Seriously, these kids need to get paid for their work. It’s one thing to be able to draw and stencil a car, but it is a completely different thing when you’re given the authority to make a rendering of a concept car by the automaker themselves.

Victor Filipchenko and Nelson Simoes were given just that by Lamborghini and they certainly took full advantage of it with their creation, the Lamborghini Cnossus. The rendering was done as part of a Filipchenko’s thesis at the Scuola Politecnica di Design in Milan, Italy where he’s taking up a Master’s Degree in automotive design.

With his Cnossus - the name came from the Greek island Knossus, which is where bullfighting was supposedly born - design, Filipchenko took some styling cues from the iconic Lamborghini, the Countach, and combined it with a more up-to-date stylistic touch. Check out the rendering and tell us if this concept doesn’t make you want to own one.

Good work, Mr. Filipchenko.


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  (798) posted on 02.27.2011

Agreed, what kind of Lamborghini computer uses something that isn’t an Intel Quad-Core? The AMD really kills the whole deal. Autoblog, the back looks much more like a Murcielago than a Gallardo to me.

  (458) posted on 02.27.2011

oh this is one reason why racing is rated as one of the most dangerous sport in the world.

  (555) posted on 10.18.2010

If the car looked wider at the front, and didn’t look like the rear wheels were trying to escape, it wouldn’t look half bad.

  (765) posted on 10.18.2010

Amazing power to ratio.. 2200 pounds/ 570 Hp is a huge step up from the Gallardo !

  (504) posted on 07.14.2010

If it’s not indicated that a student ha crated this one we shouldn’t have known because the design looks professional. And Yes I agree they should give this student a good incentive.

  (1023) posted on 06.4.2010

Way too concept looking. They will never make anything even remotely similar to this. Pointless.

  (309) posted on 06.3.2010

Nice looking super car. I see this child has some potential in automotive designing.

  (807) posted on 06.2.2010

Impressive student’s design! Well this student has some potential and might become Lamborghini designer.

  (534) posted on 06.2.2010

Wow! that is a cool and perfect design concept and it seems that the lamborgini is getting closer to the future design concept.

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