The Lamborghini Embolado Concept was designed by Luca Serafini, an Industrial Design final year student at University of Parma, Italy. It’s design is an extreme sportscar characterized by an aggressive design with sharp and steady lines.

The author’s biggest dream is to work as a designer for Lamborghini; a very natural desire, since he lives in Modena, just a few kilometers away from Sant’Agata Bolognese. This is where the idea of creating the Embolado came from.

2007 Lamborghini Embolado Concept
- image 204120

As Luca Serafini explains "the inspiration came from the research of a Spanish festival, named "Embolado Bull" (or Toro Embolado). "The choice of the name was the first step towards the creation of this concept".

"Based on the Gallardo dimensions, I started to define the main lines in a very marked and steady way, giving the front end taurin forms".

2007 Lamborghini Embolado Concept
- image 204121

Source: CarBodyDesign

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  (806) posted on 11.15.2010

I really liked the spy shots of the Murcielago mule from about 8 or 10 years ago where it had those giant round canister-looking intakes on the back of it.

  (570) posted on 10.18.2010

If the car looked wider at the front, and didn’t look like the rear wheels were trying to escape, it wouldn’t look half bad.

  (608) posted on 12.19.2007

yo i was sayin ahatch133 is an idiot but fine if u want to have his name then ur an idiot too!! thats cool wit me kid

Ferrari330P4  (36) posted on 12.19.2007

Yeh, I am a real idiot, you can take you Raging Bull-crap

Ferrari330P4  (111) posted on 12.18.2007

lol yeah that guy was a idiot to diss this concept its off the freakin chainz!!

Ferrari330P4  (1) posted on 12.18.2007

This is good stuff the back needs a bit of work and ahatch133 its not alot coming from you who cares what you think

Ferrari330P4  (23) posted on 11.27.2007

hate it (and thats a lot coming from a person whos fav car is a lamborghini)

Ferrari330P4  (8) posted on 11.26.2007

i want 1

Ferrari330P4  (7) posted on 11.26.2007

I would buy it.

Ferrari330P4  (608) posted on 10.22.2007

i had no idea u were that slow.....

Ferrari330P4  (608) posted on 10.22.2007

mmmmmm i can’t believe u r the very first person who has made me say this nevermind

Ferrari330P4  (41) posted on 10.22.2007

WHAT!!!!!! What are you talking about? o what do you mean" why i used it is cuz i have none for you" what do you mean?

Ferrari330P4  (608) posted on 10.21.2007

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Ferrari330P4  (608) posted on 10.15.2007

wow u kno sumthin suprise surprise, an i don’t give a wat u say u ud do lame boi if u think u can do sumtin bout it then u r welcome to try

Ferrari330P4  (41) posted on 10.15.2007

well i am the one who is Quoting J-Z. ya i would press fast forward...but i can’t see who this is not a "I pod" or anything like that. and ya i would sue you.

Ferrari330P4  (103) posted on 10.11.2007

Their strategery of aggressivity pays off. it looks pretty hot!

Ferrari330P4  (132) posted on 10.11.2007

Hmm.. seeing a car like that sure makes you wonder when the next Transformers movie will come smiley

Ferrari330P4  (608) posted on 10.10.2007

if u don’t like my lyrics u cud press fast forward

Ferrari330P4  (608) posted on 10.10.2007

ummm yeah well i do, so wat sue me

Ferrari330P4  (41) posted on 10.10.2007

yo i do think that you can cuss on here. and it really doen’t matter to me what it looks like......its a very good looking car!!!

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