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Kia Pits The Forte Against The Lamborghini Aventador in Hilarious Ad

Kia Pits The Forte Against The Lamborghini Aventador in Hilarious Ad

Korean automaker makes a lot of fair points!

The Kia Forte and the Lamborghini Aventador are two cars that couldn’t be more different from each other. One is a compact four-door sedan while the other is, well, you know what the Aventador is. On the surface, the Aventador beats the Forte in just about every meaningful discussion. But is the Lamborghini really that much better than the Forte? Kia (obviously) doesn’t think so, and believe it or not; it actually makes a compelling case for its own sedan.

Go ahead and watch the video. Tell me you didn’t get a good laugh out of it. I certainly did. Kia’s justifications for the Forte are all fair. The sedan does have two more doors than the supercar. It also has a big advantage in rear seating, cargo space, touch-screen capability, and wireless charging. It even has the Aventador beat in fuel efficiency and cost. It’s true that you can buy a Forte for a tenth of the price of an Aventador. You can even use the money you saved on something else, including that villa in Italy the voice-over guy suggested. By these metrics, the Forte wins hands down!

In all seriousness, the “rivalry” between the Forte and Aventador is tongue-firmly-planted-in-cheek humor. Give credit to Kia for thinking outside the box with the angle for this commercial. It takes a certain kind of confidence to roll out an Aventador opposite a Forte, and then actually make a compelling case for the latter as the better car.

Well done, Kia. It’s a great commercial, though, I think it would’ve probably been better if you saved this one for Super Bowl LII. Just a thought.

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