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This Beat-Up Lada Has Rear Legs, 'Walks' Around Like It's Nothing

This Beat-Up Lada Has Rear Legs, ’Walks’ Around Like It’s Nothing

Welcome to Mother Russia!

Car tuners in America are often geared towards power, power, and more power. Car tuners in Europe, on the other hand, are more sophisticated in their approach, preferring to cover all the bases required of a proper tuning setup.

Then there are car tuners in Russia, a lot of whom aren’t bashful about veering into the crazy side of car tuning. Russian tuner Garage 54 is probably best known for this approach, and when it collaborates with car-crazy Russian YouTube channel Workroom Siberia, you get projects like the Lada Walker, a beat-up Lada that’s been custom-tuned to walk. Yes, walk. Welcome to Mother Russia, folks.

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