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2015 Kia A1A Optima

2015 Kia A1A Optima

The Kia Optima started out as nothing more than a rebadged Hyundai Sonata, and it’s continued on through four generations as a sedan. All that just changed, as one company took the Optima and chopped its top to make one unique convertible.

This peculiar Optima was put together by LUX Motorwerks to pay tribute to the A1A highway in Florida. For those of you who don’t know, A1A is a 300-mile stretch of highway that just begs to be cruised by anybody who owns a roadster, with ample amounts of crystal-white sand and beautiful blue ocean water – the exact things that inspired the color scheme of this one-off Optima.

One thing to keep in mind is that this car didn’t just have the top chopped off – the body was also reinforced to keep it road worthy. However, it’s a concept, so don’t expect to walk into a Kia dealership anytime soon and buy one. The car received some interior mods, and even a high-performance exhaust system. With all of that said, let’s quit wasting time and see just what LUX Motorwerks did to this Optima to make it SEMA ready.

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2007 Kia ex cee'd

2007 Kia ex cee’d

Kia’s exciting all-new ex_cee’d cabrio concept car will be premiered at the 77th Salon de l’Automobiles in Geneva, Switzerland on 6 March. The styling of the eagerly anticipated ex_cee’d cabrio is the work of Peter Schreyer, Kia’s new Chief Design Officer, and hints at the future direction Kia vehicles could be taking under his guidance. Based on the new three-door cee’d hatchback, due to go into production at the Zilina factory in Slovakia from December, the ex_cee’d shares the same platform, but features all-new exterior panels and a powered folding fabric roof.

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