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Kia Is Doubling Down On Military Vehicles And We're Intrigued

Kia Is Doubling Down On Military Vehicles And We’re Intrigued

The automaker looks motivated and even plans to introduce EV and hydrogen fuel cell cars

At a time when automakers are expanding their EV lineup, Kia has decided to pump in resources into developing military vehicles. The company has revealed that it has plans to develop a new standard architecture for next-generation military vehicles. This will serve as a platform for 2.5- and five-ton military vehicles and new five-ton bulletproof vehicles as well. Apart from this, it will also try to apply new EV technology.

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Kia's Light Tactical Vehicle Reminds Us More of a Humvee Than a Telluride

Kia’s Light Tactical Vehicle Reminds Us More of a Humvee Than a Telluride

Formidable. Daunting. Frightening.

Kia has been pretty active lately with new launches and facelifts. While the world gets its cars and SUVs, the company produces all sorts of vehicles in its home country. Take a look at the third-generation of its military truck known as the Kia Light Tactical Vehicle, or in short, KLTV. It looks very similar to the AM General Humvee, don’t you think?

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Top Gear Season 17: Episode 5

Top Gear Season 17: Episode 5

A week after a forgettable fourth episode, Top Gear bounces back with a pretty entertaining penultimate episode that featured a review on the new Jensen Interceptor, a track day for Jeremy Clarkson with the Lotus Exos Type 125 race car, Bob Geldof as the guest celebrity, and a military house destruction challenge.

Comparing it to the previous show, the content for this week was a lot better, but in a weird twist, the show only had 59 minutes on it - the regular slot usually lasts for 62 to 63 minutes - because, apparently, BBC wanted to show the MotoGP race exactly on time.

That became a running gag during the whole episode as Hammond and May kept speeding up Clarkson in order to fill out the entire episode in the 59 minutes they were given.

In the end, the military destruction challenge proved to be the most entertaining segment of the episode - we’d argue that it’s the best one all year, too - filled with child-like shenanigans from the three hosts that make us love the work they’re doing.

Some people might slam them for wasting their precious time on something so inane, but if you were walking in their shoes, you’d be having a ball of time using military vehicles in trying to put down a cement house.

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