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When Smooching Becomes the Price you Pay to Own a Kia Optima

When Smooching Becomes the Price you Pay to Own a Kia Optima

Talk about going all-out to win a $22,000 sedan

They say that desire drives people to fulfil their ambitions and while the saying itself is a little cheeky, it still rings true for a lot of people. No more was that on full display than in a recent competition hosted by Austin, Texas radio station 96.7 KISS FM, which partnered with a Kia dealership to create a contest that called for people to actually kiss a Kia Optima LX trim in the hopes of going home and winning the sedan.

The contest, appropriately called, “Kiss a Kia,” attracted a huge number of people, all of whom were told to actually kiss the Optima for as long as they can. Contestants were given one hour to kiss a certain part of the Optima before receiving 10-minute breaks to relax their lips. Then they moved to another part of the car and kissed that part for another hour, repeating the whole process for as long as their bodies could take. Really, all of this took place. Ultimately, seven people still stood after an intense 50-hour kissing marathon, proving that aforementioned quote true. Organizers eventually had to pick a winner from the seven people, choosing 30-year old Dilini Jayasuriya, who ended up driving home with the sedan. The six finishers who missed out on the car didn’t go home empty-handed either as they received a number of consolation prizes, not the least of which included tickets to Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars concerts.

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