With its 285 horsepower offered from the factory, the KTM X-Bow GT is considered by most experts as one of the coolest variants of the X-Bow lineup. But lets face it, 285 ponies is not a number that really quickens the pulse, so it was time for some major improvement.

This is where German tuner Wimmer RS came into and released a flat-out stunning upgrade kit for the KTM X-Bow GT. The tuner decided that the car’s 2.0-liter, TSFI four-engine needed some serious improvements, and it stepped up to the plate with a list of upgrades that turned the Xbow GT into a lightweight supercar killer.

The updates include a especially designed turbocharger, a new sports exhaust system with a 100-cell sports cat with Y-pipe, a high-pressure fuel pump, a pre-feed fuel pump, a sportive suction system and a special water pump to keep things cool. Rounding out the mods its the required ECU to keep it all working flawlessly.

With this laundry list of updates installed, the GTs’ output is now 435 horsepower at 6,400 rpm and 368 pound-feet of torque at 2.860 rpm. As a result, the GT now hits a top speed of 153 mph, sprints to 60 mph in just 3.3 seconds, and launches to 120 mph in just 11.7 seconds.

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  • 2014 KTM X-BOW GT by Wimmer RS
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Model:
  • Engine:
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
    435 @ 6400
  • Torque @ RPM:
    368 @ 2860
  • Displacement:
    2.0 L
  • 0-60 time:
    3.3 sec.
  • Top Speed:
    153 mph
  • car segment:
  • body style:

KTM X-BOW GT by Wimmer RS in Detail

2014 KTM X-BOW GT by Wimmer RS High Resolution Exterior
- image 532621
2014 KTM X-BOW GT by Wimmer RS High Resolution Exterior
- image 532625
2014 KTM X-BOW GT by Wimmer RS High Resolution Exterior
- image 532623

Along with the engine upgrades, Wimmer RS also offers some extra equipment inside the cabin, including new seats with orange-colored seams, a new gear switch with leather-made gaiter, a new hand-brake lever, a multi-function switch for the navigator and lots of cool "GT" logos stitched in orange.

On the outside, there is a special hue on the the bonnet that matches the "KTM" badges. The car rides on new racing wheels with central slot.

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Far across the Solingen city limits it seems to be well known fact that the WIMMER Rennsporttechnik company since more than 20 years is a master as in electronic, such also in mechanical performance improvement. Like ever before, chip tuning and engine modifications are core business of the Thorsten WIMMER crew, but also individually made of stainless steel exhaust systems with sports cat and – optionally – with valve control and road legalization. Even so, of course, chassis technology, brakes, clutch etc. belong to their daily tasks.

2014 KTM X-BOW GT by Wimmer RS High Resolution Exterior
- image 532623

Quite a few freaks will rub their eyes in bafflement when seeing the presented here super sports cars. May be, they won’t recognize immediately the source of the miracle: The X-BOW series GT, a consequent further development of the already revolutionary X-BOW R by KTM, the Austrian bike giant. In contrary to its forerunners R and RR, the X-BOW GT may be driven without helmet thanks to its disc construction. For the whole X-BOW family of KTM, the WIMMER Rennsporttechnik is authorized service partner.

Reasons enough to „lend a hand“ to this GT. The power improvement installed by WIMMER Rennsporttechnik gives the in-line four cylinders with two liters of engine size (Audi engine with gas direct injection and exhaust driven turbocharger with intercooler) unimagined power. Instead of the serial 285 HP and 420 Nm there are now 435 HP (= 320 kW) at 6,400 rpm and 500 Nm of max. torque at 2.860 rpm in disposition. While Vmax has been enhanced by another 15 kmph up to now 246 kmph (153 mph), needing no more than 3.3 or 11.7 respectively to sprint from 0 up to 100 or 200 kmph (60 or 120 mph). From the number of the made by Wimmer tuning measures, we want to remember here only the H shaft rod, the forged piston, the especially designed turbo charger and the suction way optimization. The 100 cells sports cat with Y-pipe, the sports exhaust system itself, the high-pressure pump, a pre-feed fuel pump, the sportive suction system and a special water pump come from the rich KTM power parts program. Of course, the whole miracle is available together with individually adapted matching to the vehicle Wimmer software. More than twenty years of WIMMER Rennsporttechnik tuning and programming experience are without any doubts an investment into driving fun and in the same time warranting for longevity and long life suitability for daily use.

Up to now unmentioned are the following elements of extra equipment in the interior, as comfort seats with orange colored seams, the leather made gaiter of the new gear switch, a new hand brake lever, the multi function switch for the navigator and the also orange stitched letters “GT”. The special coloring of the bonnet in the color of the KTM logo, the sports axle back exhaust and the racing rims with central slot are perfectly the top of the harmonious image of the bolide.

2014 KTM X-BOW GT by Wimmer RS High Resolution Exterior
- image 532624

This KTM X-BOW GT may be admired – together with a Porsche GT2 RS with over 1,000 HP, the new Audi S3 on all posh BBS rims and power tuned Mercedes AMG – on the Essen Motorshow in Germany. WIMMER Rennsporttechnik Solingen GmbH is present on stand A108 in hall 5.

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