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1970 - 1976 Lamborghini Jarama

1970 - 1976 Lamborghini Jarama

The Lamborghini Islero was an impressive grand tourer, worthy of its status as a challenger to the Ferrari 365 GT 2+2. Unfortunately, it was stuck between the Miura and Espada in Lamborghini’s lineup; as a result, the comparatively conservative-looking 2+2 didn’t get the attention it deserved. A lingering reputation for poor quality didn’t help. The car was thus redesigned and re-thought. The new vehicle was christened the Jarama and debuted in 1971. Officially, the Jarama is named for a Madrid district known for breeding bulls, in keeping with Lamborghini’s convention. It’s also the name of a race track in Spain, but this appears to be coincidental.

The updated design of the Jarama was still something of a wallflower compared to Lamborghini’s mid-engine supercars, and it was to be the last front-engine V12 2+2 in the Lamborghini lineup.

As it became clear that what Lamborghini’s customers really wanted was extravagant, jaw-dropping road presence, the Jarama faded into the background.

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