With the Urraco, Ferruccio Lamborghini intended to build a more economical sports car which comes in the same price bracket as the Porsche. The Coupe 2+2 line, presented in 1970, another one of Nuccio Bertone’s whims, a new 8-cylinder engine is designed for the engine, launched on the market first with a 2.5 liter displacement and later (in 1974) with 3 liters, while a 2-liter V8 was also proposed for the Italian market.

1973 - 1979 Lamborghini Urraco
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Initially Lamborghini planned an annual production of 2,000 vehicles but, starting from 1972, only 780 Urracco, of which 520 of the P 250 version, 194 of the P 300 model and 66 P 200 for Italy were sold in ten years.

Lamborghini Urraco (translated as "little bull") made its official debut at the 1970 Turin Auto Show. It was a 2+2 coupe with body designed by Marcello Gandini, and rather than being a supercar, it was created as a competitor for models like Ferrari Dino and Maserati Merak.

The Urraco was offered offered in three different configurations: P200, P250 and P300. The first one was powered by a 2,0 liter V8 engine that delivered 182 hp; the P250 used a 2,5 liter V8 engine with 220 and the P300 a 3,0 liter V8 engine with 250 hp. Depending on the specifications the top speed ranged between 220 and 250 km/h (136 to 155 mph).

1973 - 1979 Lamborghini Urraco
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The car was featuring a RMR layout (Rear Mid-engine, Rear-wheel drive) meaning that the engine designed by Paolo Stanzini was placed ahead of the rear wheels, mounted transversely, and sat beside the transmission. The engine was mated to a standard five-speed all-syncromesh gearbox.

1973 - 1979 Lamborghini Urraco
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  (555) posted on 10.18.2010

what are they gonna do? use their tractors as platforms to build their SUVs?

  (544) posted on 02.15.2010

I wonder if this car is a muscle car or a sports car because, it looks like the old model of Ford Mustang and the style of a sports car.

  (555) posted on 01.26.2010

The car looks great, maybe back in its debut. Right now, they worth keeping on the garage than using them on the road. It is more appropriate to be use in action movies where a car is needed to tumble or explode. This car will be a great choice. Peace!!!

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