given the production specs for the 2016 Kia Optima, it’s safe to say it’s the 2.0-liter four-cylinder. Of course, according to Kia, that engine is rated at 247 horses, so it could be possible LUX Motorwerks took the 2.4-liter, naturally aspirated engine and upgraded it to produce an extra 60 horsepower. LUX did install a high-performance exhaust system, so it’s possible there’s also a new air intake and some other minor drivetrain upgrades. Outside of the drivetrain, it should also be noted that the vehicle’s ride height has been lowered via a Ksport Coilover sport suspension system.


2015 Kia A1A Optima High Resolution Exterior
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The Kia A1A Optima is the most outrageous Optima I’ve ever seen, and it should be considering the extensive modifications. I never thought I would see a roofless Optima, let alone one with rear-hinged doors and such an exquisite interior. My hat is off to LUX Motorwerks on this one, and I’m sure everybody at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas is in full agreement. I also have to admit that the color scheme fits well with the sand and ocean in the background. I doubt I would pay to have the same work done to one, but I wouldn’t mind taking this one to the beach every now and again.

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Press Release

Florida may be best known as one of America’s most family friendly vacation destinations, but the state’s rich history and subtropical splendor is best discovered from behind the wheel of an open-top touring car. The Sunshine State is home to the A1A highway, a more than 300-mile-long, meandering black ribbon of tarmac ─ set off by crystal-white sand, aquamarine ocean waters, and abundant wildlife ─ which terminates in Key West, almost a stone’s throw from Cuba. The A1A Optima takes inspiration from this iconic byway by letting the sunshine in and taking the all-new 2016 Optima in a new direction. Its high style and high-end details make this the perfect car for Miami’s tony South Beach, the laid-back Key West lifestyle and all points in between.

2015 Kia A1A Optima High Resolution Exterior
- image 653893

The A1A Optima features a nod to America’s roadster fascination with its sliced top and shortened windshield. But this isn’t any average chop job. The artists at LUX Motorwerks have created a show car that is road trip-ready. Reinforced steel tubes have been discretely hidden within the body-in-white so that the vehicle retains a rigid structure. Invoking a concept-car appearance, the back doors of the A1A Optima swing open on rear-mounted hinges, adding a touch of whimsy and fun while complementing the roadster style. The exterior is inspired by the vibrant colors of South Beach and features a custom turquoise paint scheme. A gleaming set of 20-in. HRE S104 wheels and Tiarra Luxury upper and lower grilles give the A1A Optima a contemporary aesthetic that’s completely at home in the simmering South Beach scene.

2015 Kia A1A Optima High Resolution Exterior
- image 653894

The interior of the A1A Optima has been extensively re-worked to match the eye-catching exterior design. Deep bucket seats up front and custom double buckets in back are separated by extended armrests and a unique center console. Butter-soft cream and titanium leather covers the seats and extends throughout the interior with accents painted an attractive silver. The powerful 245-horsepower turbocharged four-cylinder engine is combined with a high-performance exhaust, giving the A1A Optima a throaty voice. A Ksport coilover sport suspension lowers the vehicle’s ride height and raises its visual appeal.

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