Typically, a vehicle is previewed by a concept, honored as a production model, and then, if suitable, powered up as a race car. KleenSpeed Technologies is throwing that formula out the window to show just what their new technology can do out on the track. Their logic is that, if their technology can make it out on the track, then it can easily prove itself out on the streets. So, the company poised to develop innovative and advanced technologies and intellectual properties to revolutionize the EV industry built their new EV-X11 Electric Race Car prototype.

The EV-X11 is based on the chassis of the state-of-the-art West Race Cars American LeMans IMSA Lite L2 sports racer modified by KleenSpeed and fitted with a proprietary KleenSpeed EV System including a power controller, charging system, battery packs, and ancillary components. The car delivers up to 200 HP and can hit an impressive top speed of 160 mph. Moreover, it has already made a name for itself by setting a new lap record for an electric car at California’s Laguna Seca race track: 1:38.858.

With electric cars becoming a very important part of the automotive industry and rumors that FIA is taking the launch of a new Formula E category for zero-emission electric race cars under consideration, KleenSpeed may just have the upperhand for this round. They’ve even gone as far as setting up a very specific and lofty goal for their electric racer: establishing new EV lap records at many major race venues and EV race series in the US and Europe in the coming year.

Hit the jump for the KleenSpeed EV-X11 specifications.

Specifications KleenSpeed EV-X11

  • EPS ; KleenSpeed Power & Drivetrain / UQM Technologies Motor Controller
  • ESS : KleenSpeed Energy Storage System & Control Interface
  • 4 KleenSpeed Battery Packs
  • 430 Volts
  • 15.4 kW/hrs
  • BMS : KleenSpeed Battery Management System
  • EVI : KleenSpeed Electric Vehicle Integration Systems
  • Motor : UQM PowerPhase 145 : 200 HP / 300 lb ft torque
  • Weight : 1.395 lbs
  • Weight Distribution 40/60 front/rear
  • Wheelbase : 96″
  • Track : 52″
  • Wheels : 13″
  • Tires : Goodyear Eagle Racing Slicks
  • Top Speed : 160+ mph
2011 KleenSpeed EV-X11 Exterior
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  (449) posted on 11.7.2011

This KleenSpeed is so unique to its platform, but the fact that it is a sports car, I am hoping that the engine that it had been only enough for this one, to have a nice and awesome race performance.

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