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KIA Shows Off The EV9 Concept

KIA Shows Off The EV9 Concept

The Korean Automaker teased images off its full size all electric concept SUV, prior to its official reveal on November 17 in L.A.

KIA has released a collection of official sketches of its upcoming EV9 Concept as part of the "Kia Sustainability Movement”. The images of the concept show off both the exterior and interior of the Concept EV9.

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Here's What A Kia Mohave-Based Pickup Truck Would Look Like

Here’s What A Kia Mohave-Based Pickup Truck Would Look Like

A truck with these aesthetics will be trouble for rivals

Back in 2019, Kia announced that it will enter the pickup market with a mid-size truck. The truck is still a few years away, but that doesn’t mean rendering artists won’t let their creative juices flow to imagine what it could look like.

This rendering by SRK designs is based on the Kia Mohave SUV, and we must admit, it looks pretty tough for a compact truck. But we’re not complaining.

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2017 Kia Proceed Concept

2017 Kia Proceed Concept

The company’s most daring design yet?

Launched in 2006 as a replacement for the Cerato, the Kia Cee’d is now one of the company’s most popular vehicles in Europe. Redesigned in 2012 into a more modern, better-looking car, the Cee’d, along with its Procee’d, GT, and station wagon variants, is getting a little long in the tooth, and a third-generation model is likely under way for 2018. While we don’t know much about it, Kia unveiled the Proceed concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show, giving us a good glimpse of what the next-gen Cee’d might bring to the table.

Described as an "extended hot hatch that presents a new body type for Kia," the Proceed concept appears to be the bastard child of a Kia Stinger and a low, sleek shooting brake. And it’s one of Kia’s most intriguing design to date. Not surprisingly, it was penned at the company’s European design center in Frankfurt, only 500 meters (0.3 miles) from where it will be unveiled. Kia also says that the Proceed concept indicates what the next-generation Cee’d "could look like," so we might be looking at a fancier version of the upcoming hatchback.

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Kia's Upcoming Shooting Brake Concept has us Saying "Please Take our Money!"

Kia’s Upcoming Shooting Brake Concept has us Saying "Please Take our Money!"

The concept could previews the next-generation Cee’d

The 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show is just around the corner and, as usual, we’re in for a ton of debuts including both production and concept cars. Kia, which runs a design center just 500 meters from the Frankfurt Motor Show, is among carmakers that will bring new products to the event. The company’s main highlight is a concept car that presents "a new body type for Kia." It doesn’t have a name yet, but the Korean manufacturer points out that it indicates what the next-generation Cee’d "could look like."

It’s bold, athletic, and indeed brings a new body style to the current Kia lineup. While the company describes it as an "extended hot hatch," it’s actually some kind of modern shooting brake. Or a really sleek wagon with an almost fastback rear end. But it’s gorgeous, and the really wide wheel arches, the sculpted side skirts, and the rear diffuser suggest we’re looking at a performance model. Kia didn’t share any actual details about the car, but I might have an idea about what it may be. Keep reading to find out.

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