Most car guys know the tale of a man name Ferruccio Lamborghini, he was an Italian entrepreneur who eventually made a good living selling agriculture machinery. Mr. Lamborghini was also a high-performance automotive enthusiast, so like any good Italian he owned a Ferrari. Except Lamborghini felt that the prancing horses of the day lacked refinement, he was so unsatisfied that Ferruccio actually sought out Enzo Ferrari at the factory in Maranello. When Lamborghini appealed to Enzo about the noisy transmission in his Ferrari 250, the man from Maranello dismissed Ferruccio’s claims and told him “the problem is not with the car, but rather, the driver,” as if to say, what do you know, you are only a tractor builder.

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So like many great automotive pioneers before him, Ferruccio Lamborghini set forth to produce the best supercars in the world, and compete head to head with Mr. Enzo Ferrari. First Lamborghini designed the GTV prototype, a 170 MPH sports coupe powered by a 3.5 Liter V12. He then went on to sell the 350GT then the 400GT, when Lamborghini had enough to sustain the company; he built his first true sports car the mid engine 12 cylinder Lamborghini Miura.

It took a Canadian designer by the name of Jason Battersby to bridge the gap between Lamborghini’s past as a manufacturer of agriculture equipment to the company’s future as one of the premier supercar builders in the world. The Lamborghini Toro pays homage to Ferruccio’s humble beginnings and at the same time points the future design of Lamborghini’s speed machines in the right direction.

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  (1022) posted on 12.3.2009

A humble tractor builder who became famous because of the clutch refinement of the Ferrari. Now his car is Competing with other High-Performance and expensive cars around the world.

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