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Lamborghini Mysteriously Trademarks The 'Deimos' Name

Lamborghini Mysteriously Trademarks The ’Deimos’ Name

Even though car manufacturers try to conceal names of future models, possible options always manage to leak onto the net, with the latest name trademarked by Lamborghini already finding its way into our hands.

Car and Driver recently broke the news and it seems pretty genuine to us. "Deimos" was trademarked by Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. on March 5, 2012, and the name has left us scratching our heads just a tad. First and foremost, almost all Lamborghini’s ever produced (with the exception of the LM002) have been named after famous fighting bulls both Italian and Spanish, but ‘Demois’ doesn’t refer to any bull we’re aware of.

In fact, according to Greek mythology, ‘Deimos’ is a son of Aphrodite and represents terror and dread which seems a little bit strange to name a car after. The terror part does make some sense as this is a Lamborghini and their cars are famous for promoting fear and terror in their competitors, but the term dread seems less appealing.

After all, who would want to buy a car which name literally means ‘dread’?

Nevertheless, this trademark by Lamborghini may not actually relate to a future model or concept car as it could instead refer to a new line of merchandise or even a new system which could be fitted to future Lamborghini’s. However, with the new Lamborghini SUV (rendered above) expected to be released at the 2012 Beijing Auto Show in just a few weeks, rumors suggest that the successor to the LM002 may be dubbed the Lamborghini Deimos.

Another possibility could be the Gallardo replacement which is currently under development, and with the highly circulated ‘Cabrera’ name being nothing more than the work of an unnamed source, perhaps this future model could be the Deimos.

Either way, we’re excited by the prospect!

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