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Here's A Compilation Of Every Car Commercial You'll Be Seeing During The 2022 Super Bowl

Here’s A Compilation Of Every Car Commercial You’ll Be Seeing During The 2022 Super Bowl

From Nissan to BMW, here are all the car commercials that have been revealed ahead of the Super Bowl scheduled for 13th February

The Super Bowl is the biggest event of the year and companies spend a lot on advertisements. At this point, it’s kind of become a tradition, and even car companies don’t shy away from spending big bucks on commercials. Last year, Jeep stole our hearts with ‘The Middle’ ad, and the year before that, GMC brought out the ‘Quite Revolution’ in the form of the reincarnated Hummer – with a new spirit, of course.

This year, automakers have been a little more proactive and many of them have come out with Super Bowl commercials. The 56th American Football Championship is scheduled for 13th February, and here are the car commercials that are already released:

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Every 2020 Superbowl LIV Car Commercial We've Found

Every 2020 Superbowl LIV Car Commercial We’ve Found

Even if you’re not into football, there’s one thing we can all agree on – the Superbowl usually hosts some pretty awesome car commercials. While there are plenty of commercials during the big game (they cost huge money, by the way) none of the companies that partake in the advertising craze seem to be as competitive as automotive companies. It’s almost like there’s a constant battle for all of them to one-up each other, and it ends up being pretty awesome for the rest of us.

It’s not often that advertisements come off as something we’re excited about, but this is one of those cases. So, with the big game just days away (kickoff happens on February 2,) we thought we’d compile all of the Superbowl LIV commercials released thus far. This includes commercials from Hyundai, Audi, Genesis, Kia, and – believe it or not – Porsche. The latter on that list hasn’t advertised during the big game in decades, so that’s kind of a big deal. Anyway, go ahead and scroll on down to get a sneak peak at Superbowl LIV’s car commercials.

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Superbowl LII Throwback: All of the Car Commercials From the Big Game

Superbowl LII Throwback: All of the Car Commercials From the Big Game

Maybe your team lost, or maybe you sided with the Patriots before they started to make that massive comeback. One thing that was sure to make you happy either way was the various car commercials that debuted during the game. There was certainly something for everyone, like the Lamborghini Monster ad for supercar freaks or, if you’re into Offroad, the Jeep commercials. Hell, the Ram commercials hit us right in the feels on a number of levels. Needless to say, if you didn’t watch the game, you should probably catch up on all of the car commercials. They didn’t all have the pizzazz that we’ve come to love from the past, but they are all worth their weight, that’s for sure. So, with that said, we’ve compiled them all down below. If you haven’t watched them, take a half hour or so out of your day to enjoy each one. You might be happy that you did.

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Steven Tyler Takes A Stinger Back In Time In Kia's Super Bowl LII Commercial

Steven Tyler Takes A Stinger Back In Time In Kia’s Super Bowl LII Commercial

Pulling the ’ole Superman trick, eh?

We’re just a few days away from the Big Game, and the commercials are coming at us fast and furious. Earlier this week, we got a preview of Kia’s spot with a 30-second clip that showed a pair of Stingers lined up on an old, abandoned race track. Leaning up against one of the high-powered four-doors was Formula One and Indy 500 champ Emerson Fittipaldi, while inside the cabin of the other was a mystery celebrity sporting a big silver ring and two-tone nail polish. We speculated that the finger belonged to none other than Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler, which turned out to be spot on.

In this new one-minute, 14-second update, Tyler slams the Stinger into reverse and performs a big smokey burnout. He continues to accelerate, lapping the abandoned race track faster and faster, until suddenly, he’s transported back the ’70s, complete with screaming bell-bottomed fans and a rejuvenated Tyler. It’s the classic Superman spin-back-in-time trick, and certainly speaks to the Stinger’s impressive power potential.

Look for the full 60-second ad spot to air in the third quarter of Super Bowl 52. Check out this latest update below.

As a reminder, the Kia Stinger GT is equipped with a twin-turbo 3.3-liter V-6 engine producing upwards of 365 horsepower. 60 mph arrives in 4.5 seconds.

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Kia Previews Super Bowl Ad Spot Featuring Emerson Fittipaldi And A Pair Of Stingers

Kia Previews Super Bowl Ad Spot Featuring Emerson Fittipaldi And A Pair Of Stingers

The brand goes big time to push its sexy four-door sports machine

South Korean brand Hyundai is once again returning to the big game this February, dropping a 60-second ad spot during the third quarter of the 52nd Super Bowl between the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots. The ad is set on an old abandoned race track, where we find a pair of Kia Stingers staged up for what we can only assume to be a race. Leaning up against one of the high-powered four-doors is none other than the mutton-chopped two-time Formula One and Indy 500 champion Emerson Fittipaldi. Meanwhile, in the other car, we have a mystery celebrity, who kicks over the Stinger’s twin-turbo 3.3-liter V-6 with a single, slender, be-ringed and nail polished finger.

Kia provides few cues as to who’s driving the other Stinger, merely stating the ad features “two eternally youthful legends who have logged seat time in some of the most powerful and exotic cars in the world.” Based on that description, plus the silver ring and two-tone nail polish, there’s really only one candidate here – Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler. It makes sense, considering Tyler’s previous rides have included such insane machines as the Hennessey Venom GT and Shelby Cobra, among others.

Either way, make sure to tune in on February 4th to see the entire 60-second ad spot. Something tells us that rubber will be burned.

As a reminder, the Kia Stinger GT produces 365 horsepower and can hit 60 mph in 4.5 seconds.

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Kia is the first Automaker to Announce an Ad Campaign for 2018 Super Bowl

Kia is the first Automaker to Announce an Ad Campaign for 2018 Super Bowl

It’s the ninth straight year, and Kia is well ahead of schedule

There are still a couple of months before Super Bowl LII kicks off and already Kia has announced that it will run an ad campaign for the ninth straight year. There are no details about the advertisement campaign as of yet, but Kia is known for going above and beyond for these campaigns and typically involves a celebrity or two. As an example, the brand has commissioned folks like Christopher Walken, Pierce Brosnan, and even Melissa McCarthy, among others. As such, you can assume that Kia will kick it up a notch again this year. After all, these Super Bowl ad campaign’s cost a small fortune and Kia doesn’t want its ninth year to be a dud.

With that in mind, Kia’s 2018 ad campaign will be overseen by Saad Chehab, the man who put together Chrysler’s “Born of Fire” ad a few years back with Eminem as the main star. With a man like that behind the ad, you can bet it’ll be good – he does have all the right connections, right? And, while there aren’t any details, Chehab seems to have the right idea:

“Kia doesn’t lack advertising success in the Super Bowl. It’s more now, how do you continue this great work that they’ve already done and start introducing additional customers to your brand that have not yet considered yet?”

The man has a point, don’t you think? What do you expect from this year’s Super Bowl ads? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Super Bowl XLIX: Kia Reveals "Perfect Getaway" Featuring Pierce Brosnan

Super Bowl XLIX: Kia Reveals "Perfect Getaway" Featuring Pierce Brosnan

Although we’re used to seeing him drive a super-secret Aston Martin or the occasional BMW, Pierce Brosnan’s latest on-screen adventure comes from behind the wheel of the 2016 Kia Sorento. Best known for his role as everyone’s favorite British spy, James Bond, Kia hired Brosnan to ironically poke fun at his own action-packed typecasting in Kia’s latest Super Bowl commercial, titled “Perfect Getaway.”

Ahead of this weekend’s game, Kia has released an extended version (72 seconds) of the commercial, although it will be whittled down to 60 seconds when it airs during the third quarter of the Super Bowl. Even if you don’t planning on watching the game (even for the commercials), you will surely see this Sorento commercial somewhere as part of a broader campaign titled "The Perfect Getaway Vehicle" that Kia will air on television, in cinemas, on social media and even in digital ads.

Brosnan might seem about as likely a pitchman for Kia as Matthew McConaughey does for Lincoln, but in the case of Kia’s latest Super Bowl commercial, that’s exactly the point. With a few exceptions, Brosnan tends to be in action movies where snipers, explosions and missile launchers replace real-world situations. He does get to use a little of his Bond charm, though.

“Perfect Gateway” was created by Kia’s ad agency, David&Goliath, which is also responsible for various other Kia spots recently including “Reunion” (highlighting the Cadenza) and “Apologize to You” with Blake Griffin and Jack McByer.

Click past the jump to read more about Kia’s Super Bowl XLIX commercial.

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